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Memories of Parker Anthony Rafferty (Rafferty-Wood)
I intend to write more later, but today (October 10th, 2017) is your birthday! You were born on October 10th, 2002. You celebrated your 15th birthday (with your cat sister Chelsea who joined you there in June) at the Rainbow Bridge. Today we did things to honour you like take Marx and Marla to the dog park near our home, order blue light up collars for Marx and Marla like the collar you had, spend quality time with Marx and Marla and your cat brother Vincent. We added Chelsea's red cat collars to the loops on your blue Service Dog vest and we have that in our bed each night as we sleep. All three of them (even Marla in part because of Chelsea's collars) all snuggle with your vest and her collars. Vincent makes a point to sleep on your vest each night.

Your human baby brother who we named (Parker) after you - what a joy he is - has now just turned 2 months old as I type this! When you left our home for the Rainbow Bridge in March I fell apart. I was pregnant with your human sibling as you know (who turned out to be a boy like you are a boy) at the time you went to the Rainbow Bridge. A part of me died inside when you went there and then another part of me died inside again when Chelsea also went to the Rainbow Bridge just a few months later in June (2017). However, I must thank you for guiding me (your spirit that is) in helping me locate our Marla, who is 9 years old as I type this and like you, a chocolate labrador retriever! She was at Hawk Creek Animal Shelter and needed a home. She was placed in a shelter only a couple of weeks before you went to the Rainbow Bridge and after years of being overbred, she was spayed once she was dumped by someone at a shelter. If only our family could have found her sooner and if only you and she could have consequently met and played! Your cat sister (tortoise shell cat and was my ESA or "Emotional Support Animal") Chelsea however DID get to meet Miss Marla and then poor Marla too now has been grieving our Chelsea right along with Vincent and Marx.

Know you are loved Parker! You are loved so much that I as your Mama as you know created that sketch of you during one of our "Art Night" gatherings in January of 2015 which got turned into prints, put in a gallery, and sold with a portion being donated to the neighborhood spay/neuter fund! Know you are loved so very much that our human son; your baby brother -- he got named after you! So now for the rest of my life my dear I absolutely will continue to say everyday and out loud, "I Love You Parker!" and know that every time I say that, I also love you and your cat sister Chelsea up in the Rainbow Bridge! Had our baby been born a girl, our choice for a name would have (at least as a middle name) included Chelsea. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I will be sure to get Marx and Marla to Culver's this week and get them some Pup Cups in your honour! Tell Chelsea hello from us and that we love her! We miss you, but thank you (and Chelsea too) for sometimes making appearances in my dreams. It is helpful. I realize you weren't able to be with us long enough to meet your human sibling, but thank you for helping me find Marla who was able to be there (as my Service Dog) to help me as I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy at a birth center via a water birth! (Your sister Chelsea ended up passing away in my arms in that very birth center as I had an appointment the day she went to the Rainbow Bridge and we all somehow "knew" it was time.) Your Papa made sure we brought both your blue Service Dog vest as well as Chelsea's tattered red collar to the birth center. Your brother Marx now kisses baby Parker's face with the same level of enthusiasm he kissed YOUR face with! Only you and he ever get/got so many pit bull kisses! That too was part of how the name "Parker" went from being a middle name choice to a first name choice. (It took Mom and Dad 5 days to agree on baby boy's full legal name! Grief played a part in that.)

Some would say that you and your sister Chelsea ought to "rest in peace". As my activist friends would say, may you both Rest in POWER! We love you so much! Happy 15th Birthday! (You and Chelsea both turned 15 this year...but in the Rainbow Bridge.)

Please also visit Chelsea.

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