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Memories of Nikki Swan
Nikki came into my life when she was 13 months old. I rescued her from an uncaring home. We enjoyed 10 years of happiness and love. When she became ill with arthritis and hip displasia, she took pet meds, but when cancer struck my beloved Nikki it became too much for her and I to bear. On the day she was going to the Rainbow Bridge, she gave me a gift that morning as she knew how difficult it would have been for me. So she left me at 5:30 A.M. asleep in her own home surrounded by her mom and listening to her favorite CD by Josh Groban. She was cremated on December 17th and she returned to me on December 21st just in time for Christmas which I shall be eternally grateful for. Her stocking is on the mantel with her picture and her collar and tags. I say hello to her each morning and goodnight each evening. I miss her so very much but know she is in a beautiful place until I join her some day. Love from mom,Happy New Year Precious Nikki..Hope you are romping and playing at the bridge. OOO's Dear Nikki...It's been one month since you left me to go to the Rainbow Bridge. I hope you are happy playing there pain free. My heart hurts. I miss you so much. I speak to you every day..do you hear me? Love mommy 1/15/05 Hi Nikki -We had a blizzard last night. I can see you rolling around and making doggy angels. My eskie loved the snow and you were as white as the snow. I miss you 1/23/05 Hi Sweet Nikki. Mommy is thinking about you so much today. I miss you and wish you were here. Hope you are having fun at the bridge and playing. Did you see Toby and Sam? Keep well my precious pet..I love you always.Mommy 2/4/05 Happy Valentine's Day pretty Nikki... mommy sends you a chocolate heart to remember me by. Hope your day was filled with fun and love - mommy 2/14/05 Hi Sweet Nikki..today is March 11th..3 months since you left me and I miss you as much today and will love you forever. I've made a collage of all of your pictures. Hope you are playing and having fun with Toby and Sam. Someday we will be together my beloved pet. Love mommy 3/11/05 Hi Sweet Nikki, it is Monday, April 11th, the four month anniversary of when you left me to be pain free at the rainbow bridge. I miss you so much and think of you every day. Mommy is getting a beautiful urn to put your ashes in and a special place in my room. Then someday you will be with me always. Miss you sweet baby Nikki. love mommy. Hi sweet Nikki, today is May 11th, 5 months since you left me to go to the rainbow bridge and be with Toby and Sam. I miss you so much. I finally have a beautiful urn and put your ashes in, along with a lock of your fur and a picture of Daddy, me and you at Christmastime. It is white with a beautiful pink rose and Sweet Nikki in gold. When the day comes you will be with me always in heaven. Love Mommy 5/14/05. Hi My sweet Nikki, today is June 16th just a few days from your 6 month anniversary at the rainbow bridge. I miss you my pet and think of I have a calendar with all photos of American Eskimos and you know what? You are there..the face is your face and it gives me comfort. We have a new grandbaby, Christopher Michael, he is so cute ..you would have loved him. Stay at peace my lovely companion...love mommy 8/11/05 Hello my sweet pet...hope you are happy at the rainbow bridge playing with Toby and Sam... Pirate is there but you did not know him. I miss so very much and think of you always...Today is the 8 month anniversary of you leaving me. I still remember that day and cry for you. I wanted you to stay with me for so much longer but it was not to be. My precious, you sent me a cat I named "Drak" but it's not you..thank you. I wish you were here again...So much love I send to you.. kisses mommy September 2005, Hi sweet Nikki, you have been gone from me for nine months now and I think so much. There is an eskie at the shelter they named him Angel and it's as if I'm looking at you. He is a stray so I must be careful because of Kevin, Claudia and we now have Christopher. I love to walk him and he is the first one I walk and the last one I walk. I will also be taking him thru obedience training starting in October. I want to give him every chance for a good adoption. I wish I could take him. I love looking at his face and seeing you. Give him hugs too and it's like hugging you but not quite. Stay well my sweet pet. love and kisses..mommy Hi Nikki... Happy 12th birthday in heaven. Today, October 24th, you were born 12 years ago. I'm sure you will have a wonderful party today with Toby and Sam and even Pirate. I still miss you my pet and cannot believe that you had to leave me last December 11th. I love you always. I am still seeing Codey at the shelter. He is so like you. He is very handsome as you are gorgeous. I have thought long and hard and I will bring him home. He is a good boy and I love spending time with him. Happy Happy birthday my sweet angel! That was his name until I changed it to Codey with suites him better. Have fun today and all the days at the bridge until we are together forever. I know you will see me whenever I make the trip uptown. love mommy Today is November 11th, eleven months ago today, you left me my beloved pet. I think of you every day and miss you so very much. Remember Codey from the shelter that I mentioned last month? Well on your 12th birthday, October 24th, I made the decision to adopt Codey and brought him home on October 26th. That will be his birthday in our family. I know you won't mind as I saved his life...He was at the shelter 4 months. So he is with us & Drak the cat. We all get along great. It warms my heart when I look at him as he looks just like you, but of course is a male..not my beautiful female. The hole in the house is gone with his presence... I think of you everytime I look at him. I love you Nikki.until next month,love and kisses mommy. Today is 12/11/05 Hi my sweet Nikki..it's a year that you left me.I thought about you all day and received a lovely note from Ginny. I knew I would be visiting you tonight. I spoke about you today with Aunt Lynda. My hope in my heart is that you are happy and free of pain at the bridge. Have wonderful days and nights of fun with Sam and Toby and Pirate and Brutus. Codey is doing very well and when I look at him I see you... I have seen you in his beautiful face since the first time I saw him at the shelter. He is happy here along with Drak who you sent to me a few weeks after you left me. I am crying now thinking of this day and how terrible it was when you left. My love will be with you forever and you will forever be in my heart. Until we meet my sweet..love and kisses from mommy - January 5th, 2006, Hi Nikki..it's mommy visiting you a little earlier than January 11th. Just want you to know that I'm renewing your residency so I can visit you each month. We are all well here and missing you bunches. Codey is doing fine and so is Drak but wouldn't it be fun if you were here too? Kisses and hugs my sweet Nikki from mommy 1/11/06 Hi baby cakes. I'm visiting today because you left me 13 months ago. I think of you every day and when I look at Codey, I see your beautiful face..you would have loved him as I do now adopting him from the shelter so he has a good life like I gave you. He was a stray and loves it here.You look so much alike that my heart doesn't hurt it has grown to have a place for my