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Memories of OLD GIRL
Our beautiful white angel..our lives have been so much richer because you were in it.

I will never forget that day at the shelter while I was there picking up a transport I saw you huddled up in the cage in the corner...waiting for the others to eat before you ventured to get what was left...you were so wise I thought, that was my second thought...my first was, "how could anyone leave this beautiful old dog here to die?"
I came back the next week and there you were, I passed you by not looking..I knew my heart couldn't take it, because I knew you would be one of the first to go.
Then three days later I was back bringing supplies and there you were, so I ventured over and read your story.
Your owners were older they had died, their grown kids, had left you outside on a chain, you had a collar embedded in your neck which had to be surgically removed.
You had been at the shelter for 31days, which is unheard of. I went up front and asked the gals how you had lasted that long, they replied, "we didn't have the heart to put this one down"...then I knew in that instant it had nothing to do with their "hearts" it had to do with you being put into my path...I came home and told your daddy the story, he never hesitated even though we had 6 already, go get her she isn't going to die in that shelter and besides she is 12 years old and a big dog she can't have long left."
Well fast-forward 3 years later here I am, writing your story my precious Old Girl. I hope you know that we gave you all the love your heart could hold for the past three years your life was great...we gave you your dignity back, your zest for life and the ability to leave this world on your terms and with me by your side telling you how very much you were loved...
BUT most of all you gave us your unconditional trust and love which had to have taken a big leap of faith since you lived a life of hurt and abuse before you came to us.
Now there is nothing left to say but "thank you" for giving us so much and allowing us to have your love now go and play in the meadows with Kaizer, Maddie and Princess. Enjoy your new and healthy life and don't forget to save daddy and I a very special spot right beside you in heaven.
Forever and always our , Old Girl.

7/11 Today as Captain Jack was running thru the yard, he is staying with us while the kids are at the beach, he is lots bigger than you but as white as snow just like you were, anyway today as he was running I thought of you and how much I missed you but I also thought today, how wonderful it is that I didn't have to know ALL the horrors of how your life was until you came to us three years ago, but how just as wonderful even though it was heartbreaking, that I KNOW what the last moments of your life were on this side, the last three years were the best of the best all we could do and I know you knew it because you had become a beautiful old lady dog who once again knew it was ok to be a dog and to play and have fun and to be spoiled everyday day of your life..and when you left this world for your new life at the bridge, you left with that smile on your face and your mommy right in front of you telling you what a wonderful puppy you were and how much we loved you!!! so that is my gratitude today in my grief that I got to know that you knew you were loved and that humans can be good..we love you our little old lady doggy....
16 days you have been gone from us and we miss you so much..like your sister Maddie we hardly knew you were on the place but man the hole youhave left in our hearts. We love you Old Girl now and forever more...long may you run healthy and free in the beautiful meadows of heaven.
Devotion....that is a word that I would use to describe you, I wonder how devoted you were in your younger days .... to your other parents before they passed...I cannot believe that someone would just "throw" u away like they did...but thank goodness for that old saying, "one man's trash is another man's treasure"....YES my girl you were our TREASURE in every sense of the word!! We love and miss you always
It is getting chilly here now .. your kind of weather is coming my precious...we miss you today and always
I feel so blessed to have been able to have let you know that love is a real thing ... and that there are those who show kindness...you never deserved the hurt and the pain or the abandonment you had in your early life...you were an angel...always we are grateful to have known you
My beautiful baby girl, mommy has left your candle for the service tonight ... I love you forever and always
Sometimes I sit and think of how different your life would have been if we would have had the joy of having you all your life...but I guess that wasn't in God's plan...thank you for the three years we were able to call you ours, you gave so much more to us than we could ever give to you!!! Always in our hearts our precious angel
My beautiful white faced lady I have left your candle for the service tonight, today I am grateful and so very thankful that I know you had that "second chance" that each of you beautiful ones deserve. No matter how many years or how many rescues I am apart of, how many happy endings, sad endings or just endings I will never understand the logic that some can create when describing why they gave you each up, or hurt any of you beautiful souls...it is just plain evil in my opinion. Today I received a letter for two beautiful souls that their "MOM" LOL if one could say that precious word when refering to this person, was giving them up because she was getting ready to have a child and she didn't have enough room in her heart for them. MY eternal question to that is what happens if she has another child will she have room for two of them??? I love you my angel and am grateful to have known your love.
