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Memories of Oreo
I remember the day we went to get a Boston Terrier, out of all the puppies Oreo walked over to me and licked my hand.
He sat on my lap all the way home and tried so hard to give me kisses...so hard for such a little guy.
Through out his life he was always there to give comfort and joy to us, whether it be by bringing a toy, cuddling next to one of us or by giving me a big kiss, his best way to show his love I think.
A few months before his passing I believe a miracle happened.
Oreo was let out in the back yard and he walked away, Oreo went deaf as he got older and could'nt hear his name so that was the scary thing.
We looked all day, passed out and posted fliers with no luck in finding him.
The night came along with a storm and we all were so worried that we'de never find him again.
The next morning I told the boys that we need to go and look some more over in a ravine about a block from the house. I went down and walked the ravine for about a block in weeds that were at least 3 to 4 feet tall with no luck.
The rest of the family walked the ridge and finally stopped and told me to come back up, I proceeded to walk towards them and tripped on something..it was Oreo all curled up in 4 foot high weeds, he fell into the ravine and didn't have the strength to get out.
A foot either way and I would have missed him, never to be found.
It had to be a miracle that they stopped at that exact point and that I walked up to them, I can't explain any other thing for what happened.
As they say God works in funny ways and that was his way of giving us a closure to his life now and not having us wonder about our loving buddy forever.
All of us ...We love you Oreo

8/1/2010 Marks birthday today, hes 16. Sending you a cake, you always loved banana cake on birthdays..Your buddy

Last night Matt had a dream about you buddy..Miss you

8/24/2010 Its been one month since we lost you buddy, miss you every day, especially when I look down and your not laying next to me.
8/28/2010 Just thinking about you buddy, just sitting here and thinking about how you always sat next to me every morning.
9/6/10 Miss you..found your sweater yesterday folded up in the laundry room.
9/13/10 Just thinking of you buddy, its a nice day and you'de be happy playing in the yard today.
Miss you so much.
10/1/2010 Getting cold outside and I remember how you always snuggled up next to us at night to stay warm. Miss you Ore, I sometimes think I hear you coming down the stairs in the morning.
Left you a football buddy, you always loved chasing one even though you couldn't grab hold of it...
I miss you so much..
10/25/2010 Well buddy I still miss you more then ever, it's been 3 months and I still think of you all the time.
The leaves are falling and its going to be a long winter, you always sat next to me at night.
11/04/2010 Holloween passed and the kids came. Some of the little girls down the block asked what you used to wear on holloween, we told them a little scarf.
!2/10/10 Its been really cold out and there's snow on the ground ore, not your favorite time of the year, your little paws would get so cold. You always liked snugling up under the covers at night to stay warm. We put up the Christmas tree and hung up your ornaments, we did'nt forget you. Miss you so much.
12/24/10 Matt's birthday just passed and we all thought about you. Its been four months since you been gone buddy, still miss you so much. Christmas is here and and it will be sad not seeing you open your presents, you always liked getting something. I'l be thinking of you tonight and how I wish you were with us, sometimes we feel like your still here. Miss you.
1/12/11 Mr Fish died today, he was'nt feeling well last night and I knew something was wrong with him. This morning I found him laying on his side under a rock very sick and then later today when I came home I found him dead. He was around 8 years old I think.
3/9/11 I didnt forget about you buddy.. your always on my mind I miss you so much.
Its getting warmer out side and the snows gone, you'de be happy. Your little feet got so cold in the snow.
I wish I could have one more spring with you and take you for a walk.
Miss you
4/20/11 Its almost Easter buddy, still cold out though. We keep thinking of you when we see Mesha sitting out in the back yard. He looks over here and I'm sure he misses you.
Miss you...
5/11/11 Happy birthday buddy..You would be 15 today.
I remember all of your birthdays and how you liked your banana cake so much.
Miss you..
7/23/11 Its almost one year buddy that your gone. I still always think of you sitting by my feet at night.
There's never a day that goes by that I don't think of you.
Sometimes I think I hear you coming out of your house to walk over to me at night.
Miss you always buddy...
Oh we found one of your toys under the bush in the back yard..you were always loosing them.
Mark had a birthday, like always I thought of you and how you sat on my lap looking foward to banana cake.
Miss you

12/13/11 Hi buddy I know its been a little while since I said hi but that does'nt mean I didn't think of you. It's getting cold outside and almost Christmas, boy do I miss you.
At night I think of you and how you used to walk over next to me and lay by my feet.
Miss you

3/31/2012 Hi buddy, its been a warm winter, not to much snow, you hated snow so much.
Spring will be here soon, your favorite season. You would look foward to get out and roam the yard and check everything out.
Everyone misses you so much, you were are best friend and always will be.

