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Memories of Nicka Doodle
My sweet Nicka, you were my loyal and loving companion for 8 wonderful years. During that time, you brought so much joy and happiness to my life. I ache inside because you are gone, but I know you are in a safe and peaceful place. Please know that I love you and I did everything I could to try to help you. You will forever hold a special place in my heart, baby. I already miss your presence so many times during the day. How you used to keep me company while I got ready for work, greet me at the door when I'd come home, take a bath with me, meow and sit up on your back legs for shrimp, and so many other things. Though you are no longer present in body, I feel your spirit with me. Mom and Dad miss you and so do Harvey, Romeo, and Martina. Thank you for being my kitty. ****12/24/02**** Merry Christmas, my sweet girl. This holiday is just not the same without you. I love you and miss you so very much. I hope and pray that you are happy. ****1/1/03**** Happy New Year, my little Nicka Doodle. I never imagined that 2002 would be the year you left me to go to Rainbows Bridge. The tears still flow, but I know that God must have had other plans for you, sweetie. Like Mommy, Harvey misses you terribly. Romeo won't groom him and keep him handsome like you always did. We're going to have some shrimp today in your honor. When we do, I'll be thinking about how you used to stand up tall on your back legs and meow for your taste of shrimp. That image still makes me smile. Words cannot truly express how very much I love and miss you, Nicka. I hope and pray that you are healthy, happy, and playing with all the other precious furbabies at the Bridge including Puddin and Budster and Susan's kitties Alex, Jerry, and Oscar. You and Jerry have fun batting those Q-Tips around. Take good care of each other and know you are in Mommy's heart. ****10/19/03**** Hi baby girl. It was one year ago today that you went to Rainbows Bridge. Oh how I miss you. Your brother, Harvey misses you too. Thank you for all the happy memories and for coming into my life. I think of you often and smile every time I look at your picture. You are in my heart and I love you. ****12/27/03 Merry Christmas, Nicka. Mommy loves you and misses you.****11/6/04****Hi Doodle. Two years have passed, but it seems like just yesterday that I looked into those beautiful bright green eyes of yours. You were truly a special friend and I feel lucky to have found you. Take care, my sweetheart. Love, Mommy.**10/3/05** Hi my baby girl. I think of you often and smile at the happy memories we shared. Sending eternal love and kisses your way....**10/19/06** Hi Nick. Today marks 4 years since you crossed the rainbow bridge. As I sit here thinking of you, the tears flow. Just the other day when I came home from work, I thought of how you would greet me at the door. Your tail would be standing tall and your little body would quiver with excitement and happiness just to see me. Your brother Harvey has had a rough year. Even though I really hope Harvey is with me for a few more years, I know you'll be waiting for him when his time comes. He'll be so happy to see you and to be groomed by you again. I'm sending love, pets, and kisses your way today and always. We all miss you, Sweetie. **1/8/07 Hi sweet girl. It's a sad day. Mom & Dad's sweet baby, Sassy, went to the Bridge. It provides some comfort knowing you are there to guide her and to let her know there's nothing to be afraid of. You, Miss Boo, Puddin, and Budster take good care of each other. Each of you touched our hearts in a special way. The unconditional love, the adoration, the companionship. Miss Nicka, I love you and miss you and always will. You took a piece of my heart with you when you passed, but you left me with a piece of your spirit. Sending love and kisses....Mommy.**12/24/07 Merry Christmas, Nicka! I hope you and the rest of the McNamara kitties are taking good care of each other. I always smile when I look at pictures of your sweet face and think about all the happy memories. You were such a loving companion to me and to your brother, Harvey. We both love you, miss you, and send you lots of hugs and kisses.**5/18/09** Hi Nicka Doodle -- mommy is sorry she hasn't posted a message in such a long time. That doesn't mean I don't think of you often and miss your sweet face. Mr. Boog is now with you and Miss Marti Pants, who just passed on 5/16/09. My heart breaks as I try to adjust to life without another one of my beloved fur kids. Please be sure all of the McNamara kitties look out for each other, take care of each other, and love each other until Mom, Dad, and I (and the other Mac kitties) join you. I love you always and forever, my baby. Hugs and kisses, Mommy.**10/8/09 Hi Sweet Girl! A friend from Good Mews visited Best Friends last week and she went to Angels Rest where there's a plaque in your memory. Michelle even took pictures and left colored stones. It was such a thoughtful gesture. I think of you all the time and still smile each day when I look at your sweet face in the picture on the fireplace mantle. Another sweet, beautiful girl joined you today. Her name is Frannie and she was loved very much here on earth. You and Martina be sure to welcome her. Love and Kisses! Mommy. ** 5/6/10 Hello my sweet girl. By now you and your brother, Harvey, have been reunited. My heart is broken right now as I mourn Harvey's passing yesterday (5/5/2010). It does provide comfort knowing you were there to greet him and you'll resume the grooming sessions like the old days. You always did such a good job of grooming Harvey and keeping him looking handsome. Please take good care of each other and the other McNamara kitties -- Puddin, Budster, Boog, Miss Boo, and Martina. Know how much you are all loved and missed. Please also watch over me and help give me strength as I try to adjust to life without Harvey. Having your sweet spirit with me will help. I love you sweet girl. Kisses to you and please kiss Harvey for me.**10/19/13 - Hello my sweet Nicka! It still seems like yesterday you were here with me. Thirteen years later, I miss you as much as the day you left me. You know I never really forgave myself for not picking up on your illness sooner. I know God had plans for you. I miss you, love you, hope you are happy and healthy, and look forward to the day we are reunited. Take care, my sweet girl. Love, Mommy. **10/19/16 - Hi Sweet Girl! Can't believe it's been 15 years. Love you and miss you to this day.

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