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Memories of Nikki
Nikki was left in a pet shop that had shut down. We first met her and she was 8 weeks old and was $1500! just one of the many rescues we have had.... so we went back every week, as we had heard the owners were having money problems.... and for 2 months, the price went down and Nikki got bigger. We had financial issues and missed a month of going by the pet shop, then one Sunday we went by and it was all closed up... all dark, but still with dogs inside! Nikki was in there almost 6 months old now and no one bought her, she was down to $500! we called everyone to find out what happened and the pet shop closed. We finally found someone to open the doors, gave them $100 and took Nikki home on the spot.

Since that day, she has been the best little Sister to Nya and Natasha, a friend to every dog we rescued and always a lover. If she wasn't tucking her nose or trying to bury herself underneath you like you were sitting on a pot of gold, she was looking for you to just show her any attention at all. Today we came home to find out she apparently had a tumorous growth on her spleen and it burst the spleen causing her to fill up with fluid in her stomach. By the time we got he to the vet, it was nearly over, as she was barely alive and knowing the cancer had to have spread, if it ripped open the spleen, we had no choice other than to let our sweet baby go join her sisters and brothers..... She was fine 8 hours ago - jumping around, playing, barking up a storm, and one day at work changed our worlds forever. We have lost huskies to cancer before, but when it snatches them from you like a car accident with no rhyme or reason, you realize how much of you heart you just lost and wonder if you will ever get it back....

4/9/2020 - Nikki, what's up girl!! Its the Dad! Sorry I didn't visit sooner, its been rough for a while but I am back now! Did you find everyone ok? how is the winter doing? Nanook taking good care of you and everyone? I will be back to check on you soon, Love, The Dad.

4/8/2021 - Nikki, what's up girl! I see you hoping around jumping on everything raising all kinds of trouble. Ninja is up there now to see you, please help take care of him, he needs you guys so much, he isn't used to being without me and the mom, he is still very afraid of everything. You taking care of Nya too? you were always the mini-Nya until you took off running like that one day you left Petsmart and took off for Target! remember the mom chasing you and I drove the Jeep into Target! they said "attention shoppers, there is a wolf in the store!" lol, they lady was crazy- she didn't know you! I wish we had those days back so bad it hurts :( Be good little girl, we will all be playing again one day, love - The Dad.

Please also visit Natasha.

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