My beautiful angel baby, Beasley has come to join you at the bridge, he left us yesterday he was so sick his body just couldn't do it anymore. Although he wasn't mine I will always hold a place close in my heart for my old pal, gather all the others and show him how wonderful it is in the new land of perfect health and youth always. I love you my special angel always and forever
My little old lady, I miss you so much, today as I sit by the computer and the sun shines thru the blinds I can't help but think of you and how beautiful that picture of you was in your chair (your tombstone picture now) in daddy's office. It was like the light of heaven was shining down on you, and now my precious girl you are shining your light of heaven down upon all of us...I can feel you just as strong as I feel the sunshine on my face right now. Always and forever, our precious angel girl.
Sometimes life is tough baby girl, but when I think of this I think of those like you and our precious Belinda who went thru God only knows what and still came to trust again...sometimes it is overwhelming so many out there in need, and sometimes (most times actually) I see the way people look at me and "all my dogs" but it is where I am most happy...with my dogs..they never disrespect me or treat me badly, or think it is funny to hurt someone else or have no regard for others...humans sometimes disappoint (most times actually) but you ...all you wanted was love, and I am glad that I was able to be there for you..
I sit here and try to be mad but I chuckle instead, your brother Turbo just brought my new cell phone to me, with two teeth marks in it LOL...you and all the others have helped me gather composure that I don't think I would have. After all you each were only puppies with puppy minds. I love you my sweet girl and I miss you, as it gets colder I think of you so often and how you loved to go out when the weather was cold. I love you my precious angel always and forever.
My beautiful old lady today I got an email from Willie's (the Britney Spaniel) who you helped us guide to his new home) new mommy telling us how wonderful he is and how spoiled he is and how very happy he is....everytime I get an update on one of these beautiful babies I was blessed to know even for a short time I think of you and how blessed we were that you came to us and that we had almost three wonderful years with you. Many kisses all the way to heaven baby, we love you always and forever.
Mommy had to ERASE for the 1st time today so I could write more to you. My dear Old Girl each time I have to erase from your residencies I think of it as more time that has gone by since I got to see your face. I love you Old Girl always and forever.
Yesterday we homed a beautiful Belgien Malonois, another saved and on her way. SHe was such a joy to me and such a good baby. I have come to the conclusion in my 50th year of life that animals are the key to my happiness. They have never dissappointed me and the loyalty I think that is the most amazing thing for me to see. They have a loyalty in their hearts that I have come to the conclusion that a human cannot master. This is why I am much more comfortable with animals than humans. Which I am finding more and more not such a bad thing. I come this morning to once again say,"thank you" for your trust. If any dog deserved to not trust it was you and your precious sister Belinda but my friends you did anyway. How precious is that gift...no human will ever know how honored I feel to have been allowed to sneak into your heart, even after all the hell you faced you believed in me and I in you and it gave me more than you will ever know. I love and miss you my precious white-faced angel.
Mommy had to erase for the 2nd time so she would have room to write to you. We love you angel and miss you so. It is snowing here today and I think of how you used to love to play in the snow,missing you always!!
Mommy had to erase for the 2 nd time today so she could have more room to write to you . no matter how many words I erase from the page you will never be erased from the lessons of life you left for us here. Love you always
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight. Today I sit here as it snows thinking of you and how you loved to mosey out to eat snow off the deck. I miss you Old Girl and am glad that you came into my life, even if it wasn't for long enough. It never is.....
