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Memories of Oh No Nyla Black
Hey, Mom,
When tomorrow starts without me
Don't think we're far apart.
For every time you think of me
I'm always in your heart.
Nyla 🐾

Hi Pooh-Face,

In 8 hours it will be exactly 12 weeks since I got that phone call. It still feels like yesterday.

I received the certificate of merit from the second veterinarian. I also purchased two more to see what the opposing argument might be. Nothing surprising. The exact same thing the VEG medical director said, so I am filing the formal complaint and highlighting the parts that are discrepancies between what occurred and what is written.

I joined an online grief support group. A lot of pets get misdiagnosed by incompetent veterinarians it seems. It does not surprise me though. Since pets are property and most are only worth at most what was paid for them, there is no financial loss incurred by the incompetents.

But enough about that.

How are you doing, Pooh-Face? Sparks and I both miss you terribly. Your bed and towel still smell like you. I haven't gotten the picture for the urn yet. I also bought another one. It's a little smaller but it has your name, birthdate and a few lines of love on the front.

There's a heart lawn sign out front.

I wish I had taken more pictures of you. I just really thought I'd have you for st least a couple of years.

I really am surprised at just how much you had become a part of my existence, not just a part of my life.

I still miss seeing you at the top of the stairs, whining to get in the sofa and arguing with Sparks. I miss playing tag with your paws and rubbing your belly.

I just miss you.


Hi Ny,

I woke up and you're on my mind and weighting heavy on my heart.

It seems we had very bad luck with the vet. The first review says you were not given customary care. I guessed that since we could not get an answer about what was wrong.

I am so sorry. I really thought the bright, new hospital would be better than Ryan. I was so wrong.

I just would like to Pat that belly one more time.

Love you forever,

Hi Pooh Face,

You've been gone for 4 months and 13 days. I still tear. I still wake up at 6am for your morning walk. I still have your water bowl, food dish, crate, coats, leash, collar in the exact same places they were the morning I took you to that horrible place. I am so sorry I let you down.

Sparks is trying to be nicer now. She misses you too.

I'd give anything to have you back.


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