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Memories of Oddie
Little Oddie loved to cuddle. Unlike most other kitties we've known, Oddie would come if you called him. He spent most of his time in his cat condo, but all you had to do was say "Oddie, little Oddie" and he would peek out then come over to you waiting to be picked up and petted. When he wasn't in somebody's lap, or in his house, he was under the coffee table nibbling on his favorite treat. His given name was Alex and when a little niece said Alex, it came out Oddie, so he became our will put them back soon. Love, Gramma. Merry Christmas dear Odds, we love and miss you. Here is a big hug and kiss from all your family. Gramma 2006...Hi Odds, nearly July 4th, we miss you and think of you all the time. I know you are with Patchie and Annie who have been there a while too. You are my sweet boy and I love you. Gramma 12/22/06 Merry Christmas Odds. I love you. Gramma Baby Alex, (Oddie) This is your five year anniversary at Rainbows Bridge. I know you are a happy boy and now that you have Patchie and Annie there you have more of your family to play with and love. Auntie Kris and I think of you often and still love you as much as ever. I would love to pick you up again (all 22 lbs.!!) and kiss and hug you. You were always like a big baby, loving to be held close and talked to and loved. Have a happy, sunshiny day today, my sweet boy. May God care for you and all your companions. Love, Gramma Christmas 2009. I love you baby boy. Gramma Little Odds, It is getting close to 6 years since you went to Rainbows...you are loved and missed as much today as ever. Gramma would like to hold you and kiss your sweet nose, but you will have to wait a little while longer for your hug. Love, Gramma April 21, 2008 Dear Little Oddie, Your little cousin, Piers, will be arriving at Rainbows sometime this evening. I wanted to let you and Annie and Patches know so you can be waiting for him. His mom is heartbroken so I told her you guys would be waiting for him. He is twenty years old and has not been feeling well for a long time, so take him around to all the good places and show him a good time at Rainbows. Keep him in your little group always, and love him a lot. Gramma. June 9, 2008 Dear Odds, Sorry to say Cosmo is leaving his mom and coming to be with you guys this evening. He will be glad to see his brother Piers too. Take care of Cosmo, baby. Love, Gramma Happy New Year at Rainbows little baby. I love you. Gramma/April 12, 2009 Happy Easter Baby Boy. January 26, 2010: Little Odds, I know you are making Scooter comfortable since her arrival yesterday. Please take care of her and tell her Gramma is so sad and loves her so much.Barney is grieving for her too. Baby Odds, it's been eight years since you went to Rainbows Bridge...Gramma still loves and misses you. Be a good boy and watch for Gramma. Kisses to you baby. December 24, 2011 Merry Christmas Big Boy, hope you are having a good time with so many of your brothers and sisters who have come to stay with you at Rainbows. Gramma loves you and misses you and sends a big hug and kiss, along with love from the babies here, Barney, Callie, Archie & Lydia. Be a good boy honey. Love, Gramma Merry Christmas Odds. Love, Gramma 12/23/14 Our sweet boy. We love and miss you Odds. Gramma loves you sweet boy. 7/2/15 Precious Baby Odds...we love you and miss you. Kisses on your anniversary of entering Rainbows Bridge. Love, Gramma. Dear Little Odds, I love you and miss you. Kisses. <3 Gramma

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