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Memories of Parker
Parker was our sweet little boy, he loved to cuddle and give kisses to everyone. He enjoyed his golf cart rides around the community searching for squirrels and rabbits. When he wasn't riding around he also liked long walks so he could say hello to all his friends and get treats from the neighbors. He tried very hard to engage his older sister in playing ball but she just didn't get it. He would sit for hours just watching the ducks and wildlife in the lake behind our house. He would get so excited his whole body would shake. Every night we would cut up cookies for Parker and his sister, he loved treat time. We love you and miss you very much P-Man XO

9/20/14 Good morning sweet baby. I just wanted to tell you that although it has been almost a month, Dad, Sissy and I are missing you terribly. We have been taking Sissy on your beloved golf cart rides every night to find rabbit and squirrels for you. You left such a big hole in our hearts and in our daily routine. You were a part of every minute of the day. Our morning walks to visit the neighbors, our lunch time fun every day, after dinner golf cart rides, play time in the evenings, cookie time; waiting for Dad when he showers, and of course bedtime when you would kiss us and curl up next to Mommy. I dreamt that Jesus was holding you so we know you are okay. We pray for the time when we will all be reunited. We love you PMan with all our hearts. Love, Mommy & Daddy.

10/6/14 P-Man we miss you terribly, we hope you've made many friends at Rainbow Bridge. Mom, Ellie and I take rides in the golf cart every night checking for rabbits for you. You'll always be our sweet little boy. We love you forever.

11/10/14 P-Man, life is not the same without you. Ellie is picking up some of your tricks, she even barked at the birds the other day. We miss you very much. Love you buddy.

12/4/14 The Holidays are sad without you. We think of you everyday and watch for you in the clouds. We love you P-Man, you'll be in our hearts forever.

12/24/14 Merry Christmas P-Man. We miss you very much but know you'll always be in our hearts forever. Thank you for watching over sissy when she was sick recently. I promise you we will all be together again in heaven. Until then we will continue to think of you and remember what a sweet little boy you were. We talk to you every day and pray you hear us. We love you buddy. Merry Christmas, sending all our love to you forever.
Love you Momma, Poppa and Sissy. XO

1/29/15 Good morning Baby. Daddy and I talk to you every day and pray with you every night. Since Sissy has been sick we've been worried to death and so sad that you are not here to hold and kiss. I cannot tell you what a big hole you left in our hearts. We always thought you would carry us through any illness with Sissy since she is so much older than you were. Just knowing you are watching over us and Sissy has been a comfort though. Please don't think you are forgotten. You never will be forgotten and as Daddy always says, we'll be together in heaven...all of us. Just wanted you to know that not a day goes by that we don't speak of you often and long for those sweet kisses. Love you with all our hearts, baby. Love, Daddy, Mommy and Sissy.

8/27/15 Sweet Parker P. Tomorrow is going to be a very sad day for us. It feels like yesterday when the lord took you from us. Not a day goes bye that we don't talk to you or think of you. Sissy is still sick and we've had many doctor visits and treatments. She knows her brother is her little angel watching over her. P-Man we miss you so much words can't even express how we feel sometimes. Every time we take sissy for a golf cart ride we remember how much you loved to ride in your cart. You thought you we're such a big shot riding around. You we're such a good boy we only wish the good lord had given us more time together. He has his reasons and someday when we're all together in heaver it will all be known to us. We truly believe we will be with you again. We miss you and love you very much. Love you buddy Momma, Poppa and Sissy xo

8/28/15 Good morning Baby. Daddy, Sissy and I are very sad today. We love you with all our hearts and wish you didn't have to leave us so soon. We only had 5 years with you before God wanted you. We look in the clouds for you every single day and we hunt bunnies too. Sissy has been barking at the ducks occasionally for you. Sometimes she does little things that remind us of you. Just know you are forever in our hearts and we are so very grateful for the time we had with you. Please continue to put in a good word for Ellie since Sis is still pretty ill. She is coming up on 13 you know. We will never forget you P-man, you brought so much joy and love into our lives. We look forward to the day that we will be all together again. Love you Parky. Mommy, Daddy and Sissy xoxox

