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Memories of Oreo
Oreo was the sweetest and most gentle kitty. When he was just a kitten, he would sleep above our heads. When we came home, he would jump on us and climb up our clothes. When he got older, he was a giver not a receiver. He would give love by rubbing up against you and purring. No matter what you were doing or where you were going, he would follow until he was content. His brother was Chi, who he always let have his way. When he wasn't sharing the basket in the cat tree, he was giving it up to his brother. They were bonded and wherever one went, the other followed. Always getting into mischief together and finding and stealing treats.

He was obsessed with fetch. He would meow for hours until someone played with him. And if you stopped for a moment, he would go on meowing. He was picky on what objects he would play fetch with. But when you had the right object, he could play for hours and hours; doing all kinds of back flips and tricks. Sometimes running into the walls in an attempt to grab hold of the object. He loved rainbow soft cat balls and ear plugs. He would even steal my earplugs no matter where they were hidden. And when he wasn't playing fetch with them, he was putting them in the toilet. Either batting them or just watching them float. He would often find wet ear plugs all across the house.

He had a major sweet tooth. Even though cats are known to not care for sweet things or really be able to taste them, he would go nuts for anything sweet. He would stare at you until you gave him the food he wanted. Beef jerky and chicken were also his favorites. He would always give you the cutest look, expecting some of your food. And if you made the mistake of leaving it out, he would take it for himself.

He was super active and high energy. Always running around the house. Up and down stairs. He would chase the laser light as though it was the most important thing in the world. He would hunt it up walls and to go at it with all his might. He also loved to play with rope toys. Anything that moved fast gave him much enjoyment.

He and Chi got to stay with their mommy Feather. Who raised them well, and would play with them for a long time. They would all often be seen cleaning each other and giving off a true family vibe. Oreo and his brother Chi could often be found snuggling together. In the cat tree. On the floor. In the bed. Oreo always licking his brother when they weren't sleeping.

He loved to chase bugs, steal my husbands lego's and my eye liner. I never had a brand new eye liner last more than a day before he found it and made quick work of it. His favorite place to sleep was the basket in the cat tree. His favorite treat was cat nip. He would roll in it until it was completely gone. His nose was amazing and could sniff out any treat or object of his desire. No matter how hidden or well guarded. He loved the new house and could be heard in the late of night running up and down the stairs. He loved to sit at the window and watch the birds while soaking up the sun.

He was so sweet and gentle, he could never fight. Even when scared or being chased. He was the prettiest boy kitty there ever was. He lived a very happy life, more active and enjoyable than most cats. He never took anything for granted and enjoyed even the simplest of joy. It was always obvious that he was a happy kitty with how much love he was consistently returning. He never wanted any more love in return, because he was satisfied with what he was given. And he was given a house full of love and the unconditional everlasting love of his family. He would then return this love ten fold to those around him by purring as loud as he could as he rubbed up against you from room to room.

He came from a stray we took in when her masters left her behind. Her last batch of kittens did not make it with the previous owners. Determined to make sure this batch made it, I watched Oreo along with his siblings day in and night. They survived against so many odds and I was rewarded with Oreo. Though his life was short, he almost didn't have one to begin with. And I could not be any more thankful for the wonderful life he gave me and his brother.

When I held him, he would need me and tolerate all the overbearing love I had to give him. For he was my baby, my beautiful, sweet, kind, most wonderful amazing kitty boy. My only solace is that he is survived through his brother Chi and mother Feather. When the time comes, I will meet him across that rainbow bridge and bring him with me to where he truly belongs. Until then, he will remain a very important and vital part of my life and heart. He was the joy in my heart, and now I can only count the days until I can reclaim that joy.

I love you Oreo. Forever and always. Eternally, and with all my heart. You will be loved forever and ever, and never forgotten. And I promise you that we will meet again and we can play fetch for the rest of eternity.

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