5/14/2012 Happy Birthday buddy...missed it by a couple of days but your never forgotten.
Marks graduating high school next week, time has gone by so fast.
We always talk about you and how we miss you so.
Miss you
7/24/2012 It's been 2 years buddy since we lost you but your still in our hearts forever.
You sit on the fireplace and we watch over you...miss you so.
8/16/2012 Hi Ore..Mark went to college, time goes by so fast. Remember laying next to him when he was just a baby?
Then you would wait for the boys to come home from school everyday.
Well we are always thinking of you....Miss you so
11/5/2012 Hi buddy, yesterday we found a couple of your tennis balls under the grand father clock, actually Matts girl friends dog found them.
We're always finding something of yours, you alway hid something and then forgot where you put them.
Whats strange is that last night mother went down stairs and in a box your sweater was hanging out, all summer we never seen it,
it's like saying your still here with us. I put your sweater up next to you on the fire place along with one of the tennis balls.
It's getting cold out, another season has passed. My neck and back hurt ,I remember how you used to lay next to me in bed.
Well you take care, we all miss you so.

12/23/12 Merry Christmas buddy...you loved presents so much. You will be remembered Christmas morning, we love you.

2/8/2013 Hi Buddy...Well not much going on lately. Mark's in school and is doing well, were all proud of him. The other day I thought I saw you in laundry room, I know you'll all ways be with us someways. We miss you so, Matt just wrote on your guest book yesterday how he misses you.
Love from all of us...

3/1/2013 Hi Buddy, springs coming but its still so cold out. There was a Boston Terrior out in front of the house last week and Matt thought of you
right away. Thoughts of you are always arising, we'l never forget you. Miss you so...I'm looking at your picture right now.
Happy Easter..Miss you

7/28/2013 Hi there buddy...summer is here and we all miss you. Matt moved out, Marks back from school and Mom's birthday was
yesterday, Marks birthday is next week. Was on a service call a few weeks ago and there was a little girl Boston there, she
was so cute. Kept bringing me toys and kisses just like you always did, you would of liked her.
Well that's about it for now and we all miss you so. PS sent you a banana cake :) your favorite.

10/15/13 Hi buddy.. summer has passed and fall is here, we all miss you so. We found one of your chew bones in the crawl space a little while ago. You
must of got it for Christmas or your birthday and hid it you silly guy.H
Mark's coming home from school in a couple of days, he's doing really good. Matt started a new job.
Winters coming so you keep warm, miss you so much.

12/25/13 Merry Christmas buddy, we miss you so much this time of year. Marks back from school ,he did really well.
Matts also doing really good in his new job. All of us are thinking of you...:)

1/6/14 Ore...its so cold outside and the snows so deep. you would be so upset going out. Remember how we would shovel you
a little path?

7/9/14 Hi buddy..I know its been a while since I wrote but you havn't been forgotten. Spring has come and gone, its been really rainy out and were
fixing the deck. You'de be upset since there are boards missing. I found one more tennis ball again under the deck, how many did you steel lol.
We always think of you and miss you so much. Matt bought a house last month and is doing good, Mark got s job at a bank for the summer, he's doing great in school were really proud of him. Miss you so much..all of us.

11/09/2014 Hi Oreo.. Just sitting here thinking of you. It's getting cold out and actually snowed last week. We all still miss you so much. Last weekend we
went to visit Mark at school, he's doing so well. Matt is doing well in his new house and job. Your always on our mind.

06/15/2015 Hi Buddy, Just sitting thinking of you. Its spring and you liked the warm weather so much. I miss you so much, you were my best friend. Nana
passed away last month, she was 90.She will be missed. Mother and Mark got a new dog this week. I'm not sure if I want some little guy to
replace you. No other little guy ever will. Oh well you take care, your buddy forever
12/15/2015 Hi Buddy, didn't forget about you I still think of you every day. Been busy I started flying rescue dogs. Our new little guy is doing fine and were
giving him alot of love. Sometimes I feel theres a part of you in his heart. Its almost Christmas and your stocking is still over the fire place. We'l always
miss you, forever.
04/26/2016 Hi Buddy, just wanted to say that your always in my heart. Its spring your favorite season. I wish I could hold you just one more time. Marks graduating next week. Time goes by so fast but it seems like yesterday that we lost you. Miss you forever.

07/24/17 Hi Buddy, I know it's been a while since I posted something but I didn't forget you. I started a dog treat business and will be helping rescues and unfortunate pups. I belong to a Boston terrier group and always think of you. Miss you so much,hope your running with all your buddies in the fields. Miss you forever

03/1/18 I Buddy, Its almost spring your favorite season. Thinking of you always. Our new little guy has been having seizures and is having a hard time. We put him on some new medicine and hopefully it will help, maybe a few puppy prayers up there might help. Miss you always.

Merry Christmas to our Buddy forever
08/3/19 Just thinking of you buddy. Marks and moms birthday was the other day and this evening we had cake.
Your favorite part of birthdays:).
Always thinking of you,
Been doing rescues this year trying to get little guys forever homes, so many out there that don't have a family.
Miss you always ❤️
Merry Christmas Buddy
Your stocking is hung like mom does every year. Your never forgotten we still think of you every time we see the little Boston down the street taking a walk.
Matt and Alex's
Marley is such a good boy, he couldn't of found a better forever home.
Hope your running with all the other guys up there, miss you !

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