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Memories of Oscar
Oscar came to me through a very special friend! Little did I know how he would capture my heart!
From Day 1 he was special. Our hearts intermingled immediately. Through the course of time, We became closer. I always looked forward to coming home! The moment I would walk in, he would greet me with his head butts to me! If I had to leave for a few days, He would always sit on my Suitcase while I was packing. ( As to say, No Dad, Don't go) I could never get home fast enough to see him.
He would never eat people food, But always wanted to know what I was eating! The exception to this was vanilla Ice Cream. If I was eating Ice Cream I was gonna share it with him. ( he made sure of that)
Every night about bed time he would come head butt me, meow and tell me it was time to go to bed. The moment I stood up , he would run to the bedroom. I would lay down and he would curl up inside my arm. Within minutes he would be snoring. How many times I would wake up and his nose would be touching mine! We absolutely became inseparable! And so life went, 18 years of total love.

And then he started showing his age! I knew that his quality of life was going down. He started losing weight! His purring was getting quieter! When he would get in my lap, And I would pet him, He would make little sounds like it was hurting him. Although the love was never questionable, It became evident as to what I needed to do. I didn't want to. Didn't know if I could! But, I had to reach down in my heart and do it for him.

March 24th 2010. We spent our last whole day together with him in my lap, Me petting him, Him trying to head butt me (as if to say) It's OK dad! And saying our goodbyes to each other!

Mar 25th 2010. 10 Am, A friend and I took Oscar to the vet. I said my last good bye, looking into his sad sad eyes and one final pat on the head and cried as Oscar crossed over to Rainbow Bridge!
I have his ashes back and he is at home with me again! never to leave my side!

April 1st, 2010. It's been 1 week and thoughts of Oscar consume me! As I am sure they will for ever. But it is so much easier with him being home again. Thank you every body for the nice emails. It is comforting! I'm sure that Oscar has made plenty of new friends.

April 25th 2010. It's been a month since you went to heaven. I hope your doing good Oscar. It's hard here without you but, I miss you but know your not in pain anymore. Play hard Oscar make many new friends and wait for me. Love Dad

March 25th 2011. One Year Oscar! Hard to believe its been a year since I last petted you! Certain ways it seems like yesterday and others it seems like forever. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. I miss you terribly! I hope your doing ok! Sure wish I could hold ya again and have ya cuddle up to me. But your still in my heart every single day!! Play hard Oscar!! Your a special Kitty!! Love Dad!

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