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Memories of Othello
Othello came home for Mother's Day 2004. He was born in the south on Valentine's Day. For 19 years he was my Valentine!

Othello was a true gentleman who treated every human, every day like it was Valentine's Day. He freely shared love and joy, in the way that only a Sphynx Gentleman cat can.

Othello was called a make-believe brother for my son who was only 5 years old when Othello arrived. Thinking back I should have called him a brother because he was just that, an animal brother. Othello and Peter slept together, played together, and generally drove all the adults crazy, the way that kids and kittens can. As a grown-up Peter took care of him, had him over to his place, and talked to him by video-chat frequently.

Othello was a dear friend, always up for a conversation or giving me the advice to lie down so he could sit by my head and give me purr therapy. He was a great healer taking care of me when I needed the kind of care only a cat can give. No words were needed, all I had to do was to allow him to lean on me and purr. Vibrational therapy that heals whatever ails with purrrrre love.

As a young one, Othello was mischievous and strong. He could leap tall doorways in a single bound or swipe you a kitten scratch faster than the blink of an eye. As a young adult, he loved lounging with PT his older cat brother on the top of the thick heating-generating computer monitor. When mom was working on the computer they loved to lie side by side with their butts and balls facing her. Older brother PT passed in 2012 and the odd canine sister, Tara the Chinese Crested came shortly after.

Othello passed after a long illness, defying death more than 9 times. He passed peacefully in his human mother's arms in the early morning hours of 3/3/2023.

Human brother Peter and mother Mary along with all the humans who have loved you wish you a joyous rebirth in your next adventure be that over the rainbow bridge or somewhere here on earth again among us.

On Friday during the day of 3/3/2023 your beautiful cat body devoid of you traveled to Final Gift in CT for cremation service. On Monday. 3/6/2023 at 11:16 AM your no longer-needed body was cremated and today 3/7 the ashes are in transit to come home where they will be next to Sophie, Othello I, and PT who all journeyed past their lives with me years before. Love and miss all of you so much. Pet Mother Mary

My dearest love Othello, you've been gone for 10 days. I miss you very much, your purring, and your presence in my life. Your bed and the little cat house you stayed safe in during your illness are all as you left them. One towel still smells like you. Tara and Ruby miss you too. And Peter, your human brother misses you. Dogs, are no substitute for a cat, they can't purr. I miss touching you and holding you, listening and hearing your purr. Missing you with all my heart. Merits bestowed upon my Othello for a fortunate rebirth.

My beautiful sweetness - love Othello - I miss you so much. Today I started to gather the things your earthly body no longer needs. Like your food and some of your blankets, it made me think of you and how generous a spirit you have. I will donate these things to kitties in the shelter in your memory. The crate you spent your hospice days in is still where it was holding your little box of ashes. In time when I am up to it I will put you with my other furbabies who are over the Rainbow Bridge. I miss you coming when I call you, your smell, and most of all your purring and opera song. xoxox

It's the first spring in 19 years of them when you have not been here to share it with your human family. Soon the days would be warm enough that I could take you out to sit in the sun. Oh, how you loved that. I feel so fortunate there was that odd very warm day right before you left us and you got to sit in the sun and enjoy the beauty of the outside world. Love you Othello.... you do live on in my heart.....And I miss your purring more than I admit to. xoxox

It's the first summer in 19 years you aren't here. I miss you so much and it seems like yesterday on March 3, 2023 in that room at VEG, we said our final good-byes. Ruby had to go there once because she ate some paper. She is okay. And I went there once with Susan because Lovebug got sick. He's ok. Yesterday one of my student's Ziggy had to go and he wasn't as fortunate. He's there with you over the Rainbow Bridge. He is a sweet little dog, so look for him and keep him company until he makes some new friends. His human family is sad, they love him very much and did everything they could. But like you he crossed over the rainbow bridge, so take care of him. Miss you and your opera purring..... love you forever.

2/27/2024 I haven't posted in a while but still thinking of you often Othello. Your birthday this Valentine's Day held a special place in my heart. It was the first time I celebrated the day without you in 20 years. A lonely time of rememberance. Even in heaven you are the best cat ever! ❤❤❤❤❤

It is a year today that you've passed. A lot of things have happened but I miss you the same.

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