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Memories of Nubix
Nubix, dear brother of Niko we lost 3 years ago, thank you so much for hanging in here and being with us 3 extra years. I now how hard it was and how much you missed your brother, your protector and friend. Niko was the muscle and you were the good looks from the first day we rescued you both from that crazy couple breeding dogs out of that old building.

I wanted to call you Nasty as you were just too amazing to be a boy puppy and I wanted to "man" you up, but as you know the MOM was not having any of that- even when you were 2 and you would spin around doing helicopters like you were the only dog in the room, or prance around dodging snow flakes so they didn't land on you as you didn't know what those were the first time. Thank you for all the time you spent with us and all the extra love and attention you gave when you knew we were having a bad day or a rough time.

The rest of the pack is waiting for you, it pains me to even list them all right now as each one feels like I lost a piece of my heart every time I had to say goodbye. Nanook and Niko surely came to get you, as the carpet cleaners this weekend noticed we had 2 moths in the hallway to upstairs. Out of the blue, they said "someone passed and two visitors came to get them" - and we were like WTH? who let these carpet cleaners in our home? But they were spot on. Nya and Natasha are there and ready to show you how everything works, Nikki is there too and will still pretend she doesn't know any of you- in a pack of 9 she was still an only dog. Nelix, your and Niko's adopted Dad has been there the longest, please tell him I miss him daily.

I think Nelix sent us Nitrous to be his replacement, and all I can say is thanks, but no, try again... he may look like you, walk and talk like you but he isn't the Nelix, he is a PITA! We love him dearly but in he beginning, it was only because he looks like you- I can't tell you how many times I heard threats like "If you didn't look like Nelix I would put you in the oven! or the front door is open, I won't look, I will tell Dad you jumped the 7' wall" I know Mom would never do it, but I just didn't mind her yelling at Nitrous, I don't think any of us did. I know he was a bully to you a lot Nubix, and its because no matter how pretty he is, you were still better looking and a better dancer. Nakita, Ninja and Nitrous all miss you- the last of the CompuTech rescues as we called you guys.

Have a great time buddy till I see you again, don't worry about anything- I got this.

The Dad.

4/9/2020 - Super Nubix! the prettiest boy we ever had, I miss you so much. Did you find all of your brothers and sisters ok? Nanook is up there with Nya and everyone else. I miss you so much, it nearly killed me when you moved up there as I was all alone just like you. But now you have Niko with you and everyone else! I will come back soon and check on you buddy..... Ninja is still beating up on Nitrous for you- he won't let him get in any trouble without getting on to him. Miss you so much Nubix...be back soon, Love you - The Dad.

4/8/2021- Super Nubix! hey buddy, you got any girlfriends up there? you were always the prettiest pup we ever had. You been doing helicopters? miss you so much buddy. Ninja is up there now- there is such a big pack, hope everyone is being good and not fighting! you tell them Dad will be up there somehow and kick some butts! Building a new house soon, hopefully you can come visit - be back soon buddy, love you - the Dad.

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