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Memories of Ondo
Too soon for us to write. We are not composed enough to write one of our favorite "Ondo" stories. We're having a hard enough time trying to choose a photo. And still, I cannot believe you're gone. I think we are all having a rough time. I cry all the time. At work I can't say too much except, that I can't talk. I start to cry at that. I cry and drive. I miss you so bad. But this Rainbow Bridge is really making me cry but at the same time doing something positive and believing you're there. I really hope that you weren't suffering the last month, that really bothers me. I know you knew that the end was near and you proved those Dr.s' wrong! This fortunately gave us time to show how we love you. You gave Goldie more time. I'm sure Goldie treasures the last rides and visits you took together. Cocoa is freaking! The brothers are silent, they don't know how to act, they lost their leader and teacher. Now who starts the Bark? Cocoa knew you were not well but her heart is breaking over her loss of you not being here. That's all she knows. You were always here for her, not the brothers. You in your bed and Cocoa sleeping behind curtain number 1! I hope she adjusts to life without you because I can't lose her too. I can't take it. I know she always wants to go where you go. I have so many memories of the two of you together which makes me realize the special bond you had. Even when you wouldn't admit it and would growl. Show me those teeth! She liked to get in your face and yap. Bitch! Bitch! I loved those body slams she just had to give you. I keep thinking I hear you and almost step on you. I have to stop crying now. I love you. You have meant so much to me. You are part of me. My life; My Ondo; My son; My baby. Soon we'll hug again. I hope Fran was at the Gate to meet you. _Son, Best Friend, Companion, Protector, Teacher, Brother, Uncle & MUCH MORE_______________________________________ I can't bear to take off my original memory message. It will have to stay for now. Although it was only meant to be temporary, I started it as a short note, to have something here until I could think of a Ondo memory to write with Goldie. I was even a little embarrassed that it wasn't the right thing to write. But it came from my heart and brought tears to many who read it. I'm still having a rough time and can cry buckets. I'm miss him so much! I'm getting it now. The response I got from other Rainbow Guardians was something I didn't expect but very much appreciated. And I can't even find the right words to express thanks and how it felt to have others share in our sorrow when also grieving their own loss. I just hope the many people who wrote can understand and accept my apology for not responding or answering the e-mails. Some days I couldn't do anything to get out of bed except to go to work. I had the best intentions but time keeps passing. At first I kept my self so busy making a Ondo Memory Book that I would forget he was gone. I printed the e-mail condolences on rainbow colored papers, made a collage of his photos, printed his residency site, and inserted a puppy photo of him at the gate and printed that as well. I've been spreading the good word of the Rainbow Bridge site. How it helps to share in the grieving of our loss. When I go to Ondo's place I feel him there. He is there. I open music when I go to his site which is nice, but too bad it doesn't play for others who visit. I hope that option comes later. I chose Eric Clapton's Tears in Heaven. Goldie's father sent an article he wrote last year about his "Beau." I'm going to add it the the stories page. Please read it. Thanks again to everyone. Ondo is not alone, he's with Bo, Tony G. Patrick, Emma, Belmont, Snuggles, Fifi, ... May 11th is "Ondo Day" We'll Honor Him with a Memorial Candle & Celebrate with Cake!

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