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Memories of Noelle
"Noelle", "Noe", "Noella", "Little Lamb". Noelle you were my special girl. Hugo, your "father", found you, 16 years ago, on the streets with demodemic mange, oil stains down you back, hiding under cars in a rough neighborhood. No tag or microchip. It was a rainy Christmas Eve.
How could this be? How could a dog like you be left like this? The vet estimated You to be only 1.5 years old. He brought you to us asking me to take you in. How could I say no?

At first you scared us. Because you were so fearful you showed your teeth at us just like a Jack O'Lantern. But once you knew we were safe, you never growled at us again or showed your teeth. We saw the sweet girl that you are.

You were so wise, intelligent, gentle, curious! You had a sense of humor! You would chase my sisters dog, "tag" him and run back like you were being chased making everyone laugh. You did zoomies. You were entranced with squirrels.
We did so much together. When I took my bike out of the garage you yelped with excitement. I took you in my bike basket for bike rides both by ourselves and with a group. You loved those rides and everyone was amazed how you never tried to jump out! We went on thousands of walks together. Definitely over 10,000. That's a lot of walks! But every walk was "the best walk" in your eyes.

When you were young everything was new to you. You were still a baby in my eyes. It was so sweet to watch your curiosity of the world. You were a good companion going to Lowe's, the bank, nursery, mailbox store, hairdresser and dog park with me. You were so good-natured at the vets and everywhere we went. No one complained about you, ever. I took you on trips.

Because of me needing to walk you, I got to see so much beauty. The landscape, the clouds, sunsets, wild animals and other people and their animals. Without you I wouldn't have noticed such things and seen such beauty. I didn't realize it until later how healing these walks were for both of us. While you would sniff I would look around and feel better with the open sky above us.

I didn't notice how old you had gotten until the last few years. Time went so fast. I realized I have aged, too! Then I had to accept you were a "senior" then "geriatric". Warts and conditions developed. Walks became a slow crawl. I didn't care. You were the same to me. I could read while we walked! Remember Rosy and Flower? I am sure they greeted you there in heaven. You were so good-natured with them even as Flower was a little jealous at times. You were a bit more developed than her. ; )

Later I brought in fosters. You were accepting of them, too. I appreciate you allowing me to continue my mission to help animals. I miss you so much Noelle. Alan and Hugo, your other human friends such as Sharyn and Pilar the groomer the the doctor at the vet, miss you too. They all cared for you. Your pillows are still here, freshly washed, if you want to visit. : ) I am so sad but I know it's your time and I must accept. It's the nature of life. I ask God to bring me this love again and will consider myself lucky if he/she does. Love you Noelle.

February 26, 2020. I can't believe it's been a whole month since you are gone. I have your ashes and foot print right here. I received it on Feb 5th, my birthday. Hugo and I were talking today. Sad story, his son died on January 6th. He is going thru enormous grief, of course. Damian was such a good young man. As a good friend I listened to him. I care so much about him! And Noelle I know you loved Daddy Hugo, too. Well his talking of his grief reminded me of mine and I realized I need to do more grieving. Probably a lot more. Even amidst his huge loss he still grieves for your passing too. His son, Damian, was with Daddy Hugo when they rescued you and brought you to me! So we are all connected, Noelle! Maybe you will see Damian as well? We know everyone is in a better place but those of us left behind must grieve. It's our job. : ) I know I'll see you again but will probably be a long time. I am patient and the right time will come. Much love to you Noelle.

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