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Memories of Oklastar Sweetness (Lacy)
Run fast & free forever, our little spirit horse. We will never forget you!
The day you passed away, the moon rose in eclipse as if in mourning with us and as was fitting, could only shine ever so slowly.

3/29/07 Sweet Lacy, we miss you so much! Our hearts ache and I've a feeling the ache will never go away. Please visit us when you can......we need to know you're OK. We love you!

3/31/07 Precious girl, was that you today?

4/3/07 Sweet little mare, it's been one month today since you left us. Our hearts are still broken in two and we miss you so much! Please stay close to us in spirit......

4/20/07 Little girl, I miss you so bad. Your buddy Whiskey stops regularly and searches the pasture for you. Sometimes when I'm watching him, it seems like maybe you're there beside him, grazing like nothing's amiss. I hope you are. I still search the pasture, too hoping to get a glimpse of you. Today, again I thought I did. Am I just nuts, or are you still here???????? God, I hope so!

5/3/07 My little mare, it breaks my heart that you've been gone two months. We miss you so badly. Please come visit. We need your spirit to be close to us. Please watch over us and send signs to us. I pray for you still and will always miss you. I'm just so thankful that we had you here with us for 17 yrs.

With no street lights around, we could always find you in the dark, lighting it up. Now we just see the darkness.

6/3/07 Lacy, we just returned from the Outer Banks. We went searching for and found the little wild horses there. Somehow, something made me think you were possibly among them and I couldn't help but cry. Run free in the breeze and the surf with them, sweetie.

7/3/07 Little sweet mare, I love you and miss you so badly. The months go by and it doesn't change how I look for you everyday. I will always look for you, little girl until I see you again.

7/18/07 Sweet girl, BB went to live w/Jessica & Marty today. He will have 110 acres to run on & chase coons & they plan to make him a daddy many times over. I'm just crushed and really miss him. Please watch over him & help him to be a good boy. Speak to his sweet little heart when he gets a little too rowdy. Thanks Lacy, I know you can do it for us.

7/28/07 Lacy, we went to a wild mustang auction today and of course I thought of you. I hope someday we can adopt a little painted mustang filly or colt and teach it the love of humans.Your daddy was as touched by it as I was, but neither of us is ready for such a big step - not just yet, sweet one.

8/29/07 Hey precious little mare. Thinking of you as always and wanted to say hi and send you a hug and all our love.
Whiskey escaped last week for a full 24 hours. I almost had a heart attack! I believe he must have gone with you on a little excursion. Thanks for protecting him and bringing him home safe. It's time to buy winter hay and there isn't any to buy! We've got Whiskey boy on alfalfa cubes. That's never happened before! (I have a feeling you'd really love that, our little piglet! I can see you nodding your head for more!).. Sometimes Whiskey seems so lonely. He just stands at the back of the barn and stares. I wonder if he's staring at you. Please keep watching over us and him, little girl.

10/10/07 Hey precious girl! I miss you terribly! I bought a little white horse statue and have been painting her to look just like you so that we can look up & see you at least when we're inside. Lacy, I'm sure you know already that we brought home a little setter pup named Jimmy. He's so precious and is so fascinated with Whiskey. He runs up to the gate in the barn, watches him eat then turns and runs away! Watch over him for us sweet girl, help us to keep him safe. Lacy, someone in the know told me today that when a horse passes away, their spirit stays with their owner for eternity. I'm counting on that, little girl! We will always love you! Stay close.

11/8/07 Hey darling little mare.Still missing you something awful! Wondered if you visited last week. Whiskey wouldn't come in the barn. Snorting, stomping, neck arched w/steam coming out his nostrils! Never seen him do that in all these years. Was that you just messing with him? :D
That's the 1st thing on my mind, so I didn't have the good sense to have any fear myself. I miss you sweet baby! Stay close!

11/25/07 Hey pretty girl! Thanksgiving has come and gone. We were out by your grave Saturday and found lots of round hoofprints all over it. We both know that Whiskey's aren't round....only yours are.

12/24/07 Merry Christmas my beautiful mare! Christmas isn't the same here without you, but I know you're celebrating with the very One, the Holy One that we are celebrating here. I miss you sweet girl! May you get lots of sweet cookies, carrots and apples. Christmas must be beautiful there! Hugs and kisses to you baby girl!!

