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Memories of Obie
Centauri’s Obsession (Obie) Dec. 30, 1990 - Nov 22 1999. It is with extreme sadness that we were forced to put Obie down today. Five weeks ago he underwent major surgery. His spleen was removed and it was determined that he had cancer of the liver and most probably in the lungs. We were told that he had about 3 - 6 months to live. The doctors said that the type of cancer which he had would never cause him to be in pain. We were determined to make this time the best that any dog could have. We should have known that something was not right. Yesterday Obie did a lot of whining, which was very unusual for him. He never complained and he had an extremely high threshold for pain, even following the surgery. This morning he didn’t even want to go for our early morning walk, which we had been doing ever since Obie joined our family. Obie’s food passion was a bagel every morning. Most weekend mornings it was 2 bagels. This morning he ate his bagel, but without much gusto. When Donna came home from work Obie was very lethargic and had urinated in the house; his breathing was labored and he didn’t want to go out. We knew the situation wasn’t good. I called the vet to explain the situation and set up an appointment for 5:00 - 5:30pm. When the kids were home from school Donna told them about Obie. We all had a good cry and said our good-byes. Even Mona came over. The vet took an X-ray and some blood as she said that he was very pale. The labored breathing was caused by congestive heart failure. He was losing blood internally. The end was here much sooner that expected. There was really no alternative. It was an awful decision to have to make, but it was in Obie’s best interests. I sat on the floor in the vet’s office with his head in my lap as the vet administered the medication. I knew when he died as I felt him exhale. I kissed him good-bye several times. Obie, you will forever be in our hearts. We trust that you have gone to a better place. We will miss you and thank you for all the great things you brought to our lives.

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