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Memories of Nikki
Nikki, I will forever remember you as my big, beautiful girl, my loving protector. You guarded me, my home and all that lived here. You forever watched for anything that you felt didn't belong, then you let me know something was out there.
You loved cold weather and the snow. I remember you playing in the snow like a puppy, jumping and rolling in it. I remember you sitting in the falling snow, with your white muzzle lifted towards the heavens thanking God for the snow falling on your face. Now you're gone and Titan and I miss you so very much. What is he going to do without you? Who is he going to run and play and bark with, if not you?
Nikki, go find Chewie, you remember him. He'll be with Coty. You guys will get along well together. Wait for me, sweet girl, and when it is my time, I will come find you, and we can all play and love one another. Be well, my sweet girl, there will be no more pain for you, no more sadness. Watch and guard everyone who is yours until we meet again. I love you, and will miss you terribly. I will try to keep Titan busy so he doesn't miss you too terribly. I know he doesn't understand where or why I took you away from him. But some day you two will meet again and you can run and play together. Be well, my beautiful girl, I love you.

It's been about a year since I lost you, sweet girl, and so much has happened that you would have so loved to have been a part of. Titan is a DADDY!! And he does it so well. I always wanted YOU to have his babies. I know they would've been as beautiful as you!!!!

Be well, and have fun, there sweetheart. I hope you and Chewie and Coty are all a family, all waiting for me. I will join you one day, and we will all go forward together. But, until then baby, guard everyone you love, as you always do so well. I love you, and I miss you sweet girl. Goodby, until we meet again.

It's been two years, and I still expect you and Titan to meet me at the driveway every time I come home. He's been a Daddy three times since you went to the Rainbow Bridge, and Sweetheart, you would have been so proud of him. You taught him well, Baby Girl!! He has turned into a wonderful guardian, just as you were. I feel safe and secure with Titan and Rhea here now. Rhea is Titan's new girl. And he has taught her, just as you taught him. So it's no wonder I still feel your loving and guarding presence here in my life. I love you Nikki, and will always miss your loving and calming presence in my life.

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