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Memories of Paige
Pretty, Pretty, Pretty, Precious, Polka-Dot Princess Paige... our sweet, sweet, beautiful Baby Girl. Our true Queen Bee Paigey Girl. You were our first Bun, the love & light of our lives that nothing could ever replace. So sweet & loving, the purest reflection of true, unconditional love. Mommy & Daddy never knew how much love & joy one little fluff butt bunny girl could bring us or how much we could love you. Just seeing your face or one sweet little bunny kiss could make even the worst day disappear. Our hearts are aching & empty without you. We called you a Squooch-Butt because of all the adorable, mischievous things you did. We will miss hearing your little paws running in before we even saw you. The sounds of munching hay in your litter box. Fur flying everywhere because your were perpetually shedding. The way you devoured your parsley like a wood mulcher, never seeming to swallow. We called you Hoover Bun because of the way you sucked up your food like a vacuum. The sweet little bump-bump of your nose to say when you wanted something. The way every morning, you'd charge full force for your beloved banana. Or how the mere shake of your favorite apple treats would make you magically materialize. How you loved your carrots, eyeballing us when you ate them as if we'd take them. I will miss burying my face in your soft fur & just breathing you in. Waking up to your cute face under your chair in a plump little bunny ball or waiting for Daddy right at the side of the bed until he woke up. I will miss most lying on the floor, under a blanket with you, your warm furry little nose pressed against mine, feeling your sweet warm bunny breath on my face, all the while tickling me with your little whiskers...then the licky, licky, kissy-kissy right on my lips...and I would kiss you right back! You loved to grace us with sweet little bunny kisses. Little Princess Pie as we liked to call you. Daddy will miss the dancing around his feet at lunch time, begging for food like you were a poor starving bunny. Or how you'd always get past us into laundry room because you knew it was off limits. You could open the door without a problem & the door has scars to prove it. How you'd toss your food or hay dish if we came home a little too late, or your were annoyed at us for leaving you. Your little donkey kicks when we had to pick you up for something. You loved to lie by the warm furnace & destroy the cardboard box my mirror was in. Little Nosey-Rosey had to investigate anything on the floor because that was your domain & anything on it was fair game. Seven years of blessed memories. I remember when we adopted you from HRS Rabbit Rescue. Daddy saw you & said look, how about her (you had the name of one of his favorite wrestlers). I wanted a lop ear bunny but kept you in mind. You were the only bun that just sat quietly right by daddy's side & just kept looking at both of us like please pick me! All the other buns were too busy to notice us. You edged ever closer to Daddy & weren't taking no for an answer. So, you were ours and you stole our hearts. My heart is heavy with guilt that I missed you cross the bridge...by merely minutes. But I take solace in knowing Daddy was with you, by your side, comforting & kissing you telling you how much we loved you until your last sweet breath. And I spent the entire day & night before doing the same. Your fur was wet with our tears. There's a big empty hole in our hearts nothing could ever replace nor time could ever heal. Our house is empty & incomplete without you. I am thankful God brought you into our lives, for every precious moment you gave us. We are lost without your love & adorable face. Rest at Peace our Angel, God took you quick so you didn't suffer. I'm sure your sister Sierra greeted you at the bridge and hopped by your side as she took you into heaven!!! We will love & miss you forever & our lives will never be the same. Love Mommy, Daddy, brother Tino & Angel sister Sierra. 3/20/07 - Dear sweet Baby Girl, I can hardly believe it's been just over 4 weeks since God took you over the Bridge. I miss you so much, so does Daddy. I carry your picture from room to room & sleep with it over my heart at night & cry because of the void in our lives without you. Having brother Tino is a comfort, but your sweet bunny soul can never be replaced. Our hearts are empty without you. 4/30 - Dear Sweet Paigey Girl, I can hardly believe it's been 10 weeks since God took you to the Bridge. Today is especially hard, I don't know why, but I've been crying all morning with an aching heart just missing your sweet cute fluff butt & your sweet bunny kisses. I miss our cuddle time every morning before I went to work... how those sweet kisses would carry me through the day on a cloud. We watch tv every night w/yours & Sierra's picture right by our side. Mommy & Daddy miss you so much & will never stop loving you!

2/3/12- My dear sweet Princess Paige. I have been reminiscing much lately...and missing you dearly. Although Mommy and Daddy have your brother Tino & have adopted a new girl Ayla whom we love very much, no bunny could ever replace how unique, smart, sassy and loving you were. As the anniversary of your crossing the Bridge approaches, know how much we love and miss you every day. Your presence is still felt in every corner of our house and we see flashes of you whiz by...as you often did, racing around the living room doing your happy bunny binks!! You were one in a million!!! Miss your sweet bunny kisses!!! <3

2/19/13 - Missing you sweet bunny girl so much. No bun we've had after you has ever compared. I love them all equally but you were a special girl. So smart, warm and loving. We both miss your endless bunny kisses! Thinking of your always my sweet, polka dot Princess!

2/18/14 - My sweet little Polka Dot Princess, Mommy & Daddy see flashes of you often, racing through the house as you always did. We know you are with us always as there are constant reminders of your loving presence. It is comforting to see you leaving little signs you are watching over us and with us still. You will always hold a special place in our hearts and we will love you always!!! Tonight we light your special bunny candle and say a loving prayer in your memory.

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