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Memories of Patrick McCarthy
Patrick was special from the moment he was born. He was born St Patrick's Day night. He was always a cuddle bug. He would sleep around my head every night and put his paws down on my face. As he got older, he laid on my chest and put his nose in my neck. I actually think Patrick was more human than cat, and I think he thought so also. He never cried until a couple of years ago when he started getting sick. People used to think I had a baby in the house, because he sounded like one and not a cat's meow. He loved to sit in the window during the spring to fall months and just soak up the sun but he hated the outdoors. When he was a baby, he used to climb the Christmas tree and stick his head out of the top. He was so funny and made us laugh so much. When he got older, he would lay under the tree. I think it was the warmth of of lights. Patrick weathered many storms. At one time, he became diabetic and I had to give him insulin shots twice a day. Eventually, his sugar dropped and we had to wean him off the insulin. He was always so good and letting me give them to him. I used to give him a treat to help him through it. He had a hemotoma on his ear and Dr was not able to drain it, so he had to have surgery. Took a while for him to heal because of the diabetes. Then he had broken some teeth and not sure how, unless he chewed on the Christmas tree branches, and had to have 7 teeth removed. After that he had a crooked lip on one side. I always had the same vet for him, so when he didn't do so well when he had the teeth out, Dr took him home with him for the night so he could watch him better. All the staff at his vet's office loved Patrick. He was quite the extraordinary cat. From day one, he was my boy. Friends used to love the Patrick stories as he was growing up. Whenever I cooked chicken, I always made an extra one for Patrick. He loved it. It was so hard taking him to the Dr that last day. He had not been himself for a couple of days. I knew when I took him that morning, he was not coming home with me. As much as I wanted to, I knew his organs were shutting down and it was his time. I loved him so, so much and knew I had to love him enough to let him go. I was holding him and crying as the Dr gave him a shot and he went peacefully in my arms. I am so grateful that he was in my arms as he passed on and was not alone. I am so grateful for the 17 1/2 years that I had him. R.I.P. Patrick! Forever loved and missed. Mommy

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