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Memories of Ollie Tozzo
Our little girl found us on Memorial Day 2002. The Min Pin Rescue's voluteers would bring her to our home with the condition that we had to take her sight unseen. They couldn't bring her back because her owner had passed away and she was found guarding her body. She was homeless at that point, so we never thought twice. We chose her out of three other younger dogs because we knew she would be harder to place. She was an older lady of more than 8 years. When I looked at the papers that were sent with her I knew it was meant to be. She was born on my birthday 😊.

She was a beautiful red Miniature Pinscher who walked into our house and let us all know immediately that she was in charge. Not one of us was going to argue with her including our Chihuahua/Pug and Basenji Mix who were both bigger than her. Neither one of them was an alpha female, which is basically dog talk for, "I'm here and I'm taking over now!" ...lol. We all had our boundaries set at that point.

Her name was originally Holly, but she never answered to that name when she came to our home. We tried Molly, Polly and everything in between. Then one day we called her Ollie and her response was incredible. We knew at that point it would be her name... we didn't care who thought she was a boy. Of course, her name wasn't always in play as we called her Stinky, Niblet (which became Nibbie and Nibbie Nub), Pooter, Love Bug and Tinkle Toes.

The night she first came home I gave her a bath and when she was all dry and warm I took her out on our back porch. The sky was beautiful and full of stars. I told her that her last Mommy had to leave for now, but she was going to live with us until it was time to see her again. She was watching over her until that time came. Until then she was up in the sky among those beautiful stars watching over her. Then she burrowed under our blankets to feel safe and warm and she fell asleep... it had been a very long day.

I was already in the throes of a lousy illness, but what we didn't know at the time was she was already in a deteriorating phase of her life. It happened gradually, certainly not the day we got her. She had to see specialists and we first found out from her "doggie opthomologist" that she was going blind from poor nutrition. Her "doggie dermatologist" agreed and she also discovered that the rash all over her little body was one big yeast infection also caused by the food. However, none of the meds she gave us helped her. Her skin was almost as thin as tissue paper at that point. It was so bad that we had to start putting t-shirts on her to prevent her from scratching herself until she bled. Once we got her on a Probiotic plan the toxins were cleansed from her tiny body and she became herself again. That never would've happened if I hadn't found NZymes.com online. Their products are what ultimately healed her. I've become such a believer in their products that my family even takes their Pro-B caps on a daily basis!

We found out what food she was eating when the two girls from the rescue dropped her off. They told us there was a leftover bag in the car and it was "Ol' Roy" from Walmart. They didn't suggest keeping it, so we told them to toss it. I found out later from "The Whole Dog Journal" and other sources that it was on the list as one of the worst foods to feed ANY animal. Back then none of us knew what they put in dog food, so nobody was at fault for it, that's for sure. We got her on a holistic food and by the end of that year her fur was soft and her eyes began to tear again instead of staying dry and goopy. Unfortunately, we were not able to prevent the inevitable. Ollie went blind.

About a year ago they found a cancerous tumor in her bladder (2009). The meds made her so comfortable you wouldn't even know she was sick... until July 12th (2010) when she stopped urinating. It was about 10pm and our veterinarian's office would normially be closed, but thankfully they had just opened a brand new ER. We couldn't get there fast enough nor could we stop crying all the way there. We knew when this happened it would not be good. There was NO WAY we would be selfish enough to keep her in pain or jeopardize her life to have her in ours.

We were able to take her home until the sun came up. We wanted our favorite Vet who always took care of Ollie to send her to Rainbow Bridge not a stranger. I will always cherish the hours she spent asleep on my chest til morning came. We took her home when she passed that day and our hearts have been broken ever since.

She was with me all the time because I've been home during the day due to my illness. I had to carry her quite a bit because of her blindness, but only after she got into her later years. OK, I spoiled her, I admit it! LOL! She even slept next to me. We took her with us on vacation and any time she went out with us I carried her in a pouch. I loved her SO MUCH!! ...and I MISS HER TERRIBLY!!

I wouldn't change anything we did to make her life better because what we got in return was priceless. We got to love her for almost 9 years. What a gift she gave us! She was 16 when she came here to Rainbow Bridge. I know I will see her again, but missing her is SO hard it breaks my heart into a million pieces... every day! As long as I know she is free and happy I'm at peace with her loss. I know that the day she sees me, really SEES me with her blindness all gone when I come to the Bridge to find her and I see her run to me in her little puppy body that has no more pain and illness, it will be worth the pain we have to endure now.