3/3/08 One year ago today we lost you our beautiful girl. I woke with my heart broken in two. We miss you terribly Lacy. We will always miss you. Be alive and healthy in spirit sweet one. I still look for you, and I know I will see you again. Until then my heart continues to break. Be well.

3/23/08 Lacy this day is the one that gives us all the hope that we need so bad! Knowing that Jesus did make if through, we know that you and I will make it through as well. Helps us with the belief that you are OK now, that your feet will never hurt again. Be alive and well my sweet girl! Also Daddy's birthday, so we know that this day is filled with life! The life of Christ that continues, new life through birth and your life my little girl. Be well, run and play. Come visit when you can.

4/18/08 Hey there little girl. You've been on my mind a lot! Missing you and worrying about you. Please stay close to home, close to us, close to your old buddy Whiskey. He misses you still after a year, I'm sure he and we always will! Sending much love your way sweet girl!

4/25/08 Good Morning Lacy girl! Today is Whiskey's 21's birthday. I know you're wishing him a happy birthday! Stay close precious one. We miss you. We love you!

5/3/08 Lacy, Eight Belles has just arrived at the bridge moments ago. She broke both front legs at the Kentucky Derby. Please run over to meet and guide her. She'll be confused as she was just a 3-yr old little filly. She wasn't blessed with 20 beautiful years like you were. Take care of her my sweet little girl. Don't leave her side. Go and gather up the others - Char, Barbaro, Jack, Kon, Eagle and Barney to be there when she arrives. Thanks Lacy girl!

5/20/07 Happy 21st birthday precious one! We miss you! We love you!

6/29/08 Thinking of you precious one. Missing you! Me, your daddy and Whiskey are and will always be missing you. We love you pretty girl. Come visit. Stay close to us. You'll always be a part of our lives and our home. Rest well precious girl!

7/4/08 Fourth of July little one. You were the one who lit up our pasture for many years Lacy! You shone bright even in the darkness. We could always find you even on the darkest night.
Our little setter boy Jimmy has a polka dot at the end of his nose, just above his little lip, just like you. It makes me wonder, sweet girl, just makes me wonder. You left us last year, he was born and came into our lives last year. Identical spots, identical place. Just makes me wonder, that's all.

10/19/08 Hey precious baby! Been thinking about you a lot and missing you. I have visited, but haven't written to you. I'm sorry for that, please forgive me. Your old buddy Whiskey has been a wreck all weekend. Too scared to go into certain areas of the pasture. Daddy walked with him all over, but it didn't help. We worried that an owl had snatched up something and scared him, or worse that maybe you'd seen a coyote.........but I've a feeling it was you, you little booger! Ease up on him, he spooks easy! hahaha! He got out twice last week, luckily into the back yard. He trampled up everything pretty good, but if I wondered about you and little Jimmy, I don't anymore. Been alone in the yard all day with a young dog and when I got home, Jimmy was trying to give him suger! Must be something to him and his spots and when he was born.....just like I thought, 'cause he and Whiskey are apparently buddies.
Love you, precious girl! Miss you terribly!

12/25/08 Merry Christmas to our beautiful mare! We miss you sweet girl! Come visit..............

1/1/09 Happy New Year pretty girl! Wishing we were beginning this new year with you pretty mare!
Please stay close to us and to Whisk. We love you and miss you Lacy!

2/1/09 Precious baby girl...........I love you and miss you!!! I'll be home now, having been caught up on "Bloody Monday", so I'm working on plans to update your sweet little gravesite with flowers and a bit of small scale landscaping. Send me thoughts of what you'd like to have.....remember nothing that Whiskey will eat (smile).

3/3/09 What a sad sad anniversary for us left behind. My precious little girl, my beautiful precious mare, we love you and miss you more than words could ever say. I can see you every day of my life, still grazing peacefully in the pasture right along side your sidekick, Whiskey. I will always see you there Lacy. May you always graze on the sweetest grasses, & drink the clearest water. May you have sugar cubes, red apples and peppermints daily for all eternity. May your beautiful mane & tail never know knots. May your feet always be perfect to hold you up with beauty and majesty. May you run and run and run in the wind, tossing your head and snorting, rearing and bucking, tail high. I send hugs and kisses to you little one. I love you!

5/2/09 Hey little mare! Today is race day @ Kentucky Derby. Gather up all your galloping buddies to pray for safety for all the precious ones racing in mud today. Watch over them Lacy, and watch over little Whisk for us too. We love and miss you precious girl!