Our precious white faced angel today one of mommies friends human mom came to the bridge...Please greet her there and escort her into the beauty of heaven. I love you angel always and forever2/4/14
My beautiful girl, mommy took a most beautiful fellow to rescue today. He was such a gentle soul sorta reminded me of you only he was black. He was so sweet, I thought how could have anyone have let him go...but as I think back I think of you and your sweet spirit how could anyone let you go either...This world is cruel to many ..but this one got his chance, what a blessing for whoever will be the lucky ones to adopt him. Thank you for sending your light and love onto another one saved...always in the honor of you and all those!!! we have loved
My beautiful Old Girl I have left your Valentine's Day things for you. I hope you celebrate big in heaven with all the others!! We love you
My beautiful girl, mommy is a little worried today your brother Turbo is not well and is at the hospital now, send your shining light down on him.
Happy Valentine's Day beautiful little white faced angel girl
My beautiful Old white faced lady, you were such simplicity. I will always remember how you were and how you just were so content to lay around and enjoy the comfort of a home. You loved to play in the snow, and toward the end you even learned to play again. I will forever be grateful that God gave you to us!!! I just wish I could have had you all your life but as always that isn't what God intended. We love you always precious one always and forever more.
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight, I will hold you close in my heart as always. Sending you loves to heaven.
It is snowing again angel baby, I know how you would have loved to venture out on the back deck and eat the snow. It is amazing how the others seem to pick up the traits of those who are gone. Like they are letting us know that each of you have left us a piece of themselves here.
Mommy has left your St. Patty's Day stuff for your celebration in heaven ....Loving you always
Here it is March and it has snowed again. I think of you and how you loved the snow. I miss you but will forever be grateful for the time you shared with us. I love you
Mommy left your candle for the service tonight sending you loves all the way to heaven
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight...love you always and forever
My beautiful Old Girl your brother Scooby came to join you last Friday. Mommy will create another residency when her heart will allow. I love you always and forever
I have created a page for your brother Scooby long may you both run free and play
My beautiful girl I miss you, especially when the house is quiet. I hear your little sister Bella, whom you never met laying in your chair snoring so content. So many my dear sweet girl so many I wish I could save you all. I love you always to the moon and back
It is hard to believe you have been here 3 years now. You were our special angel always and forever
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight. Thank you for being a part of our family always and forever we hold you close in our hearts.
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight. Love you always and forever
My beautiful Old Girl it is hard to believe it has been almost 4 years. Time flys. Lucky Girl is the only one of the originals left and she is vey frail at almost 15. But still plugging along. We think of you often my precious angel I will always be grateful for our time together. I love you forever and always
It is snowing today and so pretty. I remember you and how you loved to play in the snow. You came alive. Today I am hoping to be able to bundle up and go out and video your siblings, those memories of you I have on camera are precious. We miss you pretty white angel.
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight. XOXOXO
Mommy has lit your candle for the service tonight. Love to you XOXO
Mommy has left your Valentines Day things. I love you forever my angel. I thank you for allowing us to have the time we spent with you. You made our lives so much richer.
I sit and think back at the time when you were with us I know that you would have a hard time with Bella. She is so full of energy....you on the other hand just liked to lay there. I am so happy that you were part of our lives even if it was for a short time. I love you Old Girl and you really did teach me so much , I hope you knew that you were loved and that you could trust again.
Happy Valentines Day sweet Old Girl
I can only imagine what a beautiful wonderful world this would be if everyone has a spirit of love like you had. So loving and kind, so gentle so loyal.
Mommy has left your Easter things. I love you baby girl forever
My beautiful Old Girl, you had to climb some mountains in your life.... But my precious you made it to us for your last legs here on earth, I am forever grateful God chose us for you to love.
