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Memories of Parker
09/29/10 My love my life I miss you so very much - there has never been anyone or anything that has touched my life and heart as much as you have. I promised I would speak to you every day so that you never felt alone. I hoe you are happy at Rainbow Bridge and I await the day we cross over together. Until then you will always hear my voice and feel my love every day. Mommie
09/30/10 Mommie loves you and misses you so much 10/01/10 Hi my little parkylocks I love you. 10/03/10 Mommies is sending you her love. 10/06/10 Hi my baby please remember a mommies love is forever.10/08/10 I miss you but you are always with me love you so much.10/12/10 Mommy&Daddy miss you wish you were here every minute. Happy 13th Birthday my precious baby - love of my life, Mommy wishes you were here to spend your special day with her but she loves you with all her heart.Hey my litte baby mommie loves you she sends kisses to you all the time. Still can't wait to hold you again and mall you with my love. My Baby Happy Halloween another 1st. without you I still have your hot dog costume in your draw with all your other toys, blankets and pillows, I miss you my love mommie.Hi my love winter is coming your favorite time of year just like mommie, wish you were with me miss you all the time.11/11/10 Mommie just loves you so much I miss you Parker the love of my life kisses baby.Mommie started wrapping for Christmas and misses your help and watching her, I love you soooo much my little one.11/22/10 Mommy did a Christmas tree for you at the Festival of Trees called Winter for Parker - I love you and miss you so much my little one. Mommies love is forever.Happy Thanksgiving my little baby I miss you underneath the end of the table you are in our hearts.My litte one mommie misses you the holidays are not the same without my baby - we had some snow and I know how much you love it,kisses my love.Merry Christmas my love my life we miss you so much I hope you are opening your presents with your furbaby friends mom is here and always with you.Mommie loves you with all here heart my Parker.Merry Merry Christmas.Hi my baby,happy new year,Mommie misses you can't wait till we are together, Tom Tom is home, I love you.My baby its ten months today and I still cry a little each day my heart is with you,Mommy misses you I love you so much.You are the love of my life.Hi my precious love my Parker are you watching over Kody and Wyatt I tell them about you my everyday.I miss you eating snow, there is so much here but Iknow you can now eat snow all the time my love. Happy Valentine's Day my precious love!I can't believe it has been 11 mos.my heart hurts still I miss you so much my little parky locks. My love my baby I can't believe it has been 1 year today since that piece of my heart was taken when I had to let you go-I still cry everyday for you I hope you hear my voice when I speak to you night and day. Your brothers know all about you, I tell them you are my perfect boy. I Love YOU!!Love of my life have you told the other fur babies I still talk to you everyday-Kody was four sat. and we had a cake for him I wish you were here with us.Mommie Loves her baby. Happy Easter my love, my baby, my life.Mommy missed you for mother's day my love.Love you more today my baby.Hi my parky locks miss you more each day,LoveMommy-Mommy still misses you so much Kody and Wyatt learn more and more about their big brother everyday I love you. I lova my parky and my parky loves me. Hi mommies love you will be 14 tomorrow and Kody,Wyatt and I will make bones for your birthday - I love you more and more each day my baby Parky Locks. Happy Halloween my love Mommie. Hi Baby can't wait for snow love you.Mommy missed you during ThanksGiving.All I want for Christmas is you. Love Mommy - Parky Locks Mommy loves you I hope you hear me talk to you everyday Love Love Love You Happy Valentines Day my baby Love Mommie.You are and always will be the love of my life 2yrs.today and my heart is still broken mommie.Happpy Easter my love my most presious baby I love you so much,Mommie-My baby mommy just wanted to say hello love-you brothers know all about you love mommie - love is forever my little parkie 2 yrs. 2mos today my heart misses you so love mommie - you are always in my thoughts and I have not forgotten my promise to talk to you everyday love mommie. Miss you my love wait for you every night in my dreams,your brothers hear about you all the time -Love mommie my dearest parker I love you and miss you so much on this 3 year date kody and wyatt hearabout you every day my love miss you hope you hear me love your mommie. Hi my baby thank you for watching over Kody & Wyatt especially Kody I know you are helping him mommie misses you so much Love you my little Parky Locks Mommy loves you its fall and soon winter your favorite keep up the good work in watching over your little brother Kody - Love your mommy-Mommy loves you forever thank you for looking down on us and especially Kody keep him safe my baby Parkie - I hope you and Kody are together and waiting for Mommie my love is so strong for both of you - I miss you everyday - Happy 17th Birthday my little parky - we all love and miss you mommie Hi my baby it is getting colder our very favorite time of year miss you how's Kody?? Love your mommie - Parkie I hope you are with Kody it has been 4 yrs. he is with you and I still miss you both, Love Mommie

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