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Memories of OB

The song is called "Shii na sha" and is a Navajo lullaby.I will write his story as I am able but this is a song I always sung to him. I am not sure what the lyrics mean but he always loved it. Every night I play it so that his spirit can fall asleep peacefully on his pillow on his side of the bed. :)

It's been a rough year without him but he has brought more joy to my life even after his passing than I could have hoped. I worked to provide for him and he has put me in a job that has given me opportunities to grow professionally. I have planted a garden in his honour as well. Additionally, with his passing he sent us Bobo, a small, spunky grey cat who has fit right into our home. She often reminds me of OB and Stig, our other cat, took to her within an hour of her arrival! When I say he sent her to us, he really did. I dreamed - a month before I even knew how sick he was - that I was laying in bed and a small, grey cat put its paw into my hand. I was happy but I knew OB was gone, in the dream. A few weeks later, his diagnosis of congestive heart failure hit me and within four days of that diagnosis, he was gone. It was only a week before I felt compelled to adopt Bobo and even the employees at the SPCA were a bit baffled at how she took to us. I still miss him terribly but I still am glad he is not suffering anymore.

To those wondering, I am not a crazy cat dude with no life outside of work and my cats. I was in a bad marriage when my ex-partner and I adopted OB. OB was the only thing that kept me coming back night after night. He was our "child" if you will. And he single-pawedly helped me through the divorce. Thank you all for your kind words. I have read them. It has been hard at times.

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