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Memories of Ollie
We adopted Oli at the beginning of my sophomore year of high school. After our last cat had passed, my parents said we weren't adopting another one. But they saw a Facebook post about a cat abandoned at a nature preserve near our house, went to see him, and picked me up from school with him in the car. I named him Oli because of a band member I was obsessed with; my parents called him Ollie like little orphan Oliver. I wasn't that crazy about cats when we adopted him, and at first he didn't do much to change that. He was nervous and skittish. He would run at any loud noise or sudden movement and he rarely wanted to cuddle or be near you. I'm not sure exactly when things started to change, but over time he became more and more comfortable. He would go out for long stretches of time, and while we still worried when he was out all night, we became less and less afraid that he would run away. He became more comfortable with cuddling and loved to sleep in human beds. When I was deeply depressed in high school, he would come into my room when I was crying and lay on my chest or my face to comfort me.
He loved to explore the woods near our house. He loved to stretch out on the brick path leading up to our door and sunbathe for hours on end. He loved to hunt chipmunks and mice. He loved being pet and being picked up, even when he would protest at first. In the winter he liked curling up by the wood stove.
He loved to lay in the bath tub and drink the water dripping out of the faucet. In the last few weeks before he passed, he became fond of laying on the mat in front of the sink like a little loaf of bread.
Although we had Oli for five years, in the last few months he really started to trust us. He had just started resting his head in dad's lap as they watched TV together. He had many nicknames, but we called him "fat boy" and "fat lump" so much that he only understood them as terms of affection. He started purring when he heard them.
He was a good boy. He loved us very much and we loved him very much. He was more than a cat. He was a member of the family and one of our best friends. Rest easy, Ollie. We miss you.

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