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Memories of Oreo
It's a year today you're gone. It has taken me this long to write this.

I knew you would be a handful from the day we brought you home crying for leaving your siblings to wanting to play at 2 in the morning.
From digging up my rosebushes for a present to sneaking toads in the house.
You were my Marly---from eating the wood where the smell of the bitter apple stopped to tearing up my favorite Christmas animal for being pissed off at us for being gone, the garbage was up on the chair for almost 16 years.
I knew you were my alpha-girl when you yelled at Ralph for sitting on my dresser and for tolerating him for all of those years, to always having to beat us up the stairs (even when your legs started getting bad).
I loved watching you play hide and seek and getting panicked when you couldn't find anyone, tossing your ball at us when you wanted to play, or digging at Ken's back to get your ball back, to tackling him in the yard when chasing him (that's how he learned to run so fast) or anyone else around the house. Or how Erin taught you to eat from a spoon and play growl with Dave. Or how you had to have one of your babies in your mouth to greet us and you wouldn't until you found one.
You were my baseball buddy going to all of the kids games. You also were my gardening buddy, eating the rasberries right off the bush. I never had to watch you outside for you liked it better out there, after you stopped running away due to your nightmare stay at the kennel when you wouldn't come out for any of the keepers, I paid for extra 1 on 1 time, and I got my money back. You truly thought we deserted you! And I never did that to you again.
You were more of a company to me after the kids went away to school than anyone else.
When I started having surgeries, you were right by my side the entire time I was home (and I was also there for you when you had yours).
I knew you were a fighter when the cardiologist said you wouldn't make it after they removed the first absessed tumor, for you did come through it with flying colors.
You were a fighter---up until it was time when we had to let you go. You were on "borrowed time" for about 3 years.
Everyone told me that I was letting you stay too long, that it was for myself, but I talked it over with Dr. Patty and she said you would let me know when it was time, and when you stopped helping yourself to your favorite cookies, I knew that was it.
I had a surgery about a month ago, and Ralph was right by my side as you once were, keeping me company. I thought he would take a downfall when you left, but he surprised us all. He decided to stick around. Now it is his turn to be cared for, for he has become diabetic. And even with giving him his medicine twice a day, just like you---he still likes me.
You are now on the desk watching me as I write to others who have sent their babies on to the Bridge...
You would have made a perfect person, you always had a tail-wag for us, always unconditional love, always eager to please, and I loved your Labbie-Eskimo kisses.
I'm thinking of becoming a foster-mom to give a lab (just like you) a home. But at this time I have to think of Ralph, for he was never keen on letting another dog in, never let another dog invade "your" house.
I still see you either running to the mail box, sleeping on your blanket in the corner of the room, helping us bring in groceries, or getting snow all over my clean driveway after I've shoveled.
You're my baby-girl and forever friend.
We had you for almost 16 years, and that was because Dr. Patty said we gave you such a good life you didn't want to leave. I was happy you went out without a struggle, peacefully...because it was your time.
I was also glad I was with you at the end, as I was with you the first day we brought you home.....I was there for you as many times as you were there for me. Someday we will all be joined at the Bridge together, all of the furries,human parents and siblings.
Lots of love and Labbie-Eskimo Kisses... I will always miss you.
I hope you got your blue ball that I sent with you. I meant to tell you, Alfie is another friend I had in the past. I hope you will meet up and play together. Meanwhile, I will not forget either of you.
2-8-2011...It has been 2yrs,2 months, and 27 days since you left us. Ralph has joined you today, he has been battling a long fight, just like you and today unfortunately, he has joined up with you on the bridge. Please welcome him, for he has been missing you since you left. I shall have a spot for him on the bridge with you shortly.Love and kisses to you both, I miss you...
3-15-11...Started being a volunteer for the Bridge today so I could help other persons through it all.....still miss you, baby girl..
8-14-2011...We brought your new sister home this week. Her name is Eva..she is a yellow lab born into rescue at L.E.A.R.N. Watch over her and take care of her...you are still missed very much...
10-07-2011...Eva has joined you today..circumstances beyond our control. Please watch over her for she is still new to this world...I will have a site for her soon.
10-16-2011...They say that if you lose a puppy very young suddenly or due to circumstances beyond your control, you should find a new one right away. We brought your new sister home today. She is a black lab named Hermioni. She was born on 8-12-2011.Please watch over her for she is new to this world as Eva was......
10-7-2014...You're cousin Shasta has joined you on the Bridge this week. Please find him with Ralph and Eva and show him the way....Love you,baby girl
10-22-2014...Charlie has joined you today, please meet up with him so he is not alone.....Love, you baby girl