We'll love you forever Nibbie!!! Thank you for sharing your life with your Mommies, sisters Kira and Cheyenne, brother Rudy, and kitty cousins Sassy and Tanner :o). It will never be the same here without you, my love. XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

"The Dance"
"Looking back, on the memory of, the dance we shared, beneath the stars above. For a moment, all the world was right, how could I have known, that you'd ever say good-bye? And now, I'm glad I didn't know, the way it all would end, the way it all would go. Our lives, are better left to chance, I could've missed the pain, but I'd have had to miss the dance" ~Written by Tony Arata ... sung by Garth Brooks

July 13, 2011...Here we are one year later, Ollie and we miss you so. We promised you we'd adopt from the Min Pin Rescue where we found you and we have as you know. You sent us a Mom and her Daughter and just in time before they were separated. Their names are Nidia and Tinkerbell. How do I know you sent them to us? You sent Nidia and her nickname is Niddy... just as we called you Nibbie. Is it also a coincidence that she's 8 just the same age you were when you came to live with us? Maybe I'm being nuts, but I always say, "Things happen for a reason." So Niddy and Tink have joined our family and we will be their forever home just like we were for you. Thank you, my little love. We know you're smiling down upon us :o)

July 13, 2013 ...Well my love, it's three years now and I still cry when I stop by here. It hasn't gotten any easier. I still stop on the back porch, look at the stars and talk to you ...OK! Now you're sending me messages right when I'm sitting here writing to you ...lol. I just changed the channel, but accidentally hit the wrong button and it landed right on VH-1 Soul. What video was playing right at that moment? Boys II Men's "One Sweet Day" and they were singing , "And I know your shining down on me from Heaven, like so many friends we've lost along the way and I know someday that we will be together, one sweet day". Thank you my Little Love Bug! You knew just what I needed to hear, now I have to go get my SpongeBob boo-boo pac to get the swelling to go down on my eyes ...lol.
Back to my update! Niddy and I took classes for a few months and took the test to become a Certified Therapy Dog Team! That's not all! We were hired by our local hospital, too! You really sent us a couple of wonderful, loving and amazing girls. They make us laugh and they love us so much ...just like you did, Nibbie Nub. We miss you, we love you endlessly and we think about you every day! XOXOXO! Love forever, Your Mommies

July 13, 2015 ....it's been 5 long years of missing you, sweetie. Your sister Kira and brother Rudy have both joined you, so I know you have some special doggies with you. Your Mommies still miss you terribly and know you watch over us. We have pics of you at home, work, Facebook and our phones. I still wear a locket with your cute face in it and people love it! We still have your big sister Cheyenne. She just had to have part of her foot removed because of a cancerous tumor. She's recuperating from that now while we wait for test results. Niddy and I couldn't continue our Therapy Dog Team work because of my health and I know she's sad she can no longer "go to work", but we're hoping to fix that soon. I know you, Rudy and especially Kira are watching over Cheyenne because she's 15 years old now going through this medical issue, but could you send her some strength, too? She's not eating as well and were beginning to worry a bit. Even if she doesn't make it, I know she will always have a home on the bridge with all of you. Kisses and extra tight hugs to you, Rudy & Kira! We miss you all SO much! You'll never stop being our family. We've just been separated for a while, that's all! 😊

July 13, 2016... Well, Cheyenne is now with you, Kira and Rudy. She turned 16 just barely and passed Halloween morning after having a Grand Mal seizure that she couldn't come out of and no Meds at the ER could either. Dr. Regan was there thankfully, so no strangers had to send her to Rainbow Bridge, but I had a strange feeling she didn't understand where she was going and she was looking back as though she was confused. I told her to go find her sisters and brother and they would find her, too. I just know you're all together now and very happy again.
I'm crying again, now because I miss you ALL! I still can't believe you're all gone, but you, my love bug I see every day in Niddy's eyes. We love and miss you very much. Please watch over Cheyenne with Kira. If Rudy has gone to be with his sister Dora, it's ok. They were two peas in a pod. Until next time, my sweet girl. I LOVE AND MISS YOU ALL THE TIME‼️
11.30.18 ...It can't realy be 8 years without you, can it? Well, we lost Tink, Niddy's daughter within 2 hours of noticing she was looking like she would fall over. She had a heart attack at age 10 (7.25.16) from a combo of undiagnosed heart disease that our vet missed and sleep apnea, which he knew about. Please give her lots of kisses from us and tell her how sorry we are. We've since changed vets and are very happy. Just wish we had one who caught the heart disease.
Niddy's been ok. She's lost her sight to cataracts and has some hearing loss. With all that, she's still my Service Dog and gets mad at me (barks at mommy and me when we get back). I only left her once because I had to have minor surgery and didn't want her to sit in a waiting room for three hours.
We also have Bonnie Blue now. We adopted her at 15 and she was already blind, but we know we got her back after having you. She came to live with us June 28, 2017. She was kept in someone's basement and didn't want to be touched too much at first. She lets her pick her up now and she gives us kisses constantly. How lucky are we?!
We also have a 100lb. 12 year old German Shepherd named Boo Bear. He loves Bonnie and Bonnie actually pulls her tiny bed up on his at night to sleep with him. He had a sister named Tuka who we adopted who was 16 and blind, but she was loaded with cancer and we lost her in 3 weeks, but we got Boo in time to reunite them.
I heard your song today (The Dance sung by Garth Brooks). That's why I'm here. It made me cry as usual. I don't want to believe you, Kira, Cheyenne, Tink, Tuka and Kitties Sassy and Tanner are gone, but I know I'll come running to you when it's my time. Love and miss you all so much, Ollie. ❤️

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