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Memories of Ollie
The first time Ollie and I ever met was in his previous human owner's home. I had sat and also had lain down on her sofa, and Ollie wanted to get up on it with me. He had chosen me to be his next human owner right then and there.

Ollie always loved to give me love bites on the face. He also loved to try to eat my hair and my eyebrows. When he took naps with me, I would always say to him, "Come on Ollie. Snuggle snuggle. Let's snuggle snuggle." And he would, and he purred with love always.

He always would greet me when I would come home from anywhere. It didn't matter where. He would not like it when I wasn't home. As soon as I walked in, there he was. Especially if it was the grocery store. He would follow me to the kitchen, get on the counter, walk around, meow at me for attention and love, check the grocery bags to see if I got him his food and treats. He always patiently waited on me until I was completely done and was sitting down so he could be with me.

He always got curious every Christmas about the artificial Christmas tree that would be put up every year. He had the bad habit of trying to bite off the fake needles, but that was just his personality.

He had a lot of toys, but his favorite was a white shoelace. His previous human owner didn't have any toys for him, but oh he loved that shoelace. When I buried him, I buried it with him.

And he loved his cat treats. When I asked him, "Treats? You want some treats?" his little mouth made a silent meow at me to say yes.

His favorite places were on my leg when I sat in the recliner or on the bed next to me when I sat in my bedroom rocking chair. He also liked to lay down on the table at my bedroom window.

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