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Memories of Oreo Boo
Oreo is the Jack Nicholson of cats. He loves bourbon, blondes, and women of color. He was my boo boo kitty, nicknamed scooter. He was just like the Tramp, in Lady and the Tramp. He was a total wag, a big flirt. Overflowing with love. He adored his red head Kamal, and his Savannah, Isabella. When we had company, Oreo made sure everyone felt the love, he would move from one room to the next, spending at least 30 minutes with each guest.

One of my favorite memories of Oreo is how he stayed by Jake's side when he was dying. Jake used to beat the crap out of Oreo, but when Jake needed him, he was by his side. My boo boo....

I can write reams and volumes about him, but I'm too sad now. Bon Voyage, Oreo, Je t'aime, mon Chou , Je t'aime.

December 13, 2020: Well, Boo, I miss you everyday. I hope you are happy happy happy playing with Jake and Sterling and Samantha and Alexandra and Lacey, Sherman, Tarzan, and all the many friends you have! It's hard for me to write a lot today, I'm so sad, Isabella misses you too, she tries not to show it, but she looks for you and yowls almost every night. I see you everywhere, and I haven't found a place for your ashes, except on the pillow next to mine. Humans probably think I'm nuts, but it's where you loved to be, and many other places on the house and on the patio, I just can't seem to find a good place to let you rest where I can see you too all the time! I'll work on that! Isabella expects me to fill in for you and play with her constantly and brush her endlessly. Did you have to spoil her so and groom her all day long? It's very time consuming. But, we both know she'd never tolerate another cat in the house, except for you! Well, mon petit chou, you are irreplaceable, one of a kind. Give Mommy, Granny, Auntie Ann, JoAnn, my lovely sister and all my great friends and relatives kisses and hugs for me. I miss them, I miss you. Je t'aime, mon chat!

December 13, 2021: Well Boo Boo, I still miss you everyday. I still haven't found a place for your ashes. I don't know if I ever will. You're still on the bed in your favorite kitty bed, snuggled and warm. Isabella looks for you occasionally, she wanders through house yowling, and stopping in all your favorite places. We are still in the Elm Ave house, the rent has almost doubled since we've been here. It's a long story but I just can't seem to find the energy to pack and move. I can't seem to find a way to replace you. You know I love Izzy, but she's a princess, you are the wag. She has started to show her age, it's a total bummer. I worry as usual, she eats or she doesn't eat, she has hairballs now that you aren't here to groom her constantly. The Vet comes here to the house because you know she can't ride in the car without vomiting and peeing. The squirrels, birds and bunny rabbits miss you. The lizards are indifferent <as usual> to anything but mating! You would think that this gets easier, but it really doesn't. Memories don't fade, whether they are good or bad. The COVID pandemic hit right after you went to be with Mommy. I'm not sure but it seems like the last two years are a big blur - I can't say it's like time stood still, because the stress of mounting debt, housing insecurity, political unrest, etc., certainly isn't standing still and didn't stop from January 2020 to NOW. It's amazing that I've survived in business thus far. Keep sending me good vibes and energy so I can keep it up for another 10 years. It's made it a bit harder to be working from home without you here to keep me company. But you are here in Spirit, I can feel you, and I don't want to admit it, but sometimes I swear I can see you running through the house with Isabella. I'm sorry I didn't take better care of you, Oreo. I'm sorry I went away for 2 weeks when I should have stayed here - I know now that Joe D. didn't take good care of you, between the uneaten pills I found on the floor, and the flea infestation, that was so bad for you, I really am sorry baby Oreo, but I'm only human, you know us self centered stupid humans. At least you are running around with all your buddies and humans who love you too, playing and eating if you want to, do you still eat? At least you can eat now without getting sick. I never know how to end these heavenly conversations, and I can't say good bye because you're here, just on another plane. So, I'll just say I'll see you in my dreams, unless I catch a glimpse of you running through the house with Izzy. Give Mommy, Granny, Auntie Ann, JoAnn, my lovely sister and all my great friends and relatives kisses and hugs for me. I miss them, I miss you. Je t'aime, mon doux chat! I'll leave the lights on for you!

20 February 2023: Well, Boo, by now Isabella has found you on the other side. I meant to write to you in December 2022, but with Isabella so sick and your Aunt Lizzie so sick, I couldn't bare to be sad about missing you too. Thanks for visiting me during these sad times, I miss you every day. Now you can chase Izzy,and lick her head to toe like you did when you were here. I'll miss her but she was so sick, I didn't want to cling to her like I clung to you, sorry about that but I just wasn't ready to let you go. Run and play and be happy with Jake, Isabella, Sterling, Alexandra, Samantha and Sherman and Tarzan!! I know you and Sherman will be the leaders of the pack(s). Je t'aime mon petit chat! I'll write again soon, I want to get Isabella up here with you so you two can chat! Give Mommy, Granny, Grampy, Uncle Walter, Auntie Ann, JoAnn, my lovely sister and all my great friends and relatives kisses and hugs for me. I miss them, I miss you.I'll leave the lights on for you!

13 December 2023 Well, Boo, another year has gone by and I still think of you often, maybe not every day now, but everytime I see a tuxedo kitty I compare them to you. I hope you are happy with Isabella by your side, she's only been gone since February 2023 and I miss her so!! I miss all of you, and now you have your Uncle Joe Mayko to play with too, although he was never much of a pet person, but maybe now he will be when he meets you and Isabella! I've a new kitty, abandoned by a tenant, her name is Comet, she's a Manx, I'm sure you'd love her too, she's bright, green eyed, built much like you with a cropped tail just like a Manx. You'd have a lot of fun running around with her. I hope you and Jake, and Isabella, and Sterling and Sherman are hanging out together all the time, and espcially this year, I coud use some happiness and good cheer! It's been a tough year - I moved out of Elm Ave after 7 years, we had a lot of happy times in that house, but it's become unaffordable at this time in life. Thinking of you always, miss you every day! Lots of love, hugs and kisses! I'll leave the lights on for you!

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