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Memories of Paris
I first got word of Paris joining our home via a "surprise" phone call from my daughter, Devin. I was in Florida- and wasn't too thrilled hearing this news. But Paris turned out to be the perfect complement to Belle (RIP 4/9/2020). They'd be a dynamic duo for 13 years- and for the final 12 years, they'd both be my responsibility during those times.

It's important to know that (as indicated above) Paris lost her Belle six weeks ago. Needless to say, she was lost without her best, lifelong friend. But she tried to cope. Unfortunately for Paris, she was dealing with congestive heart disease for over a year, and it was taking a toll on her. Coughing seemed more harsh, and seemed at times to be off and on every day and night. Then her vet discovered that her trachea had collapsed! No wonder breathing seemed to be so difficult. Our hopes for Paris rested on the effectiveness of a prescriptive drug (she was already taking several for her heart disease). The new added drug seemed to help for a day or two, but then the side effects appeared. Diahrea and vomiting seemed to add to her miseries. Then it became apparent that the new drug was causing internal bleeding. Poor Paris...I'd never seen her looking so sad and uncomfortable. The most difficult of decisions was made, and Devin (first owner and my daughter) drove three hours to be with us. I can't tell you how much this meant to little Pari'. The three of us cried in the car on 5/23. Yes, Paris was actually crying. There's no doubt in my mind as to the reason for her tears: she was torn between wanting to stay with me in this world, but so longed to be with her Belle at the Rainbow Bridge, too. She died in my arms. I felt her last heartbeat at 8:48 a.m. I will miss her so much.

But while it sounds like the end, there's so much more to tell about this little girl. Paris was half Chihuahua and half Yorkshire Terrier, and to say she had an unusual look is an understatement. Often people would ask, "What kind of dog is this?" My answer would often be, "She's half Chihuahua and half Guinea Pig." True story: one day I told this to a woman who had asked, and she said, "I didn't know that was possible!" Please understand this next statement, and know that I say it with much love. Paris was so ugly, she was cute!

Like her sister, the two were dynamic, but very different. When out for walks (especially when Belle was still able to get around) Paris became the protector for Belle, always getting between Belle and any approaching dogs. Belle was a bit shy- timid- possibly fearful of any interaction. So Paris always stepped up! Now, Paris wasn't a bully. Paris was a social butterfly. She loved any and all animals- humans, too! And she used her natural flirtiness as a way to keep other animals interested in her- and Belle could remain safe standing behind Greg.

Once, a long time ago when Paris lived in Grayslake, IL, a German Shepherd got a bit too up close and personal with her, so she did what she had time do: she bit that dog on it's nose!!

Paris (and Belle) moved around a bit as my life changed, too. We lived in Waukegan, IL, for two years- and then I retired- and THAT led us to the best three years the three of us ever had. We moved to a place called The Tides in an area of Chicago known as Lakeshore East. We lived on the 31st floor in a dog building- and boy did Paris make a lot of new friends!! None were better than her neighbors on the 31st floor: Chloe and Isa. There was a beautiful park right in front of our building, and it had a designated Doggie Park, too. But Paris mostly loved taking walks to Lake Michigan, and especially loved spending time at DuSable Harbor. Belle loved that place, too.

But (sadly) nothing lasts forever. We moved again to a house in Chicago, and Paris and Belle would become "big sisters" to a yellow lab puppy named E.B.(named after Ernie Banks). This new acquaintance would sure change their style. But in time the three doggies learned to "get along" (well, sort of)!! Another move was coming. We all headed to a new house in Michigan. Let's just say that, while the home in Michigan was awesome (we had a HUGE yard to explore), and another new dog was added- a caramel colored lab named Fergie. This new dog wouldnt be as eady to adjust to as E.B., but time always makes things doable. Did I mention Winters? Paris and Belle enjoyed the Winters (and the snow...and more snow...did I mention the snow?), about as much as Greg did. So, the solution was spend Winter in Florida with Greg. Road trip!! The first extended stay in Florida lasted 4 months- and Paris and Belle really loved the warmth and sunshine. We'd go back the next year, again, but this time Belle was reaching the point in which the warmth was no longer providing the renewal it had previously. She was arthritic, blind and deaf, and preferred short walks (when she could). Paris and I became a different Dynamic Duo. We continued our long walks, and Paris, the "social butterfly" continued to make new friends.

By the time April arrived, it was obvious that Belle's days were numbered, and she was euthanized in our apartment, dieing in my arms on 4/9/2020. Paris searched for her buddy. She could still smell her when we passed Belle's favorite "pooping spot." She was confused, but started to understand that it was now just the two of us.

A few weeks later, Paris and I headed home to Michigan, arriving on May 1. Little did we realize that we'd be together for only three more weeks.

What will I miss most? That's easy. I will miss the times that Paris would sit on my lap, and then decide to crawl up my chest, coming face to face. I always got a kiss- or two- if I leaned in. And I always did!! I will miss Paris appearing from my bedroom ANY TIME she'd think I was in the kitchen, getting food. She ALWAYS got a cookie!! And when she got one she would scamper away to one of several special spots where she'd eat it privately! Paris liked finding hiding spots- under the bed was a favorite, because no one else could go there, but she would still climb up to join me on the bed- to cuddle. Finally, I always enjoyed watching Paris "tidy up," cleaning her paws and face- but I took great joy in watching Paris take care of Belle. It was Paris' duty to clean Belle's ears- and she did it on a regular basis.

I love My Little Paris. She was my world. And now it seems so empty. But I know she's crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and I know she was greeted by Belle (and others, like Mr. Stiffy, Muggsy, McMahon, Chloe and Isa). I have comfort knowing that Paris can now breathe freely, and has no heart condition...and I have no doubt that she will be a "social butterfly" way up in the sky, too.

I love you. I miss you. And I look forward to being with you, again.

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