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Memories of Nugget
The most caring and senstive dog I have known who gave her friendship and held on so long for me. I won't let you go but will see you again. My heart aches and my tears shed because I can't believe you are not physically with me. I love you dear friend - visit me often - you are welcome until my end when I will see you. When Nugget was a baby she managed to get up the stairs on her own for the first time... when she reached it to the top she barked. She was so happy to accomplish tasks. I so wish I had the power to make her strong, healthy and young again. I love you Nugget - don't ever forget it.

February 11, 2006... Dear Nugget it has been almost two weeks since you passed and I miss you dearly. I find evenings the most hard... staring at your bed as I sleep on mine. I look for your image but have only seen it once... I call out to you in the house... I lay by your bed crying originally and tears still flow, not as often, but I am tired from the large rivers I have cried. I just want to feel your fur again and feel your kisses on my face. You were the most incredible dog... so sensitive. I remember waking up early in the am and saying... good morning nuggety and you smiled with your jowels and wagged your tail. That seems like a long time ago but so fresh in my memory. You had a huge impact on my life and sometimes I fear I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you. You got me through so many rought times and lived so long I know to hold on to me. When I whisper and lip "I love you" toward your bed and reach my arm out to feel you I want you to understand... our love will never change. See you soon my little baby... I love you Nuggety Buggety Boosey!

Time always passes but my love for you is never forgotten Nugget. Please visit me in my dreams and be with us always til we meet. Look after Mango and Joycie. Love you Nuggety. Mom

1 Year exactly since you passed. I still miss you as much as when you left but I can feel you around me. I will always look for you. Thank you for making my life so much more enjoyable and for being my everlasting friend. I will always be grateful God blessed me with having you as my buddy. Keep in touch Nuggety. I love you so much you beautiful golden friend!! Mom

Two years since you passed and I still miss you. It seems like a long time since you have been out of my life but you are always in thought and appear in my dreams regularly. I love our visits because I can hold you again. You will always be my baby. Love you Nuggety Buggety Boo. Mama

Hi Nuggety,

I almost forgot today was the day you passed three years ago. I was wondering why I couldn't get my act together. I don't want to celebrate your passing but your being with me for so many years and the love we shared. I will do something special in honour of you today and hope to dream about you. I miss you and wish you were a part of my physical life still. You were one loving dog who thought you were a human. Wow, I miss you and always think of you. You are never far Nugget. Remember that. xo mom

A long time since I have written. You are still not forgotten and thought of often. Mango is getting older now and has issues with his hips just like you. It is so nice having him because of his connection with you. Jon Robbie asks about you often and it is sad you didn't get to physically spend time with him. Perhaps you will visit us more in our dreams. We would like to see you. Love you and as always your presence is welcome with us.

Love you Nuggety Buggety (I can still see your grin when we said that!)

Jan 29, 2013 - It has been a long time my friend. I still miss you and guess I always will. Mango is getting older now and I still can tell by his face when I mention your name that he thinks of you too. I still have your ashes in my bedside table as you were always by me. I hope to contact you in dreams continually and perhaps see your golden outline appear when I call on you. Walk with me daily with Jon Robbie - I love you sweetie. xxoo Your hand and my paw forever. xxoo

Jan. 29, 2014 - Where does time go Nuggety? Each year that passes is one further away from when we were physically connected. Jon Robbie often says he sees you... he is now 7. I wish you were here. We'll keep connecting in dreamland. You may have Nanna Joyce with you soon as she is failing with Alzheimer's. She loved you too. Keep in our dreams and presence. You are always welcome in your home. I love you Nugget. Mom xx PS Keep an eye out on Mango - he is aged now but still doing well - I know he still knows you too!

Jan 29, 2017

Now you hold mom and Mr. Mango close to you. I miss all of you and so happy that you have friends until we meet again. Visit me in my dreams dear friend and we can hug and feel the joy of each other again. I love you ole gal! You were such a great friend and are never forgotten. You helped me grow as a person and will never forget your devotion. A dear dog! xo mom

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