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Memories of Ottis
Dearest Ottis,

I hope you will forgive me for taking so long to announce your passing on Rainbow Bridge. When Petunia passed less than a month before you on April 19th I put her on here right away to honor her time here with me. For some reason I could not put into words and just could not bring myself to come here any sooner and post your memorial. Then not long ago a friend Sondra said that it was probably because by doing so it would make it too real and final for me then and I would have to admit to myself that you were truly gone. It hurts so bad even now Bubbylovins'.....you truly were my bestfriend and I miss you more than words could ever express!!

You went everywhere with me and always brought smiles of joy to people that saw you. Early in the mornings going down the street on the way to work you would hang out the window, it was only 20 miles and hour, and no matter how grumpy people looked because it was so early....when they saw you they would smile from ear to ear and you could see the happiness in their faces and that always made me smile too. You loved hanging out the window but you were so darn smart....when we would be getting ready to go on the freeway I would say "Ok Bubby we are getting on the freedway" ,yes that is how I would say it, and you would get back into your seat and I would roll up the window.

You were truly the best fur baby that I have ever had the pleasure of having in my life. Not to say that I have not loved my other fur babies that are honored here at the Rainbow Bridge or do not love my babies that are still with me but you were just so special Ottis.

From the moment I saw you I knew we were meant to be together. Your Dad was the one that wanted a Bulldog and we met many bully babies but then one day we went to meet you. You were a bit older and for some reason, I will never understand, no one had chosen you yet.....there great loss my wonderful gain!! You were on the deck with your last Sister who needed a home as well. She was very lively and all over us for attention.....but not you....you sat over in a corner all sauve and just looked at me. I think you knew even before I did that you and I were meant to be together. After a few minutes of looking you in the eyes I told your Dad that you were going home with us....he said are you sure, I think he thought for sure I would want your wild Sister, and I said yes I am positive. Then he said what are we going to name him and without any hesitation I said Ottis :)) that is another reason I knew we were meant to be together because I already knew you my sweet Bubbylovins'.

You were the most well behaved and smart dog that has ever been a part of my life. Even though I would leash you when needed you always stayed by my side and never left it unless I said it was ok. I swear I could just say a few words and you knew what I wanted. You listened and I know you also understood....sometimes I swore that you could read my mind and/or really understand the words I was saying. I remember if you ever messed with something that was mine all I had to do was hold it close to me and say no this is Mamboo's and you would never touch it again. Except for the little stuffed Mama Teddy Bear that held her little baby in her arms. You loved that little stuffed animal and you would get it out of my bedroom and just lay with it close to you Bubby....you never once chewed on it or hurt it in anyway. I still have that little stuffed Mama bear and her baby in the living room along with your paw print and the portrait I had painted of you from the picture I took of you at the beach. I have never been a good picture taker but that picture was so beautiful....you were sitting there with your eyes closed and your face raised toward the sun and I just clicked....you looked almost etheral Ottis and you were so very handsome!!

I remember how much you loved to play "silly ball"....it was your favorite game. Mine was playing "Predator"....when you would lay on your back and your jowels would flop out I would tell you that you looked like the alien in the movie Predator :))) it was so funny looking and only one of the things you did that made me smile. I think that is why you were sent to me Bubbylovins'....you knew how much I needed to smile with all the pain that had already been a part of my life. I find it hard to smile again Ottis and wish with all my heart that you were here to help me smile. I can't even begin to express how much I loved you....if I cried you would come straight to me and start kissing my hands. When we would play if you got a bit to ruff all I had to do was say "Owee" and you would immediately stop and start kissing me to say you were sorry. You were a very big and strong boy but you never ever hurt me Bubby...I was faking it to get kisses :))

Not a single day goes by that I do not think about you and miss you and not a single week goes by that I do not cry and wish I was with you. I know though in my heart and soul that someday I will be able to be with you again Ottis and we will never again have to be apart. Your presence in my life made me a better human and I will always treasure the 11 years we had together Bubby. Please watch over me Bubbylovins' and come see me in my dreams so I know you are ok and I will see you soon. Love Mamboo

I love and miss you so very much Bubby....I will always look forward to the day when I can be with my handsome boy again. This has been a hard year as well Bubby. I think the last 2 years have been the worst of my life and I needed you so badly this year to help me through it all but for some reason the universe decided differently and I had to bare it all without you!! I think about you every single day and would give just about anything to have you by my side again...you truly were my HERO and very best friend. I love you Bubby...Mamboo

My darling boy it has been 2 years today that you left me behind and I still miss you every single day because it feels like only yesterday that you left. I love you so much Bubby and I cannot find the words to tell you what you meant to me and my life without you has never been the same. A lot of fur babies have come and gone in my life and I have grieved for them all but you were different Mister Mister..you were my very best friend and always loved me no matter what!! Life has been pretty rough for me lately and not having you here to cheer me up and love me has made all the bad times seem even worse. You were always there to get me through the hard times with that look of love in your eyes and a big smile on your face when you saw me. It always-always made all the bad things not seem to bad having you there by my side.

Your baby girl Miss Emma Rose passed away on April 22nd, at the age of 9, after a hard surgery. I tried so hard to save her and I miss her so much Bubby but I know she is with you there now and running around healthy and happy. She was my last link to you Ottis and now I am without any of your babies. Lola Belle is still here and so is Jethro Bodhi and I love them very much but they are not your blood and it is just not the same. I will put Miss Emmie on the Rainbow Bridge soon but just not yet ready to let her go yet. I hope all my fur babies at the bridge know how much I love them and that not being able to save them all stays in my heart all the time.

I cry everyday still Ottis....not having you here breaks my heart and when you come to me in my dreams it makes my heart swell and the next day is not as bad as usual. I sincerely cannot wait to be with you again Bubby Lovins' and love on you and tell you how much I love you in person. I can still remember how much you loved to go everywhere with me and when I get in the car and you are not there beside me it will never be the same. I will see you again someday my precious boy and will once again get to hold you and spread kisses all over that mug. Mamboo...

It has been 3 years today that you had to leave Bubby and I still miss and love you so much like it was only yesterday!! I think about you everyday and I try to think about getting through the pain to a place where my memories bring me only happiness but it is still to hard. Sometimes the guilt overtakes me that I did not do enough when you got sick. The guilt for all my fur babies that have passed was so overwhelming at times that I finally asked God to help me to overcome those feelings so that I could get through a day without them. It has helped since I asked him for his help and support but I don't think the pain will ever truly go away. You were such a big part of my life....so much so that you truly were the wind beneath my wings my wonderful Bubbylovins'....your smile when I came home from work would light up my whole day and make it all seem worthwhile. I will always love you Ottis...the love you returned to me was the greatest blessing of my life. I will see you soon baby boy!! Mamboo

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