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Memories of Parker
Parker (age 12) was God's most clearly visible sign of His love for us, and my wife and I are shattered. His passing came swiftly but painlessly (if you can believe the articles) from lymphoma. Lethargic and listless, still he perked up when we came into the exam room where he had been hospitalized for a day while they ran tests to treat if possible and diagnose/confirm his condition. When we learned it was cancer of the lymph nodes and that there was not yet a reliable cure, we made the heartbreaking decision not to let him suffer. He lay in his blue blankie with the gold stars and white polar bears on Mommy's lap as she held him while Daddy had his hands on his sweet head and shoulders as the doctor administered the meds that would release him from his misery forever. Now he is playing, full of energy and restored to health and vigor at the meadow in front of the Rainbow Bridge (no doubt finding all his old friends who "went missing" over the years), waiting for one of us to come get him and carry him across to Heaven where we shall all be together and happy. Parker gave us the happiest eleven years anyone could ask for. He was with us over half our wedded lives. From time to time, we still see or feel him in our home and always in our hearts. It should come as no surprise then that when he ran, his little white ears floated up and down like the wings of the angel that he is, more so now that he's at the Rainbow Bridge than ever before and I know he wants us to be happy but we still cry because we miss him and we are devastated. He was such a good little boy; he never chased birds or squirrels and always seemed a bit puzzled at why they ran from him. After all, he only wanted to play with them. I have never seen a dog that didn't chase squirrels until Parker came into our lives. He has such a loving soul for all. My wife feels like she was kicked in the gut and I feel like I've had a bayonet run through my chest but soldier on we must and soldier on we will, with Parker in our hearts to sustain us until that glorious day when we all meet again!

Until we meet again, Little Tootie Pie.


Mommy ♥ and Daddy ♥

A year has passed but yet it feels like only moments ago, Psalm 90 is right: "For a thousand years in Your sight are as yesterday, now that it is past, or as a watch of the night." Parker's little spirit is still with us and we feel his presence still in our hearts. We still see or feel him near us. Both of us have had pets before and they have gone on ahead of us to the Rainbow Bridge but the loss of Parker has been far more profound than any of the others. He touched our lives in such a special and intense way, we may have been parted but we have never parted. God blessed us in such a special way and we know Parker is sitting by the golden throne of the Almighty, watching over us.

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