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Memories of Noel
Dear Noel (Wellie, Wellie-Well),

Back in October 2007, I inquired about you when you were at HOMEWOODS RESCUE for the WAYWARD HOUND in Maryland. You were rescued from a puppy mill and your eyes were so infected they had to be removed. They also spayed you. You were about 1 year old. You were then transported to me in southern NJ around Thanksgiving in 2007. When the transporter opened the van back doors, there you were in a crate and your head was tilted wondering what was going on, and my heart melted. I brought you home and wasn't sure what to do with you. I wanted to protect you, so I kept you in a crate. I then realized that was not fair to you. Dexter was a bully, and I was afraid he would hurt you. I then had Angel the trainer come to the house, and she said just let you be and do your thing, so I did. You were absolutely fine. You did walk the fence line a bit till you got use to your surroundings. You knew where the deck was and went up/down the stairs like you could see.

Lexy always got in your face to bully you then you would go after Jesse and she would bark, but you all pretty much got along. You trusted me completely when I brought you in the pool. You rested on my arms while I walked around. You seemed to really like that. You loved birthdays and Christmas with all the treats, etc.

For the past couple of years, you had some health issues but nothing major. The past few months, we found out you had modules on your spleen and an adrenal tumor but no cancer. You didn't seem like you could get comfortable when you laid down, and you preferred to lay on the floor.

The morning of 10/1/20, we got up early to feed all you guys then mommy and daddy had to leave because I was having surgery. Everyone was all settled in. When we got home, we found you lying on the floor by the TV and you were gone. I couldn't believe it. You were fine when we left just a few hours ago. Your belly looked so fat. We don't know what happened to you, sweet girl. We just hope it was quick and not painful. We are so sorry we were not here for you during that time. I guess that's the way God wanted it to be. When I got my witts about me, mommy and daddy brought you to Abbey Glen.

I struggled what season, song, and place to put your residency. I chose Christmas because I love that picture of you, we adopted you near Christmas, and the song Noel because of your name. Please know mommy and daddy loved you very much and will always love you. We miss you too. I hope all your brothers/sisters greeted you at the bridge and you're happy in your new beautiful home. I'm sure you can see now so that's got to be wonderful. Run free, sweet girl, without hurting, drink from crystal streams, and bask in the warm sun. We will be together again some day.


Mommy, Daddy, and all your crazy furry brothers and sisters


Dear sweet Wellie-Well, One (1) month this morning you left us for the bridge. I still can't believe you're gone. I was hoping for some kind of a sign from you to let me know you're okay and that you know mommy and daddy love and miss you so much. I know I lost my patience with you a few times, but please know that never meant I loved you any less. I know sometimes you wouldn't eat your pill pocket, and I got so frustrated. That was all my fault. I still wish I knew what happened. You were fine the night before and that morning before we left for my surgery. I hope that you didn't suffer and didn't have any pain. Please be at the bridge with everybody else. I'm begging you for a sign, sweet girl. Whatever way you want to give one. Please be happy and have fun in your new beautiful home. I'm sure you can see now which is wonderful. Mommy and daddy love and miss all of you. We wanted you to know that as we have a candle burning right now for you, sweet girl.


Mommy, Daddy and all your furry brothers/sisters

10/1/21 - Oh sweet girl, One (1) year this morning we lost you. It's been a very sad year. Losing you, Sierra, Hailey, and recently Bogey. I hope you and your brothers/sisters greeted them at the bridge. Jesse is a lil spit fire but her cough is getting worse. Boomer and Fred are as crazy as ever and Jasmine has B-cell lymphoma, but is doing fine at the moment. I'm so happy you lived a long life and hope that you were happy here. I'm so sorry for all the times I got impatient. I had done that with all of you but never meant anything of it. Please know mommy and daddy love and miss you and all of you very much! Will see all of you again some day, but please, enjoy your beautiful new home and rest easy. I have a candle going right now for you. Love you so much, sweet Wellie!


Mommy, Daddy and all your furry brothers/sisters

10/2/22 - My dear sweet Noel, Two (2) years yesterday morning you left us. I tend to procrastinate doing these blurbs on your sites, because it is very painful for mommy. I hope you and everyone are doing well. Don't take any of Lexy's BS, give it right back if she bothers you. The house is as crazy as ever. We brought home Sophie, and she's nuts. I hope you greeted Baxter at the bridge in June. Jesse is still a lil spit fire and Jasmine was sick but I think she is ok for now. You were a very special girl and mommy and daddy love and miss every single one of you. Now you know what we and your brothers/sisters look like :) Enjoy sweet girl. I have the candle in the window going now. Love you very much, my crazy sweet Wellie Well.


Mommy, Daddy and all your furry brothers/sisters.

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