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Memories of Ninja
Ninja is now joining his brothers and sisters, Nanook, Nya, Nelix, Nikki, Natasha, Nubix and Niko on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. Ninja was the closest we ever had to an actual child as he knew English as well as any of us, understood inflections and understood how to read his Mom and Dad. When you said "time for a walk" but he knew you had no intention of getting up, he just looked at you and laughed.

Pizza was never allowed in the house without him getting his 3 slices, yet he understood 3 was all he got, no more no less, as Ninja could also count just like he knew when you ordered the pizza, when you argued about who was going to meet the pizza guy at the door and who had the pizza, as I said, he understood English.

Ninja showed us we really don't deserve these wonderful animals, they are a gift and we are better every day for having hem with us. They are selfless even in the end and never stop trying to love their family. Its times like this I want to rescue every husky I can and then it hits me that another day like today will come and I will lose one of my best friends.

4/8/2021 - Ninja, how you doing buddy? did you find everyone up there, they are all up there looking for you if you didn't find them all yet! Mom and I miss you so much - no one is here anymore to keep Nitrous in line- he gets away with murder. I still have hair on my clothes that I know belongs to you! I know Nakita misses you, she has to put up with Nitrous all on her own. hope everything is good buddy, we miss you so much every day. I will be back soon and check in on your, love you buddy! the Dad.

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