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Memories of Olivia Kitty Alm

Hi Livie Honey- You know that Leo is there with you now. I hope you're having fun together. I can't wait to hug you again. I love you and miss you always.
10 August 2013

Hi Honey - I love you!
6 August 2013

Hi Livie Honey - I love you and miss you always.
28 October 2012

Hi Livie - It's been a long time. A new year is here so I wanted to visit with you. I think of you a lot and miss you even now. Wish we could hug and cuddle again. I'm sure you're comfortable and happy now and i"m very grateful for that. Leo, your step-brother, is still with me and I tell him about you. He is looking forward to playing with you. Bye for now, Sweetheart.
Love, Mom
31 December 2010

Hi Livie -
My dear little girl. I miss you. I hope you are having fun in the sun with family and your friends. Leo is with me and doing well.
Love, Mom
28 October 2009

Hello Livie darling - I think of you often. We'll be together again someday. Are you playing with Prissy too?
Love, Mom
28 October 2008

Hello Little Livie, my sweetie - I miss you and love you so much. We'll be together again someday.
Love, Mom
21 July 2007

Hi Livie Honey! I miss you! I'm glad you are comfortable and having fun now.
Love, Mom
23 July 2006

Hi Livie My Little Love! I love you and miss you still and think of you often. It has now been over 4 years since you left me but you needed to be healed and the only place that would happen is in Heaven so God gathered you to him. I wish you could have stayed with me longer than our 14 years together.

I want to tell you that you have a new brother and sister who live with me now. A few months ago I brought Leo and Prissy home from a Rescue Shelter. Leo is very energetic and a lovey-dovey. Prissy has eye trouble that I take care of every day. She can hardly see so is much more quiet and kind of shy like you. She didn't have a very nice life before the Rescue rescued her but now she, and Leo, will be loved and pampered the rest of their lives - like you were your whole life.

I hope you're having fun there with all your new friends and our family. Remember to stay together. I can't wait to hold and hug you again!

Take care, Little Love. I love you.

Love, Mom
10 April 2005

Hi Sweetie-
I've been thinking of you kids a lot lately, more than usual. I miss you very much.

I love you,

15 August 2004

Hi Livie -
I have some news - sad for me but happy for you. Daddy got his residence today. I know you've met up with him already and are glad to have him with you again. Is Miranda there with you now? or is she off playing somewhere. Well, you kids stay together and have lots of fun. Someday we'll all be together again. I miss you still, my darling little girl, and think of you often.

I love you, Mom
27 July 2004

Dear Livie - Hi Sweetie Pie -

Are you having just all kinds of fun running around without any fear of anything at all - and you're so healthy now! I know it is great for you! But I miss you every day and wish you could still be here - healthy and happy.

Daddy just had another birthday - he's 19 now! and doing fine. He got a birthday bath but didn't mind it too much. Mostly he sleeps. Sometimes he stares at your picture, and Sister's. I think he thinks you are still here.

I hope you and Miranda are getting along fine and that you both have found the rest of our family.

I love you, my little love, and can't wait to cuddle with you again.

Love, Mom
28 May 2003

Hi Livie -

How are you, Honey? Is Miranda being nice to you? Are you having fun together? Do you have lots of friends there? I hope you are very happy and comfortable. Here, you are sitting on my headboard next to Miranda in front of the window. I talk to you every night and miss you sleeping next to me.

Daddy is still fine. He still sleeps most all the time but is more cuddly now. In fact, he's sitting on my lap right now visiting with you too. It's time for another bath for him and he lets me know that he thinks you're pretty lucky to not have to have anymore baths!! I know he misses you too.

I'm just writing a note now. I know you know how often I visit with you in my heart.

I love you, Sweetheart.
15 August 2002

Dear Livie -
Hello my sweetie girl. I visit you sometimes here and talk to you often and miss you always. Are you having fun playing at Rainbow Bridge? I know you are so glad that the pain has gone away forever. Are you and Miranda great pals now? It's been two months since you left me and I think of you every day. I smooth your place on the bed at night and wish you would jump up there again to fall asleep with me. I can't wait to hold you and cuddle you again.
Take care, my little love, and have lots of fun.
I just miss you.

Love always,
6 October 2001

Dear Sweet Livie, my Sweetie Girl - At last you get your rest. I'm so happy that you're not suffering anymore but oh how I miss you. It was a terrible ordeal but you were a real trooper. I'll miss your races up and down the hallway and tummy rubbing at night just before sleep. You were always so quiet and kept to yourself - well most of the time - and so afraid of everything. I tried to help you be happy and comfortable and I loved you very much. Now there will be no more surgeries or medecines or treatments. Now you can breathe easily and there's nothing to be afraid of. Did Miranda greet you at the Rainbow Bridge? Are you having fun together? I miss you, my sweet baby girl, and will remember you always. I will think of you every day and hold you in my heart for all my life. Daddy isn't sure why you aren't here tonight but I give him extra hugs and that helps. Keoni and I will remember you and Sister and miss you. We'll all be together again one day. Now just enjoy your new good health, have fun playing with Miranda, and get acquainted with the rest of our family there. They'll love you too.

Farewell, my sweet little love. Until we meet again, remember always how much I love you and miss you.

All my love, Mom
6 August 2001

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