two beautiful American Eskimos... Have fun at the bridge until we meet my sweet. love mommy kisses and hugs. 2/11/06 Hi sweet Nikki. Mommy is thinking of you on the 14th month anniversary. It's going to snow a lot tonight and I want to teach Codey how to make doggy angels like you did. We miss you sweetie and I think of you when I look at Codey. We've even called your name sometimes because you are so on our mind. Look down and see the snow tomorrow and know that I love you and miss you. kisses and hugs..mommy 3/11/06 Hi sweet baby cakes.. mommy is here to visit you today. We miss you so much and call your name when we speak to Codey sometimes. He is happy here but it would have been so much fun to have the two of you here. Are you having funny playing and romping with toby, sam, pirate and brutus? It's been 15 months since you left. I miss you. Stay well my precious pet until we meet at the bridge. love and hugs..mommy March 30,2006 - Hi sweet Nikki, I am visiting a little earlier than the 11th, because I want you to know that Drak is coming across the rainbow bridge to join you, Sam, Pirate, Toby and Brutus to play pain free for eternity. Beloved Drak got sick and there was nothing anyone could do for him. Today, Dad and I took him to Dr Wisegarver who put him to sleep lovingly. I've spent so much time these last three weeks with him and today we went outside in the sunshine. He had a tumor and he was only five lbs after losing 6 lbs. he was so very weak. I loved him so much and thank you for sending him to me after you had to leave. he is in the garden, Enjoy him, he is such a love and I always told him about you. Sleep tight..mommy is tired.. I miss you my love. Codey sends a sloppy kiss too. He is doing well and said goodby to Drak today. With all my love, Mommy 5/11/06 Hi my precious pet...mommy is here visiting you on your 17 month anniversary of leaving for the bridge. I miss you so much and send hugs and kisses to you. I hope you are happy and having fun with all your siblings, Toby, Sam, Pirate,Drak and Brutus. Isn't Drak something else? You sent him to me and I so enjoyed him. I Was heartbrokenwhen he had to leave because you sent him to me. You have fun with him okay? Codey is happy here and you can't imagine how many times we call him by your name..when we do I look to heaven and say hi Nikki and send a kiss up to you. Stay well and happy my pet..I love you bunches... hugs, kisses & love from Mommy 6/11/06 Hi Sweet Nikki,I am visiting today on the 18th month anniversary of you going to the Rainbow Bridge. Are you having fun? I think of you every day and call Codey by your name so much. Every time I do I look to the heavens and blow a kiss to you. We took Codey to Bear mountain today as we did you . He did fine and loves to be outdoors. Play and love all your siblings my sweet.. you are missed..never doubt that. I love you forever.. Mommy Today is July 11th and you have been away from me for 19 months. I miss you terrible and call your name so often. I know you are happy and playing with Toby, Sam, Drak, Brutus and Pirate. Have fun and remember I love you so much. I am sending kisses tonight to you my sweet Nikki. love mommy Hi sweet baby, today is August 22, 2006 and I have been thinking of you so much. Had a dream that you were here for a short time along with Codey your brother... it was bittersweet and then I woke up. Hope you are fine and happy with all your siblings at the bridge. Hugs and kisses my sweet Nikki...love mommy.Hi Nikki,its September 11th, 21 months since you left me. I was speaking to someone about you the other day and I started to cry again. I will never get over you. You had my heart and if I had a wish it would be that you could come back to me. I love Codey and he is happy here with us but you were my special angel. Enjoy your forever pain free life at the bridge until I see you again-hugs and kisses my pet, love mommy Hi Sweetheart, It's October 11th 22 months since you went to the Rainbow Bridge to be with your siblings. I MISS YOU AND ALWAYS WILL. Codey is doing well and he reminds me so much of you. He talks back just like you did. He's a good boy as you were a good girl. I am sending hugs and kisses to my forever darling pet. love mommy. 11/11/06 Hi sweet Nikki..today is the 23rd month since you left me. I still call your name and send a kiss up to heaven when I do. Miss you bunches and just wish you and Codey could have lived together. It would have been fun..you would have loved him... he's so easy going too. Give Brutus, Toby, Sam, Pirate and Drak a soggy kiss from him.one from me too. Love you so much. Have fun at the bridge and someday you will see me coming across my love.mommy xxxx 12/11/06 Good morning my sweet Nikki. Today, two years ago you left me to go to the Rainbow Bridge. I miss you honey.You were my first precious pet and we had 10 loving years together. Know that you are forever in my heart. I will be at the CandleLight Ceremony tonight to honor you with words of love and thanks for your undying love for me. Rest peacefully and say hi to all your siblings for me. So much love in my heart for you honey,love mommy. Hi Nikki it's 2 years and one month since you left me. I still call your name but Codey understands and doesn't mind. We miss you so much. Was up at Dr Welch's today and showed her your picture on the Dermax big poster that I sent in with a story. A big dog was made out of lots of little pictures of dogs and you are one of them forever. Stay well. No snow yet. I have to teach Codey to make snow angels like you did. My heart is with you always and I will never forget you.love and kisses mommy 1/11/07. February 8, 2007, hi sweetie, Mommy is visiting today because tomorrow we are going to Vermont until Tuesday. Up where the snow is. Have you made any snow angels this winter? We are still waiting for snow here. Hope you are happy and playing will Sam, Toby, Pirate, Brutus and Drak. Have a wonderful time my sweet pet.. Mommy misses you so much and always will.... Speak to you soon. love,kisses and hugs, March 11, 2007 Hi my sweet precious Nikki.. I've been calling Codey by your name so much lately as you are on my mind. Everytime I look at him I see you my precious... You are so missed every day... Codey does not know how to make snow angels. Someday maybe he will do one in honor of you. Yesterday was my birthday and you were not here. We had fun with Jeff,Karen, Kevin,Claudia and Chris. We went to dinner then back here for cake. It was fun and Codey enjoyed himself too. Rest sweetly my precious girl. You are always in my thoughts. Hugs and Kisses from Mommy. Today is April 11th. We have a real cold spell. We are fine and think of you every day...I've called your name so many times lately and when I do, I sent a kiss to heaven. Hope you get them. I am enjoying walking the doggies at the shelter where I found Codey. He's a good boy just like you were a good girl. Spring is here but the weather isn't warm yet. I'm going to plant a beautiful pink flower bed in your honor. It will be beautiful like you. A girl named Tina sent me a lovely note regarding my tribute to you. I sent an email back and hope she received my forever thanks for the lovely words. She has an eskie too so she knows just how much love we feel for you. Stay well my princess.love and kisses mommy. May 11,2007 -Hello sweet darling Nikki. I would give anything to have you back here