I sit and think of how you and Belinda Sue just gave your trust to us, even after all the horrible things you endured. I think of that and wonder as humans what causes us to hurt each other with no reason and to then expect that trust to be there. BUT you did it ... you trusted again, I sit and think we must have had to prove ourselves though...you learned that it was OK that we would never ever hurt you. I can't even ever remember raising my voice to you...what a sweet girl you were. I miss you so much today for some reason. I love you always.
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight
April is upon us another season is here and I am again grateful for the small amount of time I got to spend with you. Tomorrow mommy is going on a rescue for a Great Dane boy, he is coming from a shelter in NC to a foster home with PA, now we will pray that he receives the same blessing of a new life that you did. I love you and I miss your beautiful smile.
I guess looking back if there was one word I can describe you as it was a "peaceful" soul. You were so sweet. I so often wondered what must have been going through your mind. I hope your ending of life was a peaceful and happy one. I did not know your whole story, but I know enough to bring tears to my eyes and want to make that difference for you. I hope I did
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight. I miss you my precious white angel puppy
I miss you my white lady....I remember how the snow made you youthful again. Don't ever forget my little white angel ...YOU WERE LOVED AND CHERISHED
My white angel, today is the first day of Winter. It is warm so you would have been in the house. I think of how when it snowed you "came alive". I am forever grateful that you came to us. You and Belinda were the last orphans we brought in. I look at this picture of you and Lucky and see how time passes, you are gone and Lucky is old and gray and can hardly get around anymore. But she is still here, the only one left that has seen you each come and go. I love you Old Girl and I am forever grateful for your spirit.
Happy New Year Old Girl..mommy has left your candle for the service tonight
GENTLE that is the word that comes to mind when I think of you today. Even in your life that wasn't always good you were still a gentle soul. I miss you Old Girl but I am so very grateful that I got to meet you and to love you
My beautiful angel, mommy was very blessed today to be able to help in saving a 9 month old English Setter. Her name is Bella just like your sister, she is now on her way to her foster home. She was a sweetie
My little white faced girl, I think of you often now as I care for Lucky as I did you in the end. She is so independent and even now she is trying. Thank you Old Girl for giving us the chance to be loved by you.
My angel your sister came to join you on Thursday as I look at the picture of you and she laying in daddy's office love seat, I can close my eyes and see you two laying together at the bridge. I love you angel always and forever.
Hello pretty girl, mommy thinks of you often and I always smile. You were always the sweet old lady. I love you always.
You were such a beautiful girl. I can't imagine how anyone could have just cast you away like they did. You were a joy and I count myself blessed everyday for the time I was blessed to call you my own. I love you always.
My sweet girl, you are and always will be one of the special ones. I can't imagine with your sweet personality that anyone could neglect or abuse you. What a beautiful girl and how blessed we were to have had you in our lives. I will never forget you or the love you gave to us.
My sweet old girl, you were just so sweet and gave us so much even after all you went through. I have said it before and I say it again. Thank you for trusting us enough to love us. You made our lives so much better
Happy Memorial Day weekend in heaven sweet girl. Mama has a big job for you this weekend. I just found out that another beautiful baby, like you that also lived in WV came to the bridge. Watch at the gates gather your brothers and sisters and show Weylin around up there. I love you precious
Hello my sweet angel it is snowy and cold here...your favorite time of the year. Oh my how you loved the snow.. I love you and miss you lots. Merry Christmas in heaven.
Happy New Year in heaven precious

Hello sweet girl, mommy took a trip yesterday to pick up a new member of our family, my new grand doggy . His name is River, I hope he will have a wonderful life as he grows into one of us.
Hello sweet angel girl. Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight. Find your way to us bring all the others so we can feel each of you inside our hearts.
Hello my beautiful sweet angel. Mommy has left you some white roses and a single candle gather at the gate your brother Bud-Jones Jarvis has joined you.