12/4/15 Good morning P-man. It is that time again where we decorate the house to celebrate the Birth of Christ. While we miss you terribly still, it comforts us to know that you are with Jesus and that he is holding you in his arms and comforting you just as we used to. We talk to you every day and talk about you every day. You are not really gone, you will always be in our hearts, our thoughts and our prayers. We regret the way you were taken from us but couldn't bear to witness your pain and suffering any longer. We love you with all our hearts and miss you always. Sissy sends her love. Thank you for being her guardian angel and seeing her through her grave illness at this time last year. We will always love you and look forward to the time when we will see you again. We know it is so. Love you my furry son. Daddy and I miss you and love you so. Merry Christmas baby. Love, Daddy, Mommy and Sissy.

6/2/16 Hi baby. Sorry we haven't visited you here as often as we would have liked but Sis has been very sick for awhile now and we were busy tending to her many illnesses. She got sick right as you were getting ready to leave us. We miss you so very much but talk to you every day. As you know, Ellie is there with you now. I asked you the other day to please welcome her and make her comfortable. Please watch out for her. You are together now and Daddy and I want to make sure you know that not a day goes by that we don't talk to you and love you. You will never leave our thoughts, prayers and intentions. You were such a good boy and you died too young. We miss you so much and love you with all our hearts. Watch out for Ellie please and give her a kiss for us. Sissy brought kisses to you from us. We look forward to when we are all together again. We love you. Love, Mommy and Daddy

6/7/16 Good night P-Man. We love and miss you so much. Give Sissy a kiss for us too. You were such a good boy. Love you, Mommy & Daddy.

8/17/16 Hi Parky. Dad and I talk about you and Ellie every single day. We have your memorials set up in the room with us...just like when you both slept with us. We hope Sissy is a little nicer now that you guys are together at the Rainbow Bridge. She never figured out how to play...we hope she plays with you now. You were a good boy and we love you very much. We still take golf cart rides but it is just Dad and I now... We reminisce about you and Sissy. We love you and are aware that your anniversary is coming up. Two years already! Who would have thought. Just know that we love you and we miss you every single day. Love, Mommy & Daddy

5/15/17 Good morning Parker. Mommy & Dad miss you so much. We talk to you and Sissy every day. We pray for you and hope you are waiting for us. Sissy's anniversary is coming up an it reminds us how loved you both are today and everyday. Thank you for the beautiful flowers you and Sissy gave me yesterday for Mother's Day. It is so sweet that you two are still taking care of me...I love you forever. We still take that golf cart ride most days in your honor and we always talk about how you loved looking for rabbits...it is that time of year again already. We love you and miss you...don't ever doubt our love. We will see you again. Love, Mommy and Daddy

8/18/17 Good morning P-Man. We miss you so much. You are spoken of every single day. Daddy and I talk to you and Sissy and every time we ride in the golf cart we remember how much you loved it. We always remark at how short a life you had. God must have wanted you for himself. Daddy knows you are waiting at the rainbow bridge for him and is looking forward the many, many kisses you are saving for him. Save some for Mommy too. It is coming up on 3 years for you already. How time is flying by. We just wish you were here. Sissy too. Please say hello to her too and give her our love. You two were the best things that ever came into our lives. We love you and miss you. Until we see you again...love, Mommy and Daddy.

5/30/18 Hi baby. We have been missing you and we still speak of you every single day. We are still taking golf cart rides and talk about you on every single one...just not every day like when you were here. We call all rabbits we see "Parker" and it is rabbit season. Daddy prays for you every night and we await the time when we will be reunited with you. Your name, and Sissy too, comes up every single day and you were posted on Facebook this morning as we celebrate the 2nd anniversary of your sister, Ellie. I cannot believe you will be gone 4 years in August. It just staggers us that so much time has passed. You were a bright light in our lives. Thank you so much for rescuing US. We love you so much and miss you buddy. God bless you and keep you. Don't forget to wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge...we look forward to seeing you. Mommy and Daddy love you. Give a kiss to Ellie for us too.

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