with us and to meet Codey who has given us so much happiness and love too. I miss you... miss you...Are you happy at the bridge? I will visit you next month again as I have every month since you went to the Rainbow bridge. I love you forever..mommy 6/11/07..Hi sweetness. You would have been uncomfortable as Codey is with the double coat you guys have, but it makes you both gorgeous with the black nose and dark eyes. We just got back from Italy and had a wonderful time. A friend of mine lost their doggie named Sally... I told her mom about the Rainbow Bridge. Did you happen to see Sally there? She's a golden lab. Nice dog.She got sick like you did and they had to put her to sleep. You, my precious decided to leave me at home listening to Josh Groban's beautiful music. Until the end of my days I thank you for that gift to me.. such love that took. Stay well my pet until I speak to you again in July..Love and kisses mommy. It's 7/11/07, Good morning my sweet Nikki. Hope it is beautiful at the bridge. It's very hot here and you would be uncomfortable. Codey is very warm too so he stays in the air conditioning. I miss you always Nikki. Everytime I mention your name I send a kiss up to you. Hope you are getting them. We were out with Kevin and Claudia yesterday and had a fun day at Kidz City. Codey was happy to stay home in the air conditioning. You loved that too. Kisses and hugs my sweet on the two year and 7 month anniversary of your trip to the Bridge. Love mommy. Hi Nikki, I am visiting early this August because I want to tell you about Lizzy. A little shitzhu at the shelter that had such a hard life. She was so sick and nothing could be done for her but I met her 3 days ago and fell in love. We spent time together these 3 days and she was happy. If she was mine she would have been a princess. Anyway, my pet, after spending time in the sunshine this morning, she arrived at the Bridge today around 10:30 AM. She was put to sleep and I was holding her and telling her how much she was loved. She is little, black and about 15 lbs. I told her to look for the most beautiful eskie at the Bridge. I know she found you. Take care of her and play with her. She stole my heart 3 days ago like you did and I want you two to be together always. Until we meet my sweet at the Bridge, love mommy xxx ooo's 8/2/07 Hi Nikki.. are you having fun with Lizzie at the bridge? I know you are taking good care of her. Love her as much as you loved me my pet. I miss you so much and always will. Just one more day here with you would be so wonderful.. but not to be for now.kisses and hugs sweetie..love mommy 8/12/07. It is 9/11/07 - a bad day for the US but nothing can stop me from visiting my sweet baby girl up at the Bridge. I hope you are happy and playing with everyone. Give all my pets a kiss. Codey and i send one to you. I MISS YOU!. I am crying now as I write to you because if I could just have one more day with you I would be so happy. You were my darling Nikki and sweet as can be. Codey is doing well and each time I look at him I see your beautiful face. I will teach him to make doggie angels when the snow falls and I will look up to heaven and send you a kiss. My love, my precious Nikki... 2 years and 9 months already. Keep well my sweet until I visit you next month. All of mommies love, kisses and hugs. Today is October 11th my sweet pet. 2 years and 10 months ago you left me to go pain free to the bridge and romp and play for all eternity. I miss you always and still call Codey by your name sometimes... then I send a kiss up to you in heaven. love mommy xxx 10/31/07 Hi Nikki..please look for a sweet pit named Bernie who traveled to the bridge this day. He had a very hard life and is now pain free and will play and be happy for eternity. Keep him safe and love him as I loved him for the two weeks I knew him. Give him lots of love and kisses.. love mommy 11/11/07 Hi Sweet Nikki mommy is visiting one month before your 3 year anniversary at the bridge. I love you and miss you always. Did you find Bernie? Keep him safe I know you will. Kisses and hugs..love mommy 12/11/07.. Hi my sweet baby girl! Today at 5:30 in the morning you left me 3 years ago. I am crying right now. I never got to say goodbye and that will hurt me forever. But I was with you in the family room telling you I loved you so much. Josh Groban was playing on the CD.I've used all my letters up over the three years. Ginny told me how. I will try. If I cannot do it then my sweet Nikki I will see you in my dreams every night of all the life I have left. I will do the Monday night candle ceremony. Mommy 1/11/08.Happy 15th Birthday my precious Nikki kisses and hugs mommy-10/23/08- hugs xxx's 11/11/08 Dear Nikki... Happy 4th anniversary at the Rainbow bridge. I love you forever.. love and hugs mommy 1/11/09 kisses to my lovely Nikki. Mommy misses you soooo much... hugs 2/11/09 Hi Sweetness. Hope you are fine, safe and having fun at the Bridge. Boy, we thought this week we might be telling you to watch out for Codey, your eskie Brother. But, Dr Welch has done some med changes and he seems better so we will keep him here as long as we can. He's a great guy, but you have a special place in my heart and always will sweet girl! It's nice here toda, the snow is almost gone . Thank you again for 10 wonderful years my sweet pet! love and hugs mommy. February 23, 2009 Good morning sweet Nikki.. Mommy loves you and misses you. Please do me a favor around 1 pm today. Watch for Codey, he is crossing the bridge today to be with you and your siblings pain free playing and having fun forever. He was with us a little over 3 years but got so many problems that were painful for him that Dad and I made our final act of love and are sending him to you. Take care of him.. he's a good guy and very handsome like you are beautiful.. Thank you my precious Nikki. I love your forever for taking care of Codey for us until we meet all of you some day. Love and hugs.. mommy 3/2/09 Hi Nikki and Hi Codey.. I know Nikki was was waiting for you as you crossed the bridge. Bet she gave you a sloppy kiss. I know you will be eternally happy up there with everyone and we will all meet again some day. Thank you for taking good care of him. Love and hugs to both of you and all the other siblings mommy xxx ooo's 3/11/09. Hi precious Nikki. Did you find Codey okay. I told him to look for you. I know you are together forever pain free and happy. Enjoy eternity with each other . We miss you and Codey very much but know sweet Nikki you have alway had my heart. Dad misses Codey so much.. he's having a hard time but I know you are okay up there. Until we all meet again my love... hugs and kisses from us xxx ooo's mommy and daddy 3/24/09 Hi sweet Nikki and Hi my adorable Codey. Today is one month since you left us to journey to the bridge to be with Nikki and all your siblings. We miss you so much Codey. You were one great doggie and we were happy to have to live with us for 3 plus years. Be good and have fun playing with everyone. Isn't Nikki beautiful? Love and hugs to you Codey = we miss you sweet doggie... we miss you sweet Nikki.... mommy and daddy April 11, 2009 - hi my sweet pets. I hope the sun is out and you are playing together all happy and pain free. Nikki, mommy misses you forever.. kisses and hugs... Codey my handsome doggie. Mommy misses you soooooo much.. Dad and I speak of you often and think of both of you