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Memories of Oscar
Adopted from Second Chance Rescue in Oak Ridge, NJ in Jan 2013. I was broken hearted the day I showed up to volunteer. I was the only New York person there & he was the only New York dog. They handed me his leash & the rest is history. He was originally named "Scrappy" but my good German friends at Bayer help me find the right German name for him...so "Oscar" he became...and later affectionately "Mittah 'O'".

Here was his bio when I adopted him:
...Adorable friendly little Scrappy was originally found as a neglected matted stray wandering the streets of Staten Island. He ended up in a city shelter. He was luckily rescued by another rescue who knew of our love of schnauzers here at Second Chance and contacted us. About 7-8 years old, he a cheerful lovable little schnauzer with natural ears and a docked tail, and he gets along with other dogs. He had blood in his urine and x-rays revealed his bladder was filled with TONS on bladder stones that were in danger of causing a blockage. He made it through his surgery on 12/11/12 just fine and is recovering now. He will need to be on a prescription diet to help keep them from recurring especially since schnauzers are prone to stone issues. We are in need of donations to help pay for his medical care which will be $700+. Please click the sponsor me link on this page to donate if you can, or submit an application if you are interested...

He needed to be fostered while they searched for his adopter. I took him home to "foster"...yeah, "foster"...well, of course that failed...

You were the strongest little guy I ever knew. Will never forget your hand stands...and "curbing it".... No wonder you had arthritis. Who wouldn't after all those acrobatics

You had so many health problems. I almost lost you in Jan 2019 but you made the most unbelievable come-back ever. Last Sept 2020, you weren't able to walk anymore. No problem. I bought you a wheel chair (thank you, Walkin' Pets!) and you motored around like a regular little doggy.

You loved your Gerber baby food. You were a foodie for sure. You loved your pumpkin. I lost track of how many jars of baby food & how many cans of pumpkin you ate.

Vertebral disc disease...became too painful...I could not let you suffer...you let me know it was time to cross the Rainbow Bridge...I tried to argue otherwise, but you knew & you told me, emphatically I might add...so (as always) you got your way...because my heart would never deny you anything.

Oradell Animal Hospital in the middle of the night. A caring vet there. 1 AM you died in my arms held warm, close & tightly against me. Can't function today. My heart is shattered.

Send your mommy a sign...

Will love you forever, my beautiful boy...

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