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Memories of Oliver

We adopted Oliver in January 1999 from the Animal Rescue League. He was approximately 2 years old at that time. We fell in love with him from the first time we saw him, and, we believe he felt the same about us. Oliver was a lap cat and was unique in many ways. We know he understood every word we said. If we would even mention going to the veterinarian, Oliver would run and hide from us. He disliked going anyplace in a car, especially to the vet's office. After getting there he would come out of his carrier and within 30 seconds had the staff wrapped around the little toe of his paw. Over the course of the last 13 years he became a big Daddy's boy, as he kept his Daddy company during the day. Daddy and Ollie always took their afternoon nap together, with Ollie laying on Daddy's chest. Oliver had a built in alarm clock and always would wake us at 6:00 AM since that is the time we usually would get up for Mom to go to work. If we wanted to sleep in a bit, he would paw at our heads until we would get up with him. All we had to do was ask him if he wanted to go outside and he would run to the door. He never was allowed out without one of us. He would sit at the top of the yard and watch for his chipmonk buddy. We knew Oliver was getting older and slowing down, but, did not expect him to go so suddenly in the middle of the night. We rushed him to emergency and there was nothing they could do for him except put him out of his pain. It was one of the hardest things we ever had to do. This was on December 14, 2011 and we have been crying ever since. We have now received his ashes back and he is currently at peace under the Christmas tree. We miss him so much.

Hi Buddy.We miss you so much. It just isn't the same without you. We always knew that you would be there at the door to greet us when we would come home. Rest in peace, we will always love you.
Love, Mommy and Daddy.

Dear Oliver,
Thank you so much for sending to us a new buddy. We named him "MARIO". He will never replace you but he helps to ease the sad moments after losing you. We think of you each day and miss you.
Love, Mommy, Daddy and Mario.

Dear Ollieboy,
It's hard to believe that it is one year already that you have gone to be with your maker. We know that you are happy there and that you are watching over us each day. We will always keep thinking of you and we miss you very much. Mario is doing well, we love him but he will never replace you, our beloved Oliver.
Rest in peace.
Daddy, Mommy and Mario.

Dear Ollie,
We still miss you very much and talk about you all the time. We can't believe it's almost 2 years since you've been gone. We know you sent Mario to us. He is a lot like you. We know you are still here with us in spirit and can feel you watching over us and Mario. We know you are there playing with all the other fur babies.
We Love You
Mommy, Daddy and Mario

Dear Ollie,
We still miss you and talk about you a lot. It has now been 2 years since you left us, but, we know you are here. Sometimes we think we even see you. We think Mario sees you because he seems to see things moving and there is nothing there. We have your picture on the Christmas tree. We know how much you always loved the tree and hiding under the tree skirt. We love you so much.
Mommy, Daddy and Mario

Hello Dear Ollie,
So sorry we have not visited you here for a long time. We still miss you and talk about you a lot. In fact, we sometimes call Mario by your name. You will always be loved and never forgotten.
Love You,
Mommy, Daddy and Mario

Dear Oliver,
We still miss you a lot, even though we do not visit your page here as often as we should. We still look at pictures of you and think about the good times we shared. We changed your page to winter and Christmas. We remember how much you loved to lay under the Christmas tree. Sometimes we see something from the corner of our eyes and it seems you are still here with us. Even Mario sometimes stares at things that are not visible to us. It must be you. We still think and talk about you often and love you lots.
Mommy, Daddy and Mario

Sweet Oliver,
Today is the 3rd anniversary of your leaving us for the Rainbow Bridge. Although we have our hands full with Mario, we still miss you tremendously. We know there is still a part of you here with us. Mario does some of the same things you did. We know you are here to guide him, especially with removing the balls from the Christmas tree and crawling under the tree skirt. We have a picture of you doing this and almost the same picture of Mario.

We still love you dearly and think of you all the time.
Mommy, Daddy and Mario

Hello Ollie,
We think of you often and talk about you to Mario. Sometimes, we feel you are here with us. We see and hear things that remind us of you. We know you and Mario would have a great time together. We changed your scenery and it is now past winter and it is your favorite time of the year. You always enjoyed sitting out on the patio and watching the birds and squirrels. We still miss you and love you a lot.
Mom, Dad and Mario.

Hi Ollie Boy,
We still miss you a lot. We cannot believe it's almost 5 years since you left us. As you know we could not be without a buddy, so we did get Mario within 2 weeks after you passed to Rainbow Bridge. Well now, we got another buddy for Mario. His name is Vinnie and he is a rascal. He is now 11 months old and they tell us he should soon settle down. He and Mario are finally starting to like each other. We know your spirit is still here with us.
We love you.
Mom, Dad, Mario and Vinnie

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