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To our most handsome boy Oscar (AKA Buggy) We met you for the first time around Christmas 1999 in the shelter. You were a mess to say the least. We brought you home and you had to be shaved completely. I thought you looked like a white chiahaua! However,you were the most handsome boy we had ever seen. We miss you begging for food when we eat, we miss playing chase in the house, we miss you barking at everyone on the street as if to protect us, we miss your fatherly kisses on our forhead, we miss seeing you rollover on your back when you want to be picked up, we miss seeing you run around the apartment when we shake the leash, we miss not being able to leave socks out knowing you loved to steal them from us. We ended your suffering on a chilly day around 11am. Two weeks prior to your death, you had a seizure which was the start of the worst news we could ever have received. You had GME, inflammtion of the brain. We lost you on Monday February 18th, but we really lost you the day of the seizure as you were never yourself again. We all miss you very much and can't wait to see you again. Love always, Mom, Mom, Alice and Igie. 2/25/02- Well Buggy, it's been a week since we lost you..the first few days were awful, we cried many many times...we just miss you so much, there is such an emptiness in the apartment..Idgie and Alice are good, they are starting to play more..we are going to start fostering again, and I hope to adopt another little boy sometime soon..the girls need some testerone and are missing their alpha male...hope you are running around, chasing after socks, and barking at everyone..love always, mom.. To my best boyfriend, This is the first time I've been able to write to you. I still can't talk about you or think about you without wanting to cry. I hope you're somewhere wonderful where you can sleep in the sun and eat whipped cream and peanut butter. Alice misses playing rough with you. Idgie tries, but you know she's not very tough. I worry that you don't know anyone where you are and that your don't trust strangers. I hope that you are able to let go of that now and are getting lots of affection. I can't wait to see you again....I want more than anything to believe that I will. I love you my sweet boy. Mom 3/5/02- well my boy, it's been a few weeks now since we lost you..we are fostering a puppy named Olive..she is scaring Idgie so we are not sure what we are going to do yet..I feel like it was fate that brought us a young dog..we'll see how she does..we got your ashes back yesterday..I miss you little guy..I hope you hear me when I speak to you 3/18/02 well little man, it's been a month since we lost you...there is not a day that goes past that I don't think of you..we have decided to keep the puppy, Olive..she is still terrorizing Idgie..she reminds me of you in that she is so smart..she has your zest for life...missing you, Mom 3/19/02 - Oscar, I think of you everynight before I go to bed. I try to remember you standing on my chest and kissing my forehead. I like to go to sleep with that image in my head. I miss you. Mom. 4/3/02 missing you so much my little guy..7/1/02 Hi Buggy! it's been almost 5 months now..we just recently went to cape cod, your favorite spot..we were thinking of you so much..the lady at the dog bakery remembered you! Olive made a new friend at the park, another Maltese..his name is Oscar..I could not believe it when she told me that..! there is still not a day that goes by that I do not think of you...missing you, mom 8/21/02 Hi buggy...it's now been 6 months..everyone is doing well..we've been going to mom mom and pop pop's house during the summer..Katie sure does miss playing with you..Olive has now taken the role of wrestler..she is so much like you it's scary..she loves to bark at the big dogs at the park, just like you...we miss you so much...11/22/02 Hi Buggy..all is well here..we will miss you very much over Thanksgiving..we miss you every day..Love mom 1/9/03 Buggy, you were missed this holiday season..it is coming up on one year since we lost you...missing you everyday 1/31/03 Hi Buggy, it will be a year since the seizure and the day we knew something was desperately wrong with you..missing you- 2/18/03- Buggy, it's been a year since you passed...we are thinking of you everyday and missing you everyday...all our love, Mom, Mom, Alice and Idgie 4/24/03 Hi Buggy..all is well here...Olive sure does have your spirit of not liking other dogs..she has her 1 friend and likes no one else, just like you..we miss you...Sept 03- we miss you every single day..november 03 - i miss you buggy. Dec03' Merry Christmas, you were missed Feb 18, 2004 2 years since you have passed..we miss you every day..Dec 04'Merry Christmas, again, you were missed 2/18/05- 3 years 2/18/06 4 years, we miss you every day; 2/18/07- 5 years, you are missed..2/18/08- 6 years...we missed you at the beach on this day..2/18/09- 7 years ago Buggy you left us...we miss you every day; 2/18/10- 8 years you will be gone...we miss you everyday; 2/18/11 9 years..miss you everyday; 2/18/12 10 years little guy..miss you every day...2/18/13 11 years you left us..you are forever in our hearts 2/18/14- I can't believe it is 12 years since you left us..2/18/15- 13 years buddy

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