every day. Teddy is doing fine and happy here in our house. So glad we could adopt him at 12 years old and have him live his life in all the love and luxuries we gave you two. Happy Easter.. watch out for the Easter Bunny... love and hugs . mommy xxx'ooo's May 11, 2009.. Hi sweet Nikki and handsome Codey... Mommy is visiting today on Nikki's anniversary date of going to the bridge. We love you all so much and hope you are happy and playing pain free at the beautiful bridge. Little Teddy is doing well.. had his last tooth pulled last week so no more teeth but he eats with gusto. I miss you Nikki and think ofyou every day. You too codey.. Dad really misses you as you and he were so close. Stay will, be happy, love you bunches..hugs and kisses mommey June 11 2009... Hi my beloved Nikki... hope you are well and happy and the bridge. Are you taking good care of Codey? He didn't have the easiest life that you did so he needs extra special care. He had the best 3 plus years of his life with us. We loved him like we loved you.. someone threw him away and never looked for him but I know that you sent him to me when I was volunteering at the shelter walking the doggies after you left me. We wanted you to stay long Codey but it was not meant to be so know that we love you so very much too and hope you are having fun with Nikki, my sweet angel. Teddy is doing fine now for a 12 year old guy and it's good to have someone to take care of again. He came from the shelter too my love.. sweet hugs and many kisses to both of you... mommy 7/11/090 Hi sweet Nikki and adorable Codey... mommy is visiting today to see how you are. I miss you both terribly. Hope you are happy playing with all your siblings. Sam, pirate,drak and Tarzan...Toby and Brutus. Teddy is okay and was just at the shelter. He has a lot of problems and our vet affectionately calls him a "train wreck" but we love him and will do everything to care for him. It's a beautiful day today and I know it's beautiful where you are. A golden retriever named Baxter crossed over and i'm sure Toby is playing with him. He did not have a good life on earth and so he went peacefully to the bridge to be happy forever. Stay well my pets,, mommy loves you bunches...8/11/09 Hi my babies... mommy is here and loving you always... Hope everyone is having fun and getting along. There are so many of you now but I know you love each other. A big black lab crossed the bridge last Monday.. the poor dog never had a good day in his life. I was so upset and cannot get him out of my mind. I hope the owners rot in hell for the life they gave him.. a 20 foot heavy chain to drag around his whole life and he lived outside always. Take care of him with kisses and kindness. Mommy loves you Nikki and Codey you are so missed. Teddy is doing well and was just groomed today he looks so sweet and is sleeping now. You met him Codey but Nikki did not. Tell her about Codey. Mommy loves you all bunches... until next month.. kiss, hugs and double hugs. mommy 9/11/09.. He sweet babies of mine! Nikki, I miss you always, Codey I call your name a lot and send kisses to heaven for both of you. Drak and all your siblings must be having fun at the bridge. Teddy is doing okay. He went to the vet last week and we had to change his medicine. He's got so much going on but could not be in a better place than here. We love him bunches just like we did you guys. Be happy and healthy thank God and have fun.. Mommy sends hugs and kisses up ther to all of you. love mommy. Teddy says hi too. 10/11/09 Hi sweetheart, my darling Nikki and hi Codey, pup, my beloved beautiful boy. Hope you and Nikki are having fun, pain free. Mommy misses you both so much. Was showing your pictures today. Teddy is doing well and doesn't like the car. Anyway, I wanted to visit you as I do every month on the 11th. You left me Nikki on 12/11/04.. Five years already. I cannot believe it. Hugs and lots of love to all of you.... bless you.. mommy 12/11/04. Hi pretty special beloved Nikki.. Today is the 5th anniversary of you leaving me to go to the Rainbow Bridge and be pain free forever. I miss you terribly still my beloved pet. You were so pretty and still are forever. How is Codey, sweet boy? He did not have a mean bone in his body.. always sweet and caring. I know you two are happy playing pain free. Say hi to Sam, Pirate, JB and especially Dracula.. what a guy.Stay well my pets.. mommy misses you so much. Little Teddy is doing good for a 12 year old Yorkie guy. He rules the how my little 7 lb. terror but I love him bunches just like all of you. Until next month and a new year! love,hugs, kisses... Mommy 12/11/09. Sweet Nikki, today is the day 5 years ago at 5;30 in the morning that you left me. You had the biggest heart in giving me this gift to pass at home, surrounded by those who loved you and listening to your favorite music. My heart broke that morning. We were together 10 years but I wanted another 10. I still cry over you even though I know you are now taking care of Codey, our American Eskimo boy who journed to the bridge this past February 24, 2009. I know you are both happy and playing pain free. You were so gorgeous, I always look at the collage I made of my beautiful girl. Merry Christmas my love, kisses and hugs to you, Codey, Drak, Pirate, Sam and Brutus. All our wonderful pets all these years. Teddy, our 12 year old yorkie is doing as best he can. He's tough though and we saved him. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my beloved pets. mommy xxx's ooo's February 11, 2010. Hi all my beloved pets. Nikki how are you sweets? Are you having fun with Codey a nd everyone? Take care of Codey because he will take care of you. He loves all of you. I miss you and Codey terribly. Dad really misses Codey a lot as they bonded. He carried him outside to pee when he could not stand any longer. We sent him on his journey to meet you as it was his time. Stay well my pets, mommy loves you sooooo much... kisses and hugs to everyone. Today it is 5 years and 2 months since you left me. February 24th Codey will be at the bridge one year already. Time goes so fast. love mommy xxx ooo's 2/24/2010...hi Nikki.. hope you are happy my pet..keep codey safe as he is such a love and precious doggy. Codey my love, it's one year ago today that you left me for your journey to the bridge to meet Nikki and all your siblings. I miss you puppy..so does dad. I am so lucky to have had two such gorgeous and wonderful American Eskimo doggies. I love you both bunches. Be good and have fun pain free.. Codey, mommy sends a big hug to you. I know you didn't like to be hugged but I think you will accept this one with so much love... Sleep tight... Nikki, kisses and hugs to you baby girl until next month.. love and hugs mommy 4/11/2010 Hi Nikki girl and Codey handsome boy! Mommy is here to visit with you. How are you both feeling? I'm sure pain free for all this time. I miss you sooooo much sweet babies and think of you just about every day. Teddy is doing as well as he can but he has his issues. He is in the best home he could ever have. I gave that home to you guys too and I know you loved it Nikki, it's 5 years and 4 months since you left and I look at your pictures constantly. Codey, you left me on 2/24/09 so it's a little over one year since you left me too. Miss you guys soooo much. love and hugs and kisses from mommy.. Teddy sends a slobbering kiss too! May 11, 