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Memories of Panda "Cake"
Mr. Panda left a large hole in our hearts when he passed over from this plane to the next. His mom and Auntie Wanda are saddened and yet happy that he is happy and running again at the Rainbow Bridge with all his friends. There is nothing that will console us for his leaving...only time and knowing that he received the most love of any sheltie around. We will miss his precious eyes and sweet little face....be at peace my baby "cake"....

Today, 6-30-11 I picked up your ashes....it felt good to have you in the seat next to me again. I miss that little face looking up at the sky and out the window....those dreamy eyes loving the travel with your mom....this is your final journey to our home place where you will be among all those that have gone before you....I miss you my little "cake". You are my most precious boy...kisses and kisses to your sweet little face....

Well, little boy I think of your everyday....last Thursday, the 7th of July, I returned your quad cart so another precious baby could get to use it like you did....I long to hold you in my arms and give you kisses again....and i know I will have to wait until I see you again...I miss you with all of my heart and treasure the short time you were with me....you are the best....

Mr. Panda it has been a whole year (6/26/12) since you passed away in my arms....You were the most precious little puppymill doggie to come my way along with my precious Annie PeePee....your sister Kiki, now Molly, is doing so well and she is happy and sends love and kisses to you. I love you Panda cake...you were my "cake" my loving precious little boy who learned what love was at the end of your life...and know that you took it with you as you crossed the brige. Love you Panda....your foster mommy on earth...

Precious little Panda...it will be two years since you left us....I can't comprehend that two years have passed since I tried to desperately to save your life...a life that no chance was given for so many years in a terrible puppymill situation....I never wanted to imagine what you went through. They told me you were only 7, and they lied, you were probably more like 12 or 13 and 14/15 when you died. I hope that you found some kind of solace in your trauma that changed your feeling about humans and how they treated you. I will always remember you sweet boy and hold you in my heart forever. Love you Panda Cake......6/2013

Well Mr. Panda...it has been three long years since you left our humble, but not quiet abode. I can still see you in the stroller that I have high up in the loft in the garage. I know you know you were loved right to the end as I held you in my arms....I will never forget that day.....Love you forever sweet boy.....My Panda Cake <3 6/2014

Oh Panda...by now you are playing with Sophie, Taz, Dusty, Max, all who have left after you are now with you again. It has been 4 years since you have left us. I still see you scooting around and know that your life with us was the best it could be until you left us and now you play hard everyday in that cool green meadow on the side of the hill...full of love and light. Have a wonderful time and remember in your soul that we will see each other again. I Love you Panda Cake, and always will....You were such a special boy.....6/26/2015 Mommy karen.

Panda Cake.....you are forever in my heart. I loved you little boy and know that you and I will be together some day....at the Rainbow Bridge. 6/26/2016
Panda, unfortunately this will be the last time I renew you....you are well on your way past the Rainbow Bridge now and in a new body and healthy and happy home. I will still keep you in my heart forever, as you made such an impact....I will love you always Panda. 6/26/17

Goodbye Panda Cake.....I loved you so much and will always remember you little boy...you had such a rough time from the beginning and I hope your ending was with so much love. Bye sweet baby. Love your mom 6/26/17

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