Mommy's heart is sad but as soon as I am able I will give him a beautiful tribute page with the rest of you. I love you my precious angel girl. Now gather at the gate with your flowers and candle so Bubby can find his way to you.
Always in my heart my precious one!!!
Happy Fall Old Girl I hope you are having a wonderful day in heaven
My sweet angel girl, there is a big frost on today. I think of you as the cold weather approaches you loved the cold. You and Scooby both. I miss each of you in such different ways and I am forever grateful that we were the humans who got to spend the ending of your life with.
Hello sweet angel face. Mommy has left your candle so you can gather with the others and send your light to our friend Tia who has now joined you all at the bridge, Don't forget to show her all the pretty sunshine spots so she can bask in the sunlight.
Mommy has left your St. Patty's day, I hope you have a grand celebration in heaven.
Beautiful Girl, I miss that face . I hope you are running in the beautiful meadows and are taking time to play with all those who have come to join you. Thank you for being our pup!!! Even if it was only for a little while.
Miss you sweet angel...
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight. Gather the others and send us light and love.
Good morning sweet girl, mommy came by to leave your Easter things. I miss you so much, I can't help but look at the picture of you smiling and thinking of what must have been going through your mind. You came and finally had a life of love, last night I thought of you and of Lucky Girl when our Jack yelped out when his legs wouldn't do what he wanted them to do. I got a twinge of sadness in my heart with the knowing he will probably be the next baby I lay to rest here at the bridge. He is almost 13 which is amazing for a Great Pyrenese but still not long enough it seems to my heart. I love you Old Girl and I am grateful you were sent to the Jarvis home to spend your last years.
It is a chilly morning here, I would think that you would have been right by my side as I fed my birds this morning. You loved the snow and chilly days, the heat not so much LOL. Our lives have slowed down as far as having as many due to my aching bones but the three we have are still so wonderful. I look at them asleep , all so peaceful and as I sit here at the computer I think of you , the last really hard seizure you took was right here to the left of me. I was so afraid, I can still remember it so well. I yelled at daddy I told him to come as I lay with you I thought that day would be your last moments on this side with us. But you rallied and came back to be with us for a while longer, I think back now and how hard it was to see you that way but I am forever thankful that you were right here and that you didn't have to suffer alone, thank you angel for being a part of our lives if only for a little while. You made us better!!!
Well my angel I am coming this morning with a heart of sadness...in the next few days your brother Turbo will come to join you at the bridge. His legs simply won't work anymore, what a fighter thru his auto immune issues, his old legs but man he gave life his all. He is laying now, just laying and that isn't him so I am preparing for what I know will be my 10th there, which will leave us with two in the pack.It has been 20 years since there was two, ohhhhh the heart break but ohhhhh the love that out weighs every pain my heart carries. Help him cross over baby girl, be kind to him and show him the sunshine spots he loves the sun.
Sweet girl, mommy has left you a very special candle, gather with all the others to welcome your brother Turbo home with you. My heart is broken.
Today is a day of quiet here, way to quiet we only have two left. Jack reminds me of you a bit these days he is a lounging boy, sleeping a lot. I miss each and everyone of you. I know because of our age and retirement that our home will never again be FULL of pups as it was when we were a pack of nine plus daddy and I, but I am forever grateful that you were a part of us.
Hello sweet girl it is very very warm here today, the babies have chosen to stay in the AC LOL I know you would be right there with them, you weren't much on the heat but my oh my you loved the snow. I miss you Old Girl.
It is raining here, a chilly evening, I can close my eyes and imagine you laying beside my feet snoring with your beautiful white head on your paws. You were so sweet. You often slept with your eyes partially opened. I wonder if that was because you were a rescue on guard even when you knew you were safe. I got to be a part of a wonder rescue on Saturday, an 11 month old Brittany Spaniel, he was so so sweet. He made his trek from a foster home in NC all the way to Canada. Of course his new parents are already in love with him. It warms my heart to see another saved. I love you Old Girl and I miss you so very much.