2010 Hi sweet Nikki and precious Codey. Mommie is here visiting on the anniversary date of Nikki going to the bridge. I hope you are all happy and pain free. I miss you guys soooo much.. Teddy is doing as best he can. The sweet little guy. Be good to each other and I will visit with you next month... kisses and hugges sweety baby girl and sweet handsome boy. Hi dracula, sam,brutus,tobey and all the cats that I gave a meal to.love and hugs mommy. June 11, 2010.. Hi babies, mommy is here visiting all of you. Nikki sweet pretty girl, how are you today? It is 5 years and 6 months since you left me on that terrible morning. I miss you so much sweet baby girl. Are you taking care of my darling Codey? Such a sweet boy, never a problem with him. we loved him so much... Kisses to him too. Teddy is doing okay... we love him as we loved you. How is Dracula? what a guy... miss him lots... we have five cats that visit outside and catch a meal with us. Schmutz, Schmutz boots, oliver, mozart and patches... All the time i've fed them they still run if I walk toward them, except for Patches. I believe he belongs to someone. the other guys don't. Stay well and pain free my pets until next month.. kiss, love and hugs--- mommy July 11, 2010, Hi sweet baby girl, loving baby boy, drak, sam,pirate. How are my wonderful pets? I miss all of you so much. Nikki special hugs to you and Codey sweet kisses to you. Drak you were the aloof one so you get a hug and kiss. I hope you are all happy playing pain free at the bridge. Mommy loves you soooo much! Teddy is doing well... has his meds to keep him healthy. I bought him a stroller because he cannot walk too far with his heart issue, He just hates it! Barks all the time we are in it too. He does give us a lot of joy because if I had not adopted him from the shelter, he would not be on this earth now and you would not have known him when he got to the bridge. Now when the time comes you will know and love him. Stay well my sweet pets.. know how much I love and miss all of you... kisses, hugs and big hugs from mommy. August 11, 2010.. Hi baby girl, sweet Nikki and handsome Codey. How are you guys? Having fun. Boy it's hot down here but I'm sure it's nice where you are at the bridge. Miss you guys so very much. Two eskies were flown up from down south. They were living in a hoarders place. They reminded me so much of you two. Mommy sends hugs and kisses to you both. How is Drak? Just fine I would think. Mr. independent. Teddy is hanging in. He went for grooming last week and got so upset she could not finish so I'll have my niece Pat come to the house to groom him. He still doesn't like his stroller, or the car. He's turned into a grumpy old 13 year old but I love him bunches. Runs the house Nikki, you were our spitfire, Codey was Mr. laid back and Teddy is a 7 lb. boss. I miss you so much... be well and happy until I visit again next month. hugs, love and kisses mommy xxx ooo's October 11, 2010.. Hi baby girl!mommy is here visiting you tonight. Hope you are happy and taking care of Codey my good boy, dracula and all your siblings. I count on you to help everyone else. You were my first loss and the hardest one to take. Codey, good boy hope you are safe and happy with Nikki and all your siblings. I miss all of you soooooo much.. Be good and happy and well until I visit next month. Hugs, kisses and I love you Nikki, Codey, Drak and everyone else. Love mommy November 11, 2010. Hi baby girl Nikki, Hi handsome boy Codey.. mommy is visiting today. Nikki, it's 5 years and 11 months since you left me. Codey it's been 2 years in February. Time goes so fast but I never stop missing you... Teddy is getting tired and he's doing his best but I think he might be soon on his journey to both of you. I will let you know when that happens so you can watch out for him. He's so tiny so I'm counting on both of you to watch over him. He's an angel and made me very happy. He's only been hear just a few months shy of 2 years. Not nearly long enought but he will let me know when he's had enough and I'm watching very carefully if I must make that difficult decision. Stay well my loves.... Hugs, kisses and love from mommy xxx ooo's November 16, 2010... Hi Nikki, Codey, Drak, Toby, Brutus, Sam and Pirate. Your brother Teddy, my sweet baby boy joined you at the bridge last night. Did you see him coming to you? Take good care of him as he is so small but now his little legs let him run around and he can see again. I miss him so much. He's so cute..His mind and spirit wanted to keep going but his little body could not keep up so please keep him close and I know you will take care of him. He's pain free, can see, and finally met all of you. Until I see all of you some day.. love, hugs and kisses.. mommy. Teddy... have fun, run and play until eternity when I see you again. December 11, 2010... Hi sweet angels... Nikki, Codey, and my precious Teddy and all my pets...I miss my girl very much. Today you are at the bridge 6 years already. I know you've had a lot of fun and when Codey came it was that much better. You finally got to meet him. We miss Codey and I know Dad really misses him because he was dad's boy. He called him "pup". Don't you just love Teddy. My little itsy bitsy angel. He must love you all too. Thanks for taking good care of him. He's so little.. Merry Christmas and Happy 2011. I'll come and visit in January... kisses, hugs and more hugs to all my pets...It's hard Teddy not having you here right now. You were like a baby and I loved every minute you were here. if only you could have stayed longer but you were tired. 14 plus year is a long time for alittle guy. I hope the year and 10 months that I had you here wiped out the terrible 12 years before I was able to rescue you when t hey dropped you at the shelter at 12 years old with pneumonia. You have my heart sweet baby boy and now I am crying. Be good love mommy December 25, 2010. Merry Christmas my sweet Nikki, handsome Codey and precious Teddy. Drak, Sam, Brutus, Toby, Pirate too. Mommy missed all of you and it's especially sad this Christmas that Teddy is not here. All stockings are on the mantel with all of your collars and tags. Teddy, I put you on the memorial pet tree too. Your footprint is on the big tree. This is the first time in 16 years that there is no doggie in the house. So quiet. Nikki and Codey please take care of Teddy. He's so little and I know he is happy to be with you. Merry Merry Christmas my beloved pets. I MISS YOU! LOVE AND HUGS AND KISSES TO ALL OF YOU! MOMMY. See you on January 11, 2011. Hi Nikki,Codey,Toby,Drak,Sammy,Pirate and my beloved Teddy. Mommy sends special kisses to all of you. My sweet Nikki, it's been 6 years and one month since you left me that morning. I miss you so....Is everyone okay? Painfree and playing with each other at the bridge? It has started snowing again. Look down from heaven and see the snow. As white as you, Nikki and you Codey. Teddy, my precious little man, I cry over you every time I speak of you. The tears are flowing now. Every night I give you a hug as we used to do when you slept in bed with me. I always had my hand on your cute little but so you knew I was right next to you. You had my heart the first time I saw you and wish that you could come back to me. But please stay close to your brothers and sisters. I know they are taking good care of you. Stay safe, happy, pain free until I visit next