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Memories of Padraig
Padraig was born on March 17, 2001. That's how he got his name - Padraig which is Gaelic for Patrick. Anyway, his mom was rescued by a lady when she was just pregnant and took care of her and the kittens until they were six weeks old. If they weren't adopted out by 4/29 they were going to go to the A.P.L. I wanted two boys, but he had four sisters. So first I stopped at the A.P.L. and got Michael, and then picked him up. From day one all he wanted to do was cuddle. Padraig was five days younger than Michael, but at six weeks of age he was the larger of the two (they were even for most of their lives).

He was so cute when I took him out to the little blue carrier box and he found that there was a black and white kitty asleep in there too. They bonded instantly. When I got home with the carrier I set it down on the kitchen floor and the two Westies Diarmid & Alexander went to check them out. When I opened the door Diarmid gave them a big "hurruff" and that was it. Within 24 hours Padraig was bonded to Diarmid and Michal to Alexander and it stayed that way the remainder of the Westies lives.

The household was kind of even. Padraig and his three brothers were all about same height and length - and darn near the same weight. Most of his life Padraig weighed about 14 pounds. At the age of 13-1/2 he was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and dropped down to 9 pounds. He didn't tolerate the full dose of medication so could never eat enough calories to maintain his weight so eventually he dropped to 6 pounds. He ate two large cans of cat food a day, drank at least a cup of Lactaid, lots of water and 1/2 of dry food daily.

Padraig was a 'jewel thief' most of his life. It was never safe to set any piece of jewelry down where he could reach (just about anywhere). I had a bracelet that was missing for a year and one day he came walking in the room with it in his mouth. I always latched my bracelets so it formed a circle hanging down. No idea where he had it hidden all this time.

He spent his 16 years, 2 months and 11 days as a house cat and would not even venture outside with a door wide open. Padraig loved to talk softly and purr. His favorite spot was on the back of any sofa or chair someone was sitting in with his front and back paws on your shoulder. When he wanted your attention he would nip at your ear and then run like the wind.

When Diarmid passed to the bridge Padraig was lonely for "his" dog. When Padraig was 8 MacTavish (Cairn) came home as a 9 week old puppy 9 months after Diarmid passed. Within days he was bonded with him and that was again his dog until the day he died.

Padraig had been his usual skinny self (due to hyperthyroidism), eating and drinking until Saturday 5/27. That day he would not eat or drink. By Sunday he had dropped more weight (he had none to spare) and would occasionally take a couple licks of his milk. I knew time was short, he was weak and we already knew that when his time came there was nothing that could be done for him so kept him comfortable. I wrapped him in a throw blanket and he laid on my chest most of the day. Michael, MacTavish and Hamish were at his side all day. At 6pm he looked up at me, gave a soft meow and then buried his head in my chest. Moments later he was gone.

I miss you my special tabby. MacTavish and Michael joined you over the next two years at the Bridge. Hamish misses his kitties and when he sees a cat outside will run and stare at it. Dugall, another Westie has joined Hamish and he is happy again. I am sure you, Diarmid, Alexander, Michael & MacTavish are having a blast and good time meeting the siblings that crossed before you, You are now at the Bridge and once again healthy and free. Until we meet again.... Love Mom.

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