12-2-2009...Happy 17th birthday baby girl...
12-24-2009..Merry Christmas, Baby-girl
11-12-2010...It's been 2 years, and even though you are not here you are on my mind. Ralph is still with us, for how long I don't know, but he is being cared for as long as it takes.Love and labbie-kisses, Momma
12-25-2010...Merry Christmas baby girl...
12-2-2011...Happy 19th birthday baby girl...
12-25-2011...Merry Christmas, baby girl. Be sure to celebrate with Ralph and Eva. I miss you.....
11-12-12...It's 4 years today baby girl...I still miss you, have a good day..
12-2-2012...Happy 20th birthday...
12-25-12...Merry Christmas my forever baby girl...
11-12-13...5 years, baby girl...I miss you still, Love you...
12-2-2013...Happy 21st birthday baby girl...
12-24-13...Merry Christmas baby girl....
11-12-2014...Six years baby girl...it seems like yesterday,Still miss you, Love you still.
12-25-2014...Merry Christmas baby girl...
11-12-2015...Seven years baby girl...I still and always will miss you...love, momma
12-25-2015...Merry Christmas baby girl..hope it was happy...Momma
11-12-16...Eight years, baby girl...hope you've made a lot of good friends and are taking care of Ralph and your sister, Eva...Love, Mom
12-2-2016...You would have been 24 today, Happy Birthday, baby girl..I miss you every day...Love, Mom
12-23-2016...Merry Christmas, baby girl...Love, Mom
12-24-2016...Merry Christmas, baby girl...miss you always, Love, Momma
11-12-17...Nine years baby girl, I miss you every day...Love, Momma
12-2-17...You would have been 25 today..silver anniversary...love you, always baby girl...Momma
12-27-17...Merry Belated Christmas, baby girl..Love you always, Momma
11-14-2018...Sorry I didn't visit you on your day baby girl, that doesn't mean i wasn't thinking about you for I miss you all the time. It doesn't seem like it's been 10 years...Love you, always...Momma
12-2-2018...Happy Birthday, baby girl...26 today, although you would not have lived that long, but you will always be in my heart...Momma
12-25-18...10 years, baby girl, Merry Christmas ...Have a good time with your brother and sisters...Love you and miss you always...Momma
11-12-19...11 years, baby girl..still miss you every day...Momma
12-2-2019...It would have been your 27th Birthday today. You've been on the bridge for 11 years. Even though I know you would not have been here with me for this long of a time, I still miss you everyday and there is not a day I don't think of you. Hermione is a great girl and keeps me company while daddy is away, but I am not her person....Lovve you always... Momma
2-8-2020...Sorry I missed you at Christmas, Things were a litle hectic with daddy gone...you are on my mind always...Love you always, Momma.
11-3-2022 Your sister Hermione has joined you today. Please welcome her..love you always, Momma
11-12-22 It's 14 years today your gone I hope your getting to know your sister who joined you last week...love you always, Momma
12-5-21 Sorry I didn't make it here on your day. Things have been a little crazy but that doesn't mean I wasn't thinking about you. You would have been 29.Love you forever, Momma
11-11-2020...tomorrow it will be 12 years you're gone...i still miss you every day , baby...love you, momma
11-12-2023...15 years you're gone and I still miss you and always will. I still remember all of your antics and what you were like..Hope you,re getting along with Hermione. She's with you a year now...love and remember you always, Momma
12-5-2020...12-2-2020 you would have been 28 years old...I didn't forget, you are on my mind every day...Happy Belated Birthday, Love you...Momma

12-25-2020...Merry Christmas, babygirl. 12 years you're gone.Hope you had a good day with Ralph,Eva and all your friends...Love you, Momma.
12-25-21...13 Christmas's you're gone, baby girl. I hope you had a good day with your brother and sister...love you always, Momma
12-25-2022..14 Chistmas's and it seems like yesterday y0u were here. Your sister Hermione has joined you this Christmas, have a pleasant one..love you always, Momma
12-25-23...Merry Christmas, baby girl. I hope your christmas good with your brother and sister. Love and remember you always, momma..

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