month. Bunches of love, kisses and hugs my precious pets are sent to you tonight.. mommy xxxooo's,,,January 16, 2011.... Today is the two month anniversary of my precious Teddy journeying to the bridge to be with you Nikki, Codey, Drak, Toby, Pirate, Sam and Brutus. How are you my sweet boy. I am crying as I write this as I cry most every day when I think of you. I loved you so much as I did everyone else but you, my little guy, stole my heart at the shelter and I knew I had to bring you home to be happy and safe. I just finished your photo collage today and it will hang in the family room where you spent a lot of time with me. I miss you honey bunny... so sad that you are not here... love, hugs and kisses from your mommy. I call your name every night when I go to sleep. love bunches sweetness mommy 2/24/2011 Hi my sweet pets... A special hi to Codey, my handsome eskie. It was today, two years ago that you made your journey to the bridge to be with Nikki and all your siblings. We miss you honey bunny, you were a wonderful pet and we loved having you with us. Be good and have fun with Nikki, little Teddy too. Isn't he a love? Be well and I'll visit next month. Dad misses you so much Codey. You were special to him.. love, hugs and kisses from us. 2/6/2011 Hi my beloved pets! I have news. A little bichon poodle mix was picked up as a stray. He ended up at BCAS where I got you guys and then went to a rescue. He only has 3 legs and needed a good home. So I am sure Teddy, Codey, Nikki, Drak and Sam will agree that I should be the one to take him into our home. We adopted him that day and he's been a wonderful doggie. He's 5 and missing his left front leg. No one knows what happened but he gets around great. Just wanted to let you all know that mommy's heart will feel better if she has someone to take care of like I took care of all of you. Especially you my Teddy Bear. I still cry over you and miss you so much.... love , hugs and kisses from me until I visit on the 11th. Play well, be painfree and know that my heart is there with you and you are in my heart. Tomorrow, Nov. 16th my beloved Teddy is at the bridge one year. Oh how I miss the little guy. Mommy Nov. 16,2012. Teddy I miss you. Today is two years since you traveled to the bridge. Hope you are happy and pain free playing with Nikki, Codey and all the other pets. Hugs and kisses my sweet baby doggie. Hi Nikki. Think of you so often. You were my real first doggie and I loved you bunches. Take care of Teddy. he's so little and Codey, you take care of Nikki and Teddy... Dracula, I know you are having a blast up there. Sending hugs and kisses to my beloved pet. mommy 12/11/2012. Hi sweet Nikki.. Tomorrow is the day 8 years ago that you left me. I still miss you so much and hope you are happy and pain free at the bridge. I know Codey and Teddy are with you and all of you are loved and missed so much. I will send kisses tomorrow and kisses tonight to my beloved Nikki and your two brothers. Love to all of you... mommy June 8, 2013. Hi my sweet babies... Nikki, Codey and precious Teddy and all my cats.. Sammy, Pirate, Dracula...It's been awhile since I visited.. so sorry for that. Hope you are all well, happy and playing together at the bridge. I believe a sweet doggie named Jasmine has journeyed to the bridge today. She is so sweet and loves biscuits and other doggies. Look out for her and let her join your group. Mommy misses all of you so much. Jack is doing well.. my three legged bichon. he helped heal my broken heart when Teddy had to leave. He's been here 2-1/2 years and loves us very much. Have a cat called Sly too. He and Jack play like crazy in the house. He showed up on my deck one day and I brought him in. After seeing if he was lost.. he's been here since May. Love to all of you... miss you.. sending kisses and hugs to all my fur friends. much love forever.. mommy 12/14/2013. Hi sweet Nikki. Momma had so much trouble with the computer I could not get to you on the 9th anniversary of your journey to the Rainbow Bridge. I miss you... Think of you so often and call your name. When I do, I send a kiss up to the sky for you. Hope you are taking care of little Teddy.. he needs protection being only 6 lbs. How is Codey, Drak, Sammy, Toby and all my outside kitties who journeyed to be with you. Jack, my 3 legged bichon is doing well and fills my heart with so much love. He is perfect for me and I love him as much as I loved all of you. Momma is having a Christmas party tomorrow the 15th. Hope the snow goes away so my friends nad family can get here. Jack will be the special greeter at the door. He is so people and pet friendly. Have fun with everyone..someday I will see you and all my beloved pets again because I want to be where all of you are... much love, hugs and kisses momma Hi Nikki, momma wishes you a very happy birthday at the bridge. you have been gone from me for almost 10 years now but I think of you every day. Hope you are having fun and taking care of Codey and Teddy. 11/16 happy 3rd anniversary at the bridge teddy miss you Jack is doing fine. Teddy sent him to me just like you sent me codey and Codey sent me Teddy and Teddy sent me Jack. I miss all of you and always say hi up in the sky. Stay safe and have fun. hope you get a cake for what would be your 21st birthday. You were with me for 10 precious years and I am always grateful for that. much love and kisses to you, Codey, Teddy, Brutus, Toby and Dracula from momma Good morning sweet Nikki... Today at 5:30 in the morning you left me to go to the Rainbow bridge. At the time I did not realize the wonderful gift you gave me wanting to pass at home surrounded by love and Josh Groban playing these from The ghost. I have missed you so much these past 10 years and thank you for sending me doggies that needed me also. Codey, my eskie was the first who stayed with us 3 years. I am sure you met him when he arrived at the bridge. Then Codey helped me find little Teddy my yorkie who was so sweet and so frail. He stayed with me for 2 years not nearly long enough. I am sure you and Codey welcomed this sweet doggie and you are taking good care of him I send kisses and hugs to all of you. Give Drac a hug too my beautiful black cat . Teddy and all of you sent me Jack, my sweet 3 legged bichon who will be with us 3 years in February. He is so much fun and loves living with us. You were my only girl... my baby girl... I loved you so much and always will. Have fun today your 10th anniversary at the beautiful Rainbow bridge. Love, hugs and kisses from momma xxxx oooo's I my sweet babies... Nikki, Codey, Teddy and Drac. I wanted to visit today in memory of sweet Teddy who journeyed to the bridge 5 years ago. My heart broke that day as he was so tiny. I loved him because he was so not taken care of and I put a lifetime of love and happiness into the two years he was with me. He told me when he was ready to go but I was not ready. Hi Nikki hope you are having fun up there and taking good care of Codey your brother and Drac the cat and especially Teddy your baby brother. Mommy misses all of you and would wish for one more day with each of you. Nikki I will visit on December 11th the day you left me. My heart cried for you as you left me at home as you didn't want me to have to take you to the vet to be put to sleep. Love and hugs to you my pretty girl. Hi Codey my big eskie boy. Nikki sent you to me down at the