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Memories of Onyx
In the late summmer and fall of 2004 a black cat appeared nightly in our back yard to eat the food from the bowl left out for our neighbor's cat. You were very, very, very timid. If you saw us looking at you, you ran away like a bat out of h. We even saw you trying to eat the grubs in our front yard. Gradually, you came to trust us and let us make contact with you. God only knows what your previous life was like. In Oct. 2004, we took you to the vet for an exam. You weighed less than 5 lbs. At your next annual exam, you weighed over 11 lbs. You were given your shots, bathed, spayed, etc. The dr. said you were about 1 1/2 yrs. old so april 15th became your birthday which is the same day as our other cat. It took a little while, but not too long for all of us to become adjusted to each other, and we did. You loved to go tearing down the hall and then leaping at full speed onto whatever piece of furniture was there. You didn't like to be petted or sit on our laps, but instead followed me(Dorothy) around and sat at my feet. We nicknamed you our stealth puppycat. You were very good at sneaking up on us and we wouldn't know you were there until you accidentally got kicked when we moved our feet. You also liked hiding beneath the covers and getting so small that we could hardly see you. After you came into the house, you never indicated you wanted to go outside again which pleased us to no end. You loved sitting on our sun porch on top of one of the chive plants and looking out the window. You even learned how to open the slats on the plantation shutters so you could look out. Somehow, we found out you liked shrimp. Each afternoon between 4 and 5, you came into the kitchen looking for your shrimp and thusly our other cat learned to beg. In January, we noticed an abrupt change in your behavior so we took you to the vet. After 5 visits and many tests it was deemed necessay to let you go. There is no cure for bone cancer. On Feb 11, 2006 we said our last tearful goodbyes to you. We love you so much and will always keep you in our hearts. Your time with us was much, much too short. Once again, thank you for adopting us and giving us so much joy.

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