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Memories of Pancho
Not even sure where to begin. I never wanted a "little yip-yip rat dog". Despite this, the first time we locked eyes, it was love at first sight. You proved to me that you were as big as any dog could ever hope to be. Years of incredible loyalty, friendship and love and I miss you so much. I have loved a number of pets, but none like I loved you. The thought of you frolicking at the bridge, in heaven's meadow, makes me happy. I figure God needed a great chihuahua by his side. I love you big boy!

12/28/12 - It has been almost a month since you left and I still look for you on the couch by me at night to carry you to bed. I really miss your beautiful dancing that you greeted me with every time I came home. I miss your soft fur and sweet eyes. I miss my "portable little gray space heater" that snuggled up to me at night. You were such a great friend. Rest in peace, my boy. I love you. Your grandma misses you and your mom misses you as well. When I told her that I needed to look for another dog soon, she was quick to remind me that you were the best and I wasn't going to find one as good as you.

01/17/13 - I miss you, my beautiful, wonderful boy. I just watched the video that your mom filmed of you and I playing tag and chasing each other around the house and cried. You are the greatest pet that I have ever had and truly one of my best friends ever. Our family is truly missing a wonderful member. I really miss having a fantastic little lap dog who followed me around the house. You always looked up with those bright eyes, flashing understanding and occasional mischief. Sometimes I still reach down to carry you to bed and I remember that you have moved on. I will always love you.

02/23/13 - I miss you every day still, multiple times a day. The vet sent me your paw prints. I love you my boy and fervently wish that I could see you looking up at me with your sweet eyes again.

04/08/13 - Hello my beautiful boy. I still miss you all of the time. I got a new pup and named him Samson. I've had him since March 3. He was born two weeks after you passed. Mom thought I was too bummed and wanted me to get another baby chihuahua, so she bought him as a gift for me. He's beautiful and generally sweet (hard to tell with teething babies, LOL). He certainly isn't a replacement for you, but he at least helps to ease my pain a little and lets me channel some love that has been wasted without you. You would hate Sammy of course, since you always were a jealous dog :-). I don't think he's as smart as you (hard to tell) and he will never fill your place, but in time, I think he will carve an impressive niche in my heart for himself.

11/27/2017 - I know it has been a while since I posted here, Pancho. I still miss you. Sammy is very much like you, at least with how close we have grown. You both had/have different personalities, and you both were/are amazing. You two would fight because you're both jealous dogs, hahaha. One day, hopefully we will all be able to play together and be reunited for eternity.

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