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Memories of Oreo
5/23/10:I can't believe that you are gone Oreo. This time Daddy found you, whereas I found Brownie. We have grieved, however we know you are in a much happier and better place. You are playing with Brownie again, and how strange it was 11 months to the day that Brownie passed away that you pass on. Then again you both were so close, coming from the same farm and kennel that we got you from. We at least know that you had a wonderful life, and it seems like you went in your sleep, just don't know why you had blood coming from your mouth. We hope you weren't in any pain, and that you are having a great time playing. Love you baby boy, Mommy.
10/9/10: Well my little man now not only are you with Brownie, but the whole gang is with you. I can't get over how just last year in 2009 we lost Brownie,& this year we lose you, then in one day we lose Sweetums and Rascal! At least you all are together and happy playing in heaven. We miss you so much. I miss your licks, even though Becky always acted like she didn't like how you licked her so much with her being so little I think she misses them very much. So do Mommy and Daddy.
3/11/12: Wow almost two years ago now that you have been gone,almost 2 yrs for you, Rascal and Sweetums. Time sure does go by fast. We miss all of you kids so much. Its still very hard to say much on here. The pain is still so raw. Brutus isn't the same without you, Rascal, and Sweetie. He's not been the same since you all passed away. So much so that he has needed to be put on puppy prozac. Oreo my sweet son, please let the others know that we are needing to feel you all, hear ya, or something, and Brutus really needs your help-from all of 3 of you. Granted he didn't get to know Brownie, but he needs to see you all or get some sign from you guys. He's really not been the same. I know you all are looking down on us, so please send us a sign from the rainbow or however God will let you. I love you sweetheart. Daddy and Becky send their love too.
5/20/12: Two yrs ago today we lost you, in some ways it seems so much longer other ways it seems like today. I know you and the rest of the gang are having a great time. I'm sure you all have been giving Smudgie and October rides all around. Please give your brothers and sister a message for me and daddy: all 4 of you start sending some love or something pretty please. Not sure if you four could come and have a talk in my dreams. We love you babies. Giant hugs and kisse. Love, Mom, Dad, and Becky
5/20/13: Wow, it's so hard to believe that it's been three years ago today that you became an angel. So much has happened in te last year with us losing both my mom and just recently my aunt Jane. I've been through so many medical procedures, and surgery. Now more surgery is in my future. Not sure how much more I have to go through, nor do I want to know for fear. I know that you, and the rest of the family are looking down on us and are our angels. We miss you all so very much, our lives haven't been the same, and never will be again. Please give the other pups our love, as well as my mom, and my babies. Have fun taking the kids on play times. Love ou and miss you Oreo!!! Hugs and kisses to you my sweet baby boy. No matter how old you would be all four of you are my babies, always and forever. Love, Mommy.
5/20/18: It's hard to believe that you've been gone 8 years now. We miss you so much. I'm sure you're having a great time in Heaven and I look forward to when I get to see you again.

Please also visit Brownie Blythe, Rascal and Sweetums.

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