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Memories of Neenee
I remember seeing you for the first time in your cage, going wild and biting everything in sight. When I held you in my arms I knew you were mine for keeps. So little, so beautiful. How I would sing to you, kiss you, love you. You went everywhere with me. You became my child, my friend, my love. Even Daddy, when he met you, fell in love with you. Now that you are gone, our house seems so empty. I feel so alone with you not here. The pain in my heart will never go away and neither will my memories of you. You have moved on to a better place where you are young, beautiful and happy again. Go play, run and jump until Daddy and I arrive. We will then all be together and you can once again kiss our faces and tell us how much you love us. We all miss you so much it hurts. Gramma Lorraine, Auntie Joanne, Gramma Mary and all the family wish you peace and happiness in your time of rest. My sweet girl WE miss you and love you with all our hearts. My sweet girl, our first Christmas came and went without you and daddy and i missed you so much, but i know you sent to us Angus for our Christmas present. At first I did not think I could even think of having another baby but I know you sent him to me since I was so sad. Having him does not ever replace you and I know deep in my heart that you will always love me and Daddy. My sweet Neen...someone was kind enough to write a poem for you. Thank you to PalePrince80. Neenee. Tis in the arms of an angel, a tiny spirit slumbers... Sleep soundly dear Neenee, for the angel's arms are adoring, sleep all so peaceful for there is forever peace and happiness as the angel carries you into the stars... A glittering mist shimmers around the angel and and dog as if a field of snow had burst apart under the angel's wings. Sleep dear Neenee for you are out of sorrow's way. Sleep soundly for you will see your parents again another day. Take this beautiful harvest into Heaven's eternal fold. Into the night and through the stars, into peace, as could ever be told. Wow, 4 years have passed since I said goodbye to you. Everyday I miss you so, yet I feel you close to me all the time. I know that you watch over poppy and me and I know that you sent us Angus and now Daisy. I see you in the two of them all the time. Neen, I love you so much and I know you are happy just waiting until you can be with us all. Lots of hugs and kisses always, mommy and poppy. My beautiful girl, so many years have passed and mommy knows you and Daisy are there waiting for Angus and me to come play. till that time, know i love you and miss you all the time. Neenee and Daisy time has come. My precious Angus has left mommy to join you at the bridge. I miss you all so much my heart aches. Angus you can now play and be at peace. I will always keep you with me.

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