9/28/09 It's always sad this time of year when we're getting in new hay for the winter. How well we remember how excited you would always get when we would bring it in. Lacy, I know you always had to do the "taste test" to see if what we bought was going to be accepted.
We love and miss you pretty girl!

11/22/09 Precious little girl, it's almost Thanksgiving here. I am missing you so much. But finding myself thankful that you were in our lives for almost 20 years! Be sweet and be sure to come visit sometimes.

12/05/09 Thinking of you Lacy as we begin to go into the holiday season. Rainy and cold here, and your old buddy Whiskey stayed inside the barn and layed down in the hay today where it was warm and dry. Missing and loving you little one!

12/25/09 Merry Christmas to you my precious little one! I know you are celebrating with the One Himself. How awesome! We miss you!

1/2/10 Happy New Year in Paradise sweet little mare!

2/1/10 My sweet little girl. I thought about you last night. The full moon was so bright shining on the snow and I thought about how bright you'd look out there in the pasture by the light of the moon. The moon shown on the snow and it looked like fairy dust and sparkles were all over the whole pasture. Were you there?

2/7/10 Lacy, there's a little girl, a little pit bull girl that has just arrived there yesterday. Please go and meet her and show her the ropes. Run & play with her and show her around, and let her know that her mommy is very sad right now so remind her to send kisses back home. Thanks sweet girl, I know you'll do a fine job.

3/3/10 My precious little sweet girl,it's been 3 yrs today since you left us. My heart still breaks and I continue to miss you. There will never be another Lacy! Rest well my precious girl, rest well!

5/20/10 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my precious little mare! Sweetie, you're 23 today. What a great age to be at the Rainbow Bridge! I love you!

6/26/10 Lacy, this has been a very hard week here on earth for us. We've lost Sierra, we've lost Zuki and now I've heard that we've lost our and your friend Charlie. The Rainbow Bridge has just gained some wonderful souls, Lacy. You know Sierra, and you'll know Zuki. She was only 7 wks old, and loved her new life here at Lone Cedar. Give her rides around the meadow, she'll like that. And Charlie has visited you many times here and left beautiful messages for you time and time again. You'll find him with Caleb there Lacy. Go and visit him and give a nudge, a nicker and ride sweet girl, OK?

8/3/10 By now I know you are joyously running with your man, Whiskey. I give him back to you now Lacy. Reluctantly, but I give your man back to you. I will miss you both until the day that I die. God let us keep him for 3 more years after we lost you and for that I am greatful. Run now my beautiful mare. Run with your stallion Whiskey. May you both run and play forever. May you both eat the sweetest green grass, sip the clearest sparkling water, and eat the sweetest apples made by God (I know he won't give you any Granny Smiths). May you roll in soft fields and sleep on the softest beds.
If the two of you would pay us a visit every now and again, I sure would appreciate it. I will miss you both forever! Please don't forget us.

3/3/2011 To my sweet, pretty girl...it's been 4 years since you left us. Where has the time gone? I still look for you Lacy, hoping to catch a glimpse of the shimmering white of your gorgeous coat.
Sweet Lacy, may you run and romp forever in green pastures, sipping on sweet water....running with your Whiskey boy and now even with MamaDear. Rest well my precious girl. We miss you terribly.

3/3/12 Rest well beautiful sweet girl. We miss you and we love you. I know that you keep an eye on your home and it is comforting to know that you will always be here, near us. We miss you. That will never change.

3/3/13 My precious beautiful little mare, I can't even understand how so much time has gone by since you left us. It's amazing how often I look out at the empty pasture and in my mind's eye, I can see you and your boy Whiskey grazing side by side. It does give me a strange comfort to know that you are both at least lying near one another in that same pasture. We love you and we miss you and that will never change. Run free forever my beautiful, sweet little girl.

5/15/15 Thanks so much for the visit Lacy. It took forever it seemed, but it was worth the wait. Yes, there is a difference between a dream and a visit and I was honored as my heart was bursting.
You are more beautiful than ever before. Love you sweet girl~~

3/1/18 Happy Anniversary in Paradise my beautiful girl! You are forever loved and will be forever missed! Always know that! You were (are) so special and so beautiful, how could we possibly do anything but honor your memory and love you always. I do thank you for your visit. It meant the world to me ❤️ Visit again when you can, sweet girl. Mom & Dad miss you!

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