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Memories of Nutmeg
I have so many wonderful memories of Nutmeg. I saw her in the pet store on December 3, 2011, and had to bring her home with me. She was so adorable, and I found her irresistible. We got Ginger that day too, and the two of them lived together as roommates for about the first 10 months. During this time, Nutmeg loved to play with her jingle bell toy. She was a slow-grower and remained petite her whole life, but she was feisty and a lot of fun. She was so full of energy, and loved to play and eat. In Oct. 2012 (when Nutmeg was about a year old), we put her and Ginger in a bigger house with Misty, Elsie and Daisy. Shortly thereafter, that bigger house became known as the sorority. Nutmeg would usually get her way with her friends, and usually wiggled her way into the corner she wanted. When their morning carrots were being handed-out, Nutmeg would bite on the glass wall of her home until she got her carrot. After awhile, she started pulling on the salt lick and banging it against the glass instead. She loved all of her fruits, veggies, hay and alfalfa cubes. She didn't squeak too much, but she did a lot of jibber-jabbering. She loved to play with her friends in the playpen, and loved running through the playpen tent. She's a good girl who got along with everyone and was one of the most tolerant with new babies that became new roommates in the sorority. I think every day I told her she was so cute. I miss holding her and kissing her on the head. I feel so fortunate to have been able to have her in my life and love her. Nutmeg will forever be my little girl. She's my special princess.

Nutmeg, I hope you like this Rainbow Bridge Residency that I created for you. Pet Heaven called yesterday morning to let me know that you were ready to come home, and I was so glad to have you back home with me. I hope you're having so much fun playing at the Rainbow Bridge with your fellow departed sorority sisters; Misty, Holly, Lola, Daisy and little Tink. I know that the sorority sisters that you left behind miss you so much; Ginger, Elsie, Fiona and Clover...as well as fellow playmates; Bella, Brandy, Gemma & Opal. I miss you so much too. We all miss you (Papa, Mom & I) and think about you often.

I don't know what it was, but something drew me to you when I saw you in the pet store. I just knew that I had to take you home and love you. What I didn't expect was how quickly you'd take a piece of my heart. I gladly handed it over to you, and it's all yours forever and ever. You're a smartie, so I think you knew it before I did. I remember holding you most of the way home that day.

I held you on Monday on the way to Pet Heaven, in the pink blanket that I held you in so many other times. These past few days, when I hold that blanket close to my heart, I feel a little better. It's like the hurt diminishes a little bit for the time being. We have so many pictures of you...many I didn't even remember we had. Looking at them makes me smile. You brought so much joy to my life and provided memories that I will treasure forever. I hold you close to my heart little girl.

Hi my little princess. I hope you're having fun playing at the Rainbow Bridge with all of your friends. Several new friends have joined you these past few years, including Dixie & most recently, Gretel. I imagine how you're all playing together...running around & eating lots of hay & treats. I think about you often & reminisce...so many wonderful memories. I love you sweet Nutmeg!

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