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Memories of Noogie
Our beautiful Noogie , affectionately known as ' The Noog ' , we are missing you terribly , from the very first day we saw you , we knew we had to have you, your little sisters were going off to new homes meaning you would be left alone . The following week we were allowed to take you home, you were so tiny , you sat in our hand we told you not to be scared we would love you with all our hearts. You grew into the most adorable and loving ' Noog ' taking it in turns to sit on our laps , running around, pop Corning , simply adorable , years went by and the 3 of us were a family, you suffered occasionally with URI but you were always such a fighter and before long you would be right as rain , and we would sigh we relief, but sadly on Monday 8th April 2013, we rushed you in to the vets as we woke to find you very listless and we knew something wasn't right, your vet was fantastic and worked so hard to save your little life, you had huge cysts on your ovaries so we were given the choice, we didn't want to lose you Noog , so we opted for an operation, you survived , we were over joyed but it was to be short lived as gas build up in your tummy led to your passing away , we are so , so unbelievably heartbroken, your spirit will live on Noog, we love and miss you sooooo much, we thankyou for loving us as much as we loved you , our adorable 'bundle of joy '... 'The Noog ' love you xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ahhh Noog, it has been a week since you left us, we miss you so very much, the tears are not as heavy but the heart is aching and the pain is very much constant :(. We love you sooooo much , we hope you are having fun with your new friends. Every morning , evening and night time I go up to your photos and have a few thoughts and words with you, I hope you can hear me.... Stay happy my little girl, we did all we could, I hope you know that, you were such a fighter . We are thinking of you always, please come and see us, I have your chewy next to my bed, I long to hear you chobbling on it :) .. Love and miss you forever love Mummy and Daddy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Missing you sweet Noog, wanted to tell you I love you xxxxxxxx

Hey little Noog, I am really missing you today it has been 2 weeks, just long to cuddle you :(, I hope you are ok love you sooooooo much xxxxxxxxxx


Hello my gorgeous little Noog, just to say there is not a day that I don't think of you :( , missing you sooooooooo much . Your picture is proudly on the wall in your corner :) , I wanted to tell you we have two new babies .. Florence and Dotty , we got them 4 days ago , they are sooooo sweet and little characters , they will never come close to what you meant to us Noogie our hearts are still empty and broken :(...I hope you are happy and playing lots, I hope you come to visit us and check out our new little girls, they would love you lots , miss you heaps my sweet little baby, forever in our hearts love mummy and daddy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hello our beautiful little baby , missing you lots and lots , really wish I could hold you again , we are hoping to move soon, please come and be with us , love you and miss you sooooooooooo much xxxxxxxxx


Hey Noog, I love and miss you lots, everyday I think about you . Love you xxxxxxxxxxx


Hey Noog, miss you soooo much my sweet little baby, love you forever xxxxxxxxxxx

Hello Noog, just to say, spring is here again and it is almost a year since you left us :( , missing you soooooo much , love you tons xxxxxxxxx
Hey little Noog, such a beautiful day today, I thought of lots, love you my sweet baby xxxxxxxxxxx

Hey little Noog, thinking of you always, this morning while eating breakfast, Jarv got me to do my impressions, we always smile and think of you everyday, you are dearly missed, the new additions Dots and Flo are 16 months old now 😀 they are characters so funny, really missing you Noog, love you always love us xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
My gorgeous adorable Noogie, miss you my sweetie, I think of you every single day , love you xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Happy Valentine's Day our gorgeous baby , we miss you always and love you forever 💕💕💕💕💕❤️❤️ Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hey Noog, I hope you are happy and having fun , our little pig Florence very sadly came to join you on this day , it really broke our hearts and bought all of the painful memories of losing you back again , we miss you sooooo much , and Florence too , she was quite something, I am sure you have found each other now and are playing happily and pain free, look after each other my darlings much love forever to you and to Florence , you will always be in our hearts xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx❤️

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