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Memories of Oliver
3/14/24: And just like that... it's been 2 years, 24 months, 731 days without you 💔😿 It's hard to believe that much time has passed already, I feel like you were just here. I still feel all the emotions leading up to saying goodbye to you. I replay them in my head. I kept a little journal for the days leading up to saying goodbye and looking back I'm grateful I did it but wish I captured more and wish I took more videos even though I probably have over 20,000 photos and videos of you of all the happy moments. I don't want to remember those sad final moments but I do. I need to remind myself that was only a piece of your story, not the whole story which ultimately filled my life with so much joy and unconditional love. I often still feel your presence, it's weird but I do. Milo and Leo remind me of you. Milo will occasionally snuggle under the blanket but only for an hour, not like 8 hours like you did and he sleeps with me every night like you did, and he kinda looks like you. Leo acts like you, he commands a presence like you did, like a King, sassy, and independent just like you. They both love temptation treats just like you. They both sit in the kitchen as I cook, like you did. They both sit on the buggie bench like you did. But they aren't you, they are a combination of some of my favorite things about you which brings me happiness. Any day there's sunshine, your Papa and I always say how much you would of loved it and wondered where you would be in the house finding and laying in the sun beams. You literally would move from room to room chasing the sun. I miss that ☀️ Missing you hasn't gotten any easier and that's ok. I miss your snuggles. I miss dancing and singing you're my sunshine to you. I miss your fluffy butt. I miss your little face. I'll never stop missing you. I'll never stop loving you. Today started off rainy and gloomy but the sun is trying to come out today for you. Hope you're eating endless treats and laying in the sunshine. Love you Ollie, always have and always will😘❤️

3/14/23: And just like that...365 days, 12 months, one year without you. 💔It feels weird saying it's been an entire year without you, how has it gone by that fast?! I still feel your presence and love every single day. Milo and Leo remind me of you in different ways and it brings comfort to my heart and keeps your memory alive. I smile thinking about so many wonderful memories with you because you truly were the best boy there ever was. Today the sun is shining, a day you would have loved as you loved the sunshine just as much as I did. Thank you for being in my life and choosing me as your mama. I'm grateful for my time with you even though it wasn't long enough but let's be honest...forever would never be enough. A piece of my heart will forever be broken. I miss you more than you will ever know. 🥺😭Love you so much monkey ❤️

8/7/2022: Happy Birthday to my sweet beautiful boy on what would have been your 17th birthday. I wish you were here to celebrate with us 😭 It still doesn't feel like you're gone and I still have moments where I forget. I'm the lucky one to have had you in my life. You simply were the best. I miss you my life. I think about you every single second of every single day. I hope you are enjoying lots of sunshine and tempation treats. I love you Ollie!!

I'll never forget the first day that I met you. It had been 4 months since I lost my childhood cat, FatCat and said I would never get another kitty again but on a Monday morning in November, my Dad asked if I wanted to go see you as you were the last kitten left. You see, my parents took their dog to this vet who was a breeder of Silver Persians. I said sure why not, not knowing what or how I would feel and oh my lord...you took my breath away. You were everything I never knew that I needed. You were my light, you were my sunshine. You were my very best friend and I miss you soooo much. We had so many wonderful memories together. You were just so kind, so friendly, so lovable, you were my soul. We were so connected and now that you're gonea piece of me is gone too. I never thought I would have to say goodbye to you this year, I really thought you would live forever. Life is not the same without you. You were my life, I miss our routines. You were the BEST snuggler, you loved to sleep under the blankie never to me and I miss it. I miss you snoring, I miss your presence, I miss your face, I just miss you. You were the love of my life and my baby. Life will never be the same and can't wait till I can kiss you again. Saying goodbye to you was the hardest thing I ever had to do, it was the worst day of my life. I think of you every single second of every single day. I miss you Ollie bear and remember you will always be my baby.

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