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Memories of Pancake
Pancake was almost 6 years old when he unexpectedly crossed over the rainbow bridge during a dental procedure. He was the strongest baby I ever knew. He taught me to never give up on him or myself. He overcame so many challenges and obstacles, but he never gave up. He filled my life and all of his 15K followers with so much joy and happiness. He had really good days and really bad days. He had a brain condition called hydrocephalus, had seizures for more than half of his life, had hip and leg problems from a hip fracture he endured at only 10 months old. He had chronic ear infections, and severe dental malocclusion. And he was incontinent too. But no matter what he was going thru, he was so happy. He loved to eat his critical care, his pellets, and occasional blueberry and banana. He was the king of head rubs. He loved them so much. He was the champion of binkies and bunny500's. he had so much energy and zest. You would never know he had so many disabilities just by looking at him. He was deaf since birth, and started to loose his vision the last year of his life. I tried to keep everything as stable as possible for him to avoid confusion. He had stuffies all around his room so he wouldn't hurt himself. His favorite stuffies were his Pinky bear, his monkey Mona, his catepillar, and most of all his lion stuffie. He adored his lion stuffie. He gave his lion a hairdo everyday. He lived a roam free, cage free life. He even had his own room. I had a routine with him for almost 4 years. I was his fulltime caretaker. I miss doing his daily laundry, giving him tummy rubs which he loved 3-4 times a day, brushing him, putting heat of his hips daily, delicious head rubs, cleaning his feetsies and wrapping them. He truly was my baby. He was not shy of the camera. He absolutely loved giving selfie pics and loved to show off his smile in front of the camera. I have had loss before, but he hit me the hardest. I never realized how strong our bond was until he left me. When I held him one last time after the vet did everything he could to save him, I didnt want to let him go. I was blessed to hold him for over an hour and say goodbye. He was an inspiration and ambassador to all disabled bunnies. He showed that being different is beautiful. We had some really tough days, but I have no regrets. I would give anything to have him back with me. I would do it all over again if I could hold him just one more time. Life hasnt been the same with my Angel Pancake. But I know his body is whole and healed now. He is enjoying unlimited hay and greens that he couldnt when he was on the planet. He is looking over me right now. I just know it. I ask him everyday to visit my dreams. It hasnt happened yet, but i know it will. Pancake was my best friend and my baby. I will never forget everything he taught me. He really taught me to love unconditionally. Even though many of his followers didnt get to meet him, i know he touched a lot of lives. He became a wordwide sensation. He was my little prince. I will love you forever my angel boy. You were one of a kind. You left me too soon, but i will always hold you close to my heart. No other bunny can ever replace you.
I loved you your whole life..I'll miss you for the rest of mine.
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