shelter. I cried the day that I first saw you and knew you were coming home with me. You were a wonderful sweet doggie and we were not ready to let you go. Dad had a particulary bad time when you left as you and he bonded. Jack is enjoying living here and runs the house. Thank you Teddy for sending him to me. I saw him at the shelter and knew he was coming home and so he did. Will be with us 5 years in February/ See you all in December my sweet lovely doggies. Hugs kisses and more kisses... .mommy Hello my sweet babies. Today is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day, August 28,2016. Miss all of you so much and send hugs and kisses. Jack is doing well. He is with us 5-1/2 years now and we love him as we loved all of you. Hugs Hugs Hugs and kisses kisses to all of your on this special day. love momma 11/16/2016 momma helped you journey to the Rainbow Bridge to meet up with Nikki, Codey teddy and Tobey and the cats. I miss you so much and think of you every day as I do all my doggies. I know you are happy and playing up there and looking down at me. You were the sweetest 6 lb. doggie... sending hugs and kisses to you on this anniversary day and to all my doggies Nikki, Codey, Brutus, and Tobby.. love momma December 11, 2016. Hi sweet Nikki..today is the day you left me at home listening to Josh Groban music. Miss you so very much as you were my first doggie and I loved you so very much. Are you playing with Brutie, Codie, Teddy, Dracula, Sammy and Pirate? Have fun up there all the time. Jack, my three legged bichon that Teddy sent to me after he went to the bridge is doing fine. We love him so much. He will be 13 on February 7th and we hope he stays for along long time. Merry Christmas to all my angel doggies and cats. Momma misses all of you. Toby sweetie momma misses you too. You were Jeff's doggie and he loved you so much. Merry Christmas and have fune at the bridge.Superbowl Sunday.... Happy Birthday Jack... Today you joined our family in 2011. We think today is your 13th birthda way to go sweet baby doggy You brough so much happiness into our home after we lost Teddy. He sent you to us we just know it. Thank you Teddy. Big birthday party today along with the Super Bowl. Lots of gifts, good food and your favorite Puppichino... We will have that aftr your dinner. enjoy your knew ducky chews Kisses and Hugs forever.. momma sly And dad too kisses wow so much time went by. It is october 9, 2017. Hi nikki..momma missesyou still. you were my first very own baby doggie and so pretty too. When you went to the bridge, you sent me Codey.. such a handsome boy and we had a lot of fun with him... when he journeyed to the bridge to be with you, he sent me teddy, mylittle tiny yorkie. He was so sweet and we took him all over because he was so small. When he had to journey to the bridge to be with you and codey, we missed all of you so much. Thought i would not rescue another doggie but the house was so quiet and teddy knew i had a place in my heart for one more doggie so he sent me jack, my 3 legged bichon buddy. he is such a joy and we take him all over because he too is small. He is a traveler.. cape may, Massachusetts, Asbury Park too. Teddy went to Long Beach Island, Lake George too. We so enjoy Jack and he loves us too. Be good all of you.. you are missed forever Nikki, Codey, teddy, Dracula, have fun running and playing at the bridge. i think of All of you so often. Be good.. momma loves All of you to the moon and back. xxx ooo's 11/16/2017. I am visiting teddy today first as 7 years ago I helped him on his journey to meet you and codey at the bridge. I know you are taking good care of my little baby doggie. Miss all of your so much. be good have wonderful holidays. hugs And kisses are sent to all of your. Jack is doing okay as Teddy sent him to me 3 months after he journeyed to the bridge. He is a sweetheart and has been with us 7 years going on 8 next year. He is 13 and slowing down a bit and has some issued with his health. We will do everything to keep him well and stay with us for a long long time. Good night sweet princes and my princess. Love you so much. Say hi to Dracula for me. my beautiful black cat who just walked in one day and should have stayed longer but got sick and I helped him to the bridge to meet all of you. love momma Good morning Nikki... Today is the day 13 years ago that your journeyed to the Rainbow bridge, You decided to leave from home which was a blessing for momma. Hope you are happy and takin care oflittle Teddy. Jack is doing good and we love him as we loved you, codey and teddy/Be well my princess and merru christmas and a happy new year. hugs kisses from momma who loves you forever. 2/24/2018 Hi sweet codey, today nine years ago we helped you on your journey to the Rainbow Bridge. We miss you so much. Nikki sent you to us and we were so happy to hav you in the family. Hope you are having fun with Nikki, sweet Teddy and Dracula. Time goes by so fast. Love you and miss you so much.. momma xxx ooo's 10/24/2018 hi sweet nikki today is your birthday. you are 25 now omg. I miss you always and think of you often. I know you are happy at the bridge with codey, teddy toby and dracula. We are fine here. Jack is 14 now a nd doing great. he is such a sweet d oggie as you were. Time sure flies in this life. Happy happy birthday my beautiful eskie. I love you to the moon and back. hugs and kisses momma On october 26th it will be Codeys birtday.. Happy birthday big guy. Nikki sent you to me and we did not have a lot ot time together.. miss you as i miss all my furbabies. Take care of nikki and teddy as you are the main man. Enjoy your day on thursday. I love you to the moon and back. hugs and kisses mommy11/16/218 He there sweet Teddie It was 8 years ago today that mommy had to send you on your journey to the Rainbow Bridge. Nikki and Codey were there waiting for you so you can all run and play. I miss you as much today as i did then. You were my little munchkin with the big bark. So sweet.. I did not have you with me long enough Only two years but those were the best most loving years of your life and mind. I know codey sent you to me and i w as so happy to bring you home. Have fun always remembere that mommy loved you so much. kisses and hugs forever my sweet doggie. I love you 12-11-2018 Good Morning sweet Nikki.... today, 14 years ago you left me. You passed at home which was a gift to me and I realized it immediately. you wanted to journey to the bridge with me right there and we were listening to Josh Groban who's music we loved. I miss you still and always will. you were my very first doggie.Since then, you sent me Codey who is with you also, then Codey send me little Teddy. I know you are taking good care of him as he is so small, only 6lbs. Then Teddy send my bichon, Jack who bounces around on three legs but he is fast as the wind. He will be 15 in February He is with us 8 years in February. He's a good guy but all my doggies were and are wonderful. Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy 2019. Have fun, run and play for eternity I love all of you so much. hugs and kisses xxxxx oooo's October 3,2019. I never thought i would be writing about my sweet Jack. I adopted him about three months after Teddy journeyed to the Bridge. He went so quickly and we do not know exactly what took him. In the morning he did pee pee on the pad and then I always put him in the front window to bark at the dogs walking by. He did that and then lay down on the bed, let out 4 little cries. I picked him up and he had no use of his legs.. that fast. I held him close while trying to reach Frank i could not and had to wait until he came home Holding him close wrapped in his favorite blanket we raced to the vet I was talking to him and holding his chest. He was breathing but very shallow. Around half way there he stopped breathing. I ran in with him and he quickly took him into the back/ His vet doctor Dr Onesius worked on his for 30 minutes trying to bring him back. She could not. She then worked another ten minutes and came back to me saying he was gone. Why did he die? We will never know. Heart attack, or stroke took him so fast. He is being cremated and will come back to me forever. I cry and cry.I am numb and cannot function. I miss my guy. he was an amazing and smart 15 year old bichon, missing his front leg which never stopped him. Our last trip was to Cape May for four days. Jack was a traveler and loved to meet everyone. Everyone loved him. I am hoping that he will be coming home to me today hopefully or the latest Friday. I need him home so I can breath again. I am lost without him, He was my buddy. Always belly rubs, loved treats and always followed me around the house.Please come home to me today. Love and Hugs. I love you to the moon and back. Did you see nikki, codey, teddy, toby and dracula? You are all together now and my house is so quiet. Praying you come home today Mommyxxxx oooo's October 8, 2019 my prayers were answered Jack. We brought you home together to be with us forever. Such a beautiful memorial you came in. It is on the table in the livingroom. with candles lit all dayu. My friend Sue posted your memorial on my facebook page as i do not know how do to that. This Monday I will go to the candle lighting ceremony and honor your life. See you there sweetie I love and miss you to the moon and back always and forever. hugs fly high with Sammy. 10/24/19 Happy birthday sweet nikki hope are enjoing your time at the bridge You are at the bridge 20 years already. codey and teddy joined you amd now sweet Jack journeyed up to you on October 3, 2019. I sure miss everyone but jack was s o unexpected i am not doing well at all. He was 15 and missing a front leg. bet you were there to welcome him along with codey and teddy. Have fun and i will be there some day watch for me. hugs November 16,2019.Hi Teddy today was the day we had to help you journey to the bridge to be with codey and nikki and dracula. How I miss you my little one..so sweet and a great traveler.LBI Lake George, the short. you loved it all. It is your 9th year at the bridge. We just lost sweet Jack, our bichon. I know you were there to great him. In two days it will be Nikki's 15th anniversary at the bridge. I miss everyone. Codey left 8 years ago. He could no longer stand or walk.A sweet doggie too.I will be back on the 11th to talk to Nikki 12/11/19 Good morning Nikki 15 years ago you journeyed to the bridge. You gave me a gift that morning knowing how painful it would be for me but a gift that you wanted to pass at home listening to josh Groban. I cannot listed to him anymore as it brings sadness to m e. Sweet Jack just arrived there october 3 of this year. he is a cute 3 legged bichon who we loved so much. You sent me Codey,Codey sent me Teddy and Teddy sent me Jack. he was 15 and such a joy as you all were Merry christmas at t he bridge to all of you. Always think about you, you were my little spitfire. Much love and hugs. Mommy Superbowl Sunday February 2, 2020.Happy 16th birthday precious Jack. I miss you so much. On October 3 2019 you had a stroke and as we rushed you to the vet, you made your journey to the bridge. So unexpected..I wanted you to stay for at least another 5 years but it was not to be. On superbowl sunday 2011 you ran into the house and jumped into your fluffy new bed.. you were home. You were such a love and enjoyed traveling. Your favorite place and ours is Cape May. We are so grateful for the four day vacation we took a few weeks before you went to the bridge. you were so fussed over by everyone. Who knew what would lie ahead a few weeks later. I know you are best buddies with Sammy the doxie and you guys travel down and stay over here by the fireplace and have yummy food. He asked his friends to wish you a happy birthday and there must have been 25 wishes f or you. So today We lit a candle for your 16th birthday and sang to you also. At church this morning I told Father Anthony that it was your birthday and he gave me a big hug to send to you. He loved you and blessed you at church last year he also said prayers for you right after you passed.I miss you so and am sad that you are not here with me.love you to the moon and back forever sweetie Jack. Happy heavenly 16th birthday Hugs Mommyxxxooo's Enjoy your birthday party at the bridge with sammy, teddy codey nikki dracula Have fun October 1, 2020. Good morning my sweet angel Jack..mommy is here to visit. On October 3 last year you died in my arms while we rushed to the vet. You had a stroke and was gone in a minute. So unexpected and my heart was shattered. I miss and love you so much. I know you are having fun with your buddy Sammy and i am grateful that you play together and visit me. I am writing this today as tomorrow the actual day last year that you left me, i will be too sad to write. Hope everything is beautiful at the bridge and you see your brothers and sisters..nikki, codey, and Teddy. What I would give to have you back with me if only for one day. I miss you I did a collage of your pictures and your memorial picture is in there. I have all your beautiful pictures on the fireplace too. Your hut is still up downstairs. I was hoping that maybe you would send me another bichon doggie but I guess you have not found one for me yet. If you do, I will be so happy. Happy 1st anniversary at the Rainbow Bridge. Such a beautiful place to be forever. sending nose kisses, loves and hugs to you today and always. I will visit soon again. Love forever Mommy xxx ooo's 10/24/2020 Hi angel Nikki mommy here. Happy Happy Heavenly birthday pretty girl. you were my spitfire and I loved you so much. On the morning we were going to ease your pain forever you decided to pass at home. That was the greatest gift you could give me as you were my very first doggie and i did not know how I would be able to let you go. Such a sweet girl. We had fun.A little while later you send me Codey the larger american eskimo. He was sweet and easy going.I will come back to say hi to him. Sleep well have fun. are you taking care of little teddy and angel Jack who just arrived last 10/3/19 2/7/21 happy birthday and gotcha day angel jack 16 years ago you ran into the house jumped in your bed and with a smile and tail wag said "I am home" miss you so much every day thank you for sending me Gizmo, what a doll and so much fun. We went to Cape May and all over the place. We had a game...he h 3/22/2023 gizmo will be journying to the bridge tomorrow. will finish t his tomorrow i am so so sad only three years never long enough. I loved you so much Gizmo we had fun,trips to Cape May and the Lobster house. I am so sad and the house is so quiet. I see you everywhere. You used to go on the white chair and wait for me to come.hugs

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