Sending you love to heaven above.
Sweet Old Girl, in just a few days you will be gone from us for 8 years it surely doesn't seem that long. I will never forget you, I don't cry tears of sadness now but I have smiles of joy knowing you lived the last part of your years with happiness and love. I only long that we could have had you always but that wasn't meant to be. I love you always.
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight. Love and miss you even 8 years later
Good morning sweet girl, it is raining here and the two left are sleeping soundly just as I know you would be on a rainy day like this. I miss that sweet sound you had as you released your breath and relaxed in a sweet sleep. I am happy that you finally got your peace before leaving this world.
Good morning sweet angel, mommy has left your candle for the service tonight. Lead the others to the bright and shining night stars so they can send us light and love from above. We miss you
It is a beautiful day today the wind is blowing I know you would be laying outside watching me wash the car. I miss you Old Girl and I am grateful for you.
Happy Fall in Heaven sweet girl!!
Hello sweet girl, it is a rainy chilly day today and I can just close my eyes and see you snoozing just exhaling as you are comfy and safe. I am glad sweet girl that you got to feel safe before you left this world. I love and miss you each day.
Hello sweet girl, mommy has left your Christmas things. I love you and I miss you lots. I will soon be making Turbo's residency here. It has been a while but I feel I am ready now.
Good morning baby girl, mommy has left your candle for the service tonight. Please guide Molly into the service so she can gather with all the others to send your mom and daddy a very bright and shining light from above. She is a very special friend to us and had to leave this world on the 1st day of December. Welcome her in and introduce her to the angels my sweet Old Girl.
Happy New Decade sweet girl! I miss and love you always and forever. Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight.
Good morning sweet Old Girl, today I left your candle you can be the leader tonight to lead all our pack to the bright and shining lights that all the humans send up to you on this night of candle light service. I miss you sweet Old Girl ... you made us better.
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight.
Happy Thanksgiving sweet white faced lady, miss you today and everyday.
Missing you on this cold winter day today.
Hello sweet girl mommy was just reading about a beautiful pitty that was rescued by our local shelter and sent to rescue. His story was sad but will have a happy ending like yours. Oh my what a beautiful girl you were and I am forever grateful that we got to call you ours even if it was just for a little while. I love you sweet angel forever and always.
We have a storm coming sweet girl. I love snow for many reasons, mostly because I remember when we were all a big pack we would venture out and play in the snow. Those days are gone now. Bella is our only baby and she doesn't really love the snow LOL she goes out and is quickly back in. She does seem to be really lazy in the Winter as she sleeps at my feet LOL I miss you sweet lady always and forever.
Happy 2021!! My sweet girl I hope you are enjoying the beautiful sites of Heaven today.
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight.Lead the others to show them to the bright night stars so you can send us a bright light in the night stars to let us know you are with us always just inside our heart.
Hello, sweet girl I loved to look at your pictures on here. I just feel like you are smiling at me in most of them. I just can't imagine your heart when you knew you were in a safe place. I wish we could have had you all your life but I guess God had other plans.
Hello baby girl my white faced angel mommy has left you some things for fall. I love you so much
Merry Christmas my sweet white faced angel! 10 years have passed but I still miss your gentle soul.
Good morning sweet baby, mommy has left your candle for the service tonight. I miss you so much you were a joy to our lives.
Another year is here and I still miss that beautiful face of yours. It is a rainy day here and Bella is snoozing on the couch . Well Old Girl we have a new addition. A cat! Yes you heard right a cat. His name is Walter. He came into the doggy door into the foyer on a cold and rainy night. He was starved and looked so pitiful soooo after three months of getting him used to Bella we now have a cat. I love him so and he is adjusting nicely to his new home. Oh by the way , the vet says he is not a kitten that he was 5 years old and we are watching him grow lol and grow lol and grow lol. He loves his snacks.

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