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Memories of Paisley
Dear Paisley, We hated to let you go but we knew you were in misery and suffering. We love and miss you so. Each morning I wake up and expect to see you waiting for me outside our bedroom door. You were a brave little cat to last as long as you did after you got sick and I will always carry you in my heart. ... Love, your Mama.

12/12/2015-It's been over a week and it was hard to look in that room at the vet's office today. I took Bandita for her shots and it made me sad to think I was there not too long ago bidding you good-bye. Scooter, your little terror that liked chasing you, reminds me of you daily. He likes to get up in my chair just like you used to and watch over my shoulder as I use the computer. Sweet dreams my Paisley, X0X0.

01/23/2016-Paisley, Bandita misses you, she's become Scooter's target. He's constantly chasing her and wanting to play. She's older and doesn't seem that interested. I know if you were here, you would play with him. Love you, my Paisley girl.

"Paw Prints On Your Heart"
She came into your heart one day,
So beautiful and smart,
A dear and sweet companion,
You loved her from the start.
And though you knew the time would come,
When you would have to part,
She'll never be forgotten,
She left paw prints on your heart.
~Author, Unknown~

8/10/2016- Hello dear Paisley, as I sit here writing with Bandita snuggled across my arms, I find it hard to believe that it's been 8 months since you left us. I think of you every day. The "Scoot" reminds us so much of you, too, even though you only spent a few months together. We'll be watching TV and he'll sit facing us in the same little spot you used to with his front legs folded underneath him, like a little hen. He also likes to hog the water bowl like you used to. I hope you've made many little friends at Rainbow Bridge and are enjoying playing in the meadows. You were never much of an outdoor kitty. Banda likes to go outside now with Scooter. I guess, she feels safe with him and even gets off the back porch now, lol...she's gotten more adventurous in her older years. I often write to others who have recently lost a beloved pet. I know how hard it must be for them to lose someone so precious. I love you, my Paisley girl.

10/12/2016- My dear Paisley, thank you for visiting me this morning. You were always my little comfort buddy when I wasn't feeling well. I remember you used to jump on the bed next to me when I was sick and you would just lay there close by. You always made me feel better just by being there. I felt you this morning as I laid there with my eyes closed. I felt you jump next to me and faintly heard the jingle of your collar but I looked and there was no one there. Thank you my precious girl for always loving me unconditionally. I'll always have your paw-prints in my heart Paisley girl....Love you

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