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Memories of Oscar
My beautiful boy, my handsome little man. I had never owned a cat my whole life before you.
The moment i saw your beautiful face on that website, I knew you were the kitten i wanted. My search stopped at you.
I remember when we went to pick you up you were sitting on the edge of a couch and your first reaction was to hiss at us. You had attitude and you were absolutely adorable, a picture perfect kitten.
We brought you home and introduced you to someone who would grow to become your best friend and loyal companion.
It took a little bit but soon enough you and Bella became the best of friends, chasing and biting eachother, rolling around together. You both brought eachother so much happiness.
Then we brought in Charlotte, you let her think she was in charge but deep down you were the boss. You welcomed her into our home because that's the type of beautiful caring soul you were. You were the glue that held Bella and Charlotte together.
My beautiful boy you were amazing, you brought so much joy into all our lives, especially Chloe and Raz. They could not have been blessed with a more caring cat.
Every single person who had the privilege of being near you would tell me how absolutely gorgeous and affectionate you were.
You brought such love into our family and i feel so blessed to have had you in my life, even if i wish it could have been for much longer.
No matter what cat we own in the future, you are irreplaceable and one of a kind.
I'm so so sorry for the times i yelled at you, for the times i didnt have enough time for you. You deserved more from me and now i will never get the chance to make it up to you.
I feel so much guilt for the way your life ended, I feel so bad for what you had to go through without me there to comfort you and hold you close. My poor baby you didn't deserve that. I will regret that for the rest of my life. I'm so sorry i didn't notice sooner that you were struggling, i hope you can forgive me for that. I just hope that you knew that we were all there right beside you when you left this world, even Bella was there.
You were the first cat i owned and you will be the best cat i own.
I love your beautiful caring soul so much and i will cherish my memories of you for as long as i live. Thank you for being the best cat my family could ever have asked for.
I love you so much my Oski.
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