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Memories of Obie
Dear, Dear Obie,

Mom watched your birth and wondered what kind of kitty is this? Bright blue eyes and beige! She found out that you were a ragdoll kitty and what a phenomenal cat you were and still are in our hearts.

You always surprised us when you would leap around. We never knew where you would land. Sometimes it would be on top of the cupboard in the kitchen. Sometimes it was outside on the narrow railing on the porch! You, Callie and Winnie would sit there watching the bats fly around in skies in the wee hours in San Francisco. One time you jumped right over Callie to find a better viewpoint on the railing.

You nutured Ginger's puppies as though they were your own. You cleaned them lovingly and watched over them during puppy playtime in the living room. They loved you, too.

When you began to limp and we saw that you were in so much pain, we did not want you to suffer any further.

Not a day goes by when we do not think of you and still have you close to us in our hearts, Obie.

As you know, Callie, passed last year. You have been with both of your sisters. Lucy passed last Sunday.

Please look after Lucy and show her the way. She will need to be in your loving paws.


Susan and Mark

07/30/13: Dear sweet Obie,

We heard from Pistol that you were together and still waiting for us and not going on from there. We know you are taking good care of her and Peanut and Diane's boy Tom. We miss you so much,Obie. I still show everyone your picture and tell everybody how beautiful you were both to look at and what a beautiful heart you have. You are one cat in a million. We love you, Obie

Mom and Dad

09/28/13: Greetings, Obie

I renewed your residency today and visited the Pistol. I know you are looking out for her as you did when she was a tiny puppy. You brought such joy to us through the years, Obie. It was sad seeing you having so much trouble walking and not looking happy or well. We believe we did the right thing by you in having Dr. Scott come by and help send you to the Rainbow Bridge. I put some new things at your home there and hope you like them. We will never forget you, Obie, and will love you forever.

Mom and Dad

08/01/14: Dearest Obie

We sent Ginger up to be with you and Lucy last Saturday. I know you wrapped your loving paws around her and she knows you are the one who helped her clean her puppies when they were so tiny. She was very sick and we had to send her up. We miss you terribly and there would be no other kitty we could ever have who would be as magnificent as you.

We love you, Obie

Mom and Dad

02/17/17: Hello to my wonderful Obie

We will miss you even if we don't write to you. You know we miss you because you are with us every day.. in our hearts and in our minds. Things have changed a little. Louie passed away last winter. Harley is 13 now and is blind but finds his way around just fine. He is still Dad's best buddy. We have a new kitten! You would have loved her and looked after her just like the others! She is a rescue kitten. Her name is Lily Pad. She is feisty but sweet.

I updated your memory area with an Easter egg tree and a few new things. I hope you